1. M

    Best Enclosure

    Hey all, I currently have a Polk SR12DVC sub that I'll be using with a Kicker ZX750.1 amp. I'll be putting them in a 2004 Honda Accord. I'm wondering which enclosure is best for me, ported or sealed? I've heard that sealed are better for sound quality and that ported/vented boxes are better...
  2. J

    Need a box design for fi btl 15"

    For an FI BTL 15" fully loaded D2 in an oldsmobile intrigue.. 4 door sadan with fold down seats. . Box can be 17" tall if it doesnt exceed 30" in length and 20" in depth. Would like it to be around 3.5-5 cubes. Tuning at 28-35 hertz ideal around 34. Any suggestions welcomed!! smaller, bigger...
  3. Sir Pay

    Ported Enclosure for 13w7

    Looking to sell a ported enclosure for a JL 13w7 just purchased 2 weeks ago from JL authorized dealer built to JL specs. Paid 120 bucks for it. Looking to get $75....Pick up in southern Cal...would consider trades also...if you want me to ship buyer is responsible....woofer IS NOT INCLUDED...
  4. F

    Is there a way to repair an enclosure?

    Enclosure - Ported box. 2 Single-chambers. 12" I noticed my bass sounded horrible the other day, so I popped the hatch and noticed one of my subs was literally falling out. The screws had completely came out of multiple locations. To temporarily fix this, I simply turned the sub a bit to drill...
  5. D

    Box for single Alpine SWR 1043D

    Hey all, I just got into the Subwoofer department with a single Alpine SWR 1043D running on an Alpine M500/1. I just ran all the wiring in my car and I'm waiting to build my box. Here is where I needed a little advice. I want to tune the box to 32-34hz to get a good range of benefits from the...
  6. H

    Rockford Fosgate 15" T1 Box Help

    Hey all. I really need help with a box design like specs and things. Im new to the box building thing so please keep it simple. The box it for a 15" RF T1 4 ohm sub. Going in a 2000 Dodge Neon. the limitaions are 17" high and 35" wide. Depth doesn't really matter. Please help me out with...
  7. A

    What Enclosure for PSW812E???

    I have a 2008 toyota tacoma access cab. I have limited space and want some good quality hard hitting bass out of my 12" 4 ohm 1000 watt RMS alphasonik sub. And i also havent decided on what amp to go with i want something that wont break the bank right now but not junk. Thanks in advance guys i...
  8. B

    New Treo RSX1500 Amp and Treo RSXbox

    Item(s) for Sale: Treo RSX1500 Amp and Treo RSXbox Item(s) Description/Condition: both Brand New, Never Used, Excellent Condition. Amp has never been unsealed, manual included The TREO RSXBox is specifically made for TREO RSX12.44 subwoofers. The TREO RSXBox is a ported enclosure pre-loaded...
  9. J

    new enclosure maybe? newb question

    I have a very beginner system and I'm a newb...please bear with me. Power Akoustic BAMF 800/2 amp (something like that) Kenwood HU, (can't remember which one) Two older Polk Audio 150w 10" subs Q-logic 2x10" Bandpass box (here's a pic of the box...
  10. K

    FS: Unfinished fiberglass enclosures - make me an offer!

    I got a couple of unfinished fiberglass enclosures for sale. The fiberglass and all that is done they just need some sanding and body filler work until they are ready to paint. These were enclosures originally made for customers but the customers didn't end up paying so they were not finished...
  11. C

    Two 10 inch mtx audio thunder 4000 and box for 2 12 inch subs

    75 bucks no wires no box 75 bucks for box Email: [email protected] buyer responsible for shipping and handling also will find out prices when i find a buyer
  12. MA Audio HK15X2

    MA Audio HK15X2

    MA Audio HK15X2 before it went into the custom enclosure.
  13. Sub (pre Brutus Amp)

    Sub (pre Brutus Amp)

    MA Audio HK15X2
  14. Pre Install

    Pre Install

  15. Back of Box

    Back of Box

  16. New Box!

    New Box!