Thoughts on my current enclosure build? (2 12"s 750rms each, 39hz)


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Hello, I'm new here and pretty much new to car audio, just been mostly learning the hard way on a lot of things. Tried to research as much as I could and even had my try at designing my own box that I would like to build.

I'm not exactly sure if I get all this stuff which is why I came here to hopefully get some second opinions.

Here is what I have in my current setup

Vehicle :05 Chevy Malibu

Location in the vehicle :Trunk

Space available (Length x Width x Height): Plenty for this size box.

Subwoofer make and model: DB Drive K5 12" DVC 750 RMS 1500Max x2

Subwoofer Size: 12

Number of Subwoofers: 2

Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot?

What type of music do you like?: All kinds. Country, Rap, Rock, Pop, Techno/dub.

Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Mostly everyday Music but I like my bass loud.

Tuning Freq (Hz):39

Volume :Loud.

Amp: BRZ1700.1D

Head Unit:pioneer 35000 or something.

Here is my Sketchup of the enclosure and also the Torres screenshot for my tuning...

I know that the size on torres does not match the size of the box because I build the enclosure as two separate ones made into one enclosure. I do need to wire down to 1ohm so I know there would be a little extra wiring outside the box, I'm okay with this but if someone had an idea for a box with a shared port I would be okay with that too but I have no clue how the tuning works on that with port size and all.

Sorry for the mess, I figured color coding would be the best way to show size with no confusion.

(top off for visibility)



(Made in Google Sketchup)




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Both port and box volume is too small in my opinion. If you want those 12s to perform, aim for 2 cubic feet net volume instead of 1.45, and about 25-30" of port area. Per sub.


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I'd recommend shared space and one port over separate


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The subs say they want 39hz & a 12 inch port with a 4" width. Is it possible to go bigger and just port accordingly to get this tuning? Also, if I throw them together I just need one port yeah?

Threw something together quite a bit bigger but I feel like this is a little too big. It will fit in my trunk, I just have no clue if bigger means better. Just one port now...


I see that here it is wanting 1.57cu.ft. if this is the same as the net volume then I'm assuming this one is too big and I could shorten up on the depth. but since I have two subs do I need to have double this value? (3 being ideal in this situation)

Anyhow this is what I just came up with real quick, atleast this one is easier on the eyes. Any and all advice is welcome! Completely new to making enclosures & I want to learn.



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Beautiful, ill sign it for you if you'd like!

Was playing with numbers today during lunch to try and get closer to 3 on net. Without going too big, do I need to have an L shaped port or is it fine with just the side port behind the subs?

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