1. N

    Please for the love of god can one of you tell me what enclosure will fit my p3's?!

    Hi, I've been browsing the site for a while and am very new to car audio since everyone on here seems to know so much about all this can some one please please point me in the direction of a ported box that will match these two rockford fosgate p3d2 12" subs I have I can't seem to find one...
  2. B

    Thinking inside the box

    Thinking inside the box To anyone with knowledge, be it professional or novice, but only serious answers. Just as the title implies I'm thinking inside the box. I am a huge advocate of car audio, I'm 40 years old, matured in the mid 90's. Been into car audio for a long time as a hobbyist, and...
  3. Tyley

    Enclosure for 2 Sundown SA-8s or 2 used Sa-8s in box

    I'm really new to all this stuff and I really don't know much about car audio at all, but I need to buy an enclosure that would be optimal for Sundown Sa-8s. If you have a pair that you're willing to sell with the enclosure I could buy those as well.
  4. Snif1

    Opinions on an enclosure

    So I just bought a Rockford Fosgate P3 12" 4Ohm (Newest Model) and I was curious as to what box to get, I listen to mostly heavy Electronic music and Rap/R&B so besides the Rockford Fosgate box and an expensive custom made one which are probably the best ways to go, what are your opinions...
  5. C

    R/T Subwoofer Boxes

    I found this on Amazon - Amazon.com: R/T 300 Enclosure Series -318-12 Alpine - Single 12-Inch Slot Vented Sub Bass Hatchback Speaker Box with Labyrinth Power Port for Alpine Subs: Car Electronics It looks like it comes from this company - RT Obcon Subwoofer Boxes For...
  6. soundsolutions

    Khaotik Enclosure HD Photos

    SINGLE 15" PORTED ENCLOSURE | $323 SHIPPED IN THE US 48! Ported Single 15" Subwoofer Enclosure - SSA STORE
  7. thatguy12

    dual SA 12, around 4ft in subaru out, tuned at 33hz

    Building my first enclosure and having some trouble. This will be going in a 2001 Subaru outback wagon. I have two sa 12s, my current box has a very short ranupge a playable frequencies, none are below 40hz. This box i want tuned low, I want to do subs up. Max dimensions are 42 width, 14 height...
  8. W

    Rockford Fosgate P3's

    I'm going to order 2 new 12 inch 2011 Rockford Fosgate P3's to go with my first generation JL Audio Slash 1000/1 amp upgrading from my 2 12 inch Kicker Comps lol, and I need help getting a new box. At the moment I have a "sealed" box with 1.18 cubes per sub. I say "sealed" because the front...
  9. B

    Tuning ported boxes

    I've been dabbling in box construction recently and I've made some pretty decent builds but I stildon't quite understand how to tune my boxes to a certain Hz, can anyone help explain that process?
  10. C

    Subwoofer custom enclosure

    If I was looking for a custom ported enclosure for a single 12 inch subwoofer (don't know which one yet), what is an average price for a decent one? I live in Chattanooga, TN btw. I'm gonna be building a system in the future and I want to be looking at options. It's probably gonna be around 500...
  11. W

    Box Recommendations and Request for Quote: JL 12w3v3 in 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybri

    I've been a lurker on these forums for awhile and I've finally decided to register, get involved, and ultimately get a little help. I've been looking for a sealed enclosure (sale or blueprints) that would support a JL 12w3v3 (2 Ohm; JL 500/1 pushing it). The vehicle is my daily driver, 2011...
  12. G

    Criticism Welcome

    Trying to design my first box and would like some tips! It is for a 12 Skar VVX going in my trunk. I want to hit the lows but still retain some output. I tried to model the same box in both programs, so the first 2 are similar and the second 2 are similar. Anyways, feel free to tell me what i've...
  13. G

    Box Design/Blueprints- Single 12 vvx

    Just looking for a simple ported box design for a single 12 vvx. This is gonna be my first attempt at building a box, so the simpler you make it for me, the more its worth to me. Vehicle-2004 Honda Civic Coupe Ported- Unsure of slot or aero...whichever is simplest I guess. Max Dimensions-...
  14. rock2593

    Air flow/Air Pressure

    Right now i have two rear facing 10's in a ported box in the trunk of my sedan. Would it make sense, or even be worth it, to cut one or two 10 in. port (air) holes on my rear deck near the top brake light inside my cabin behind my back seats into my trunk that would allow the air that is being...
  15. JayDubb757

    AB XFL 12 Enclosure

    I'm building a box for @rebelfromva Ram-designs.com designed it. It will be for an American Bass XFL 12. The box is going to be 2.45ft^3 tuned to 33hz   ---------- Post added at 08:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:15 PM ----------   More Pics I'll finish it up...
  16. Ninesvnsicks

    Midrange Sealed Enclosures?

    Does anyone know if there is a company in USA that sells something like these? Midrange Enclosure 3 Litre' I'm helping my dad with his home stereo and we have a couple of 6.5" mids we need to make enclosures for and something like this would be perfect but it would be faster and maybe cost...
  17. 3

    Selling my DC Creations 15" Slot Port Custom Enclosure / Box

    I had posted it for sale in Dustin's (DC Creations) sub-forum but, I guess it didn't get as many views there, so trying to post it here. Here's the link to the thread with all the info...
  18. T

    whats the best way to wire these amps and subs?

    Im building an enclosure for the trunk of my wrangler. i have 2 10" Polk DXi 104 DVC 4ohm subs and 2 Alpine MRP-M500 amps. Ive never heard of strapping until an hour ago. is it something i should look into? I originally wanted to run the subs in a shared air sealed box with one sub powered by...
  19. Flex68

    Which enclosure and which location in quadcab PU

    Info/background: I am planning an SQ system for my ’08 Ram quadcab, and am looking at using a single sub. Right now I am debating between the 10” and 12” JL Audio W3v3, and best placement for either. Budget for everything (HU, front speakers, sub+enclosure, multi-channel amp, wiring, etc) is to...
  20. S

    Any Box builders in S GA or N FL

    I'm looking for someone to make or possibly, POSSIBLY, sell me a great ported box for my American Bass HD15 I want it to be tuned to 35hz and below. Preferably in southwest ga, southeast Alabama, or north middle florida.
  21. P

    help with box for 8 alpine type r 12s

    Ok I have 8 alpine type r 12s . I wanted to build a box for it probably ported and I had a couple of questions. When it comes to the box does it need to be individually chambered or can all 8 subs share the same chamber. Also if they do share the same chamber is the internal volume what's...
  22. T

    Help Building Speaker Boxes?

    Hi everyone. I'm building a sound system for my house but with with all car system parts and I'm using a computer power supply for the 12v power. I bought a sub, sub box, and amp but now I'm working on the speakers. So far I've got 2 Chrysler 5.5 inch speakers from an old car. I want...
  23. S

    Dd 9512

    I have done some searching on box specs for this sub however I just want some opinions on box specs for the purpose of what I will be using it for. To start the sub is a 9512 F motor, This will be for a daily driver and not for competitions or anything, I will be putting 2000-2500rms to it from...
  24. Rear Speaker Deck

    Rear Speaker Deck

    I built this myself, first fiberglass experience. Infinity Kappa 5.25" amplified at 55w RMS
  25. 05trailblazer

    need some ideas on some subs!

    i going to be getting 2 pairs of subs looking to get them in the range of 1000rms or more, definetly going to be 12's, the price range should be from 135 each or a lil bit more. im leaning towards more spl, but some good sq as well. also iam going to put them in a blazer. but i cant decide what...
  26. C

    looking to build a box for 2 RE SXX 12's feedback please!

    Re audio SXx 12" 1000W rms 4 ohm dvc so i went on the website for the subs and found the box should be tuned to 33hz which i have no idea how to do (problem 1). the optimal space is 2.0 ft^3 per chamber. is that before or after displacement of the sub? (problem 2) the rough dimensions that i...
  27. CivicRF

    JBC Sub Specs? & Pictures!

    It's a JBC (just be cool) 10" 500watt dual voice coil sub. I got it for free from my girlfriend's dad who was a huge bass junkie back in the day. I know it's probably not good quality but it was free, and if it blows up, then oh well, I can get a new one. The sub came with no box or instruction...
  28. M

    Trying to build enclosure for a 15" tc sounds tc-3000/axis quadcoil help!

    I am trying to make my first sub enclosure, it's for a 15" tc-3k / axis quadcoil . Just need some assistance on measurements and tuning. It's going in my 01' Acura TL's trunk.. THAnkS or just the easy way out..... if you are in los angeles area maybe you can build one for me.
  29. trailshunn

    Rear deck subwoofer installation (multiple woofers in back deck)

    I am looking to install either two square 15 inch Solo-Baric L5 subs, or either four square 12 inch power acoustic subs in the rear deck of a 91 Chevy Caprice. This is the bubble style Caprice Classic. I'm a professional when it comes to cutting any kind of body work and i plan on making the...
  30. X

    12" Fi Q Questions

    Hey guys, I've been researching and I think I am about to purchase a 12" Fi Q because of all the good reviews. I just have a couple questions regarding the sub itself. On the website, it can come with a bunch of options and I don't know what they are. Can someone explain dual 1 vs. dual 2...
  31. X

    Need advice on new setup!!!!!

    So I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander with a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 head unit. I'm thinking of buying a sub or two, an amp, and an enclosure. I listen to all types of music, but mostly hip hop. I also would rather have good sound quality rather than overpowering bass. Any suggestions? My budget is...
  32. S

    chevy avalanche enclosure. or no enclosure?

    hello, i have a 2004 chevy avalanche and i want to put a system in it but i still am going to use the bed. so my question is would it be good to put an enclosure in and just take it out when i wanna use the bed (won't be that often) or just do a normal box, but if i do a normal box could you...
  33. S

    Chevy Avalanche encloure? or not.

    hello, i have a 2004 chevy avalanche and i want to put a system in it but i still am going to use the bed. so my question is would it be good to put an enclosure in and just take it out when i wanna use the bed (won't be that often) or just do a normal box, but if i do a normal box could you...
  34. 05trailblazer

    need dimensions for a ported box for 2 12s pioneer premiers

    If someone can help me get the dimensions for me to build the box thanks!!
  35. lgnbarnard

    Subwoofer system for 2007 chevy silverado ~PLEASE HELP~

    I'm new to the whole speaker system thing and I just needed some recommendations to get the most bang for my buck. I have a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab, I was having a lot of trouble finding a box that fits in my truck and is big enough for good subs. I don't have anything other than tools...
  36. Stangit50

    Simple enclosure for 89 Mustang GT Hatch for 12" Solo-X...Need Help

    I was wondering if anyone can give me ideas or come up with a design for a 12" Kicker Solo-X for the hatch of my 89 Mustang GT. Not looking for anything fancy. I need it to on the small side. I don't want it much more than 15" high, 25" deep and I think I can have it around 25-30" wide. Wanting...
  37. A

    Anyone who knows how to fix voice coils

    Item(s) for Sale: I have plenty of burnt out subwoofers for sale, 3 JL AUDIO 12w6 (one of them might actually still work) and two 1000watt SoundXtreme subs i also have 2 sub boxes for sale, one triple 12 sealed box and one dual 12 box bandpass (glass in front) Item(s) Description/Condition...
  38. marcin93

    custom 15 box

    im looking for a box for a 15" http://www.caraudio.com/forums/car-audio-classifieds-old-replies-only/390895-rcbenclosures-single-15-box-3-7-cubes-33-5hz-190-shipped.html ^^Can anyone make me the same exact box...or suttin similar? Or direct me to someone that can? This box is perfect for my...
  39. C

    Two 12" Subs under rear seat?

    Does anyone know the best way to put two 12" JL subs under a seat? I have an '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I have a feeling I'm going to have to make two custom fiberglass boxes...I've searched for custom boxes but they don't seem to exist. Also, if anyone else has any other ideas on how to...
  40. nyoc

    FS: Professional Subwoofer Enclosure for 2 12s

    1. Product: 1 Professional Subwoofer Enclosure (box) for 2 12" subs This was built by DLDesignz aka Bassman3 or Dustin 2. Specs: 37W x 18H x 20D 2 12" openings 1 port tuned to 30Hz 3. Description/Condition: Like new, never used, never had subs screwed in, and only about 6 months old...