Theory: seperately tuned boxes for two of same driver for wider frequency range?


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Hi there guys, I love music and sound reproduction and enjoy the constant struggle of making/designing the best sounding sound system.

Basically is what I'm wondering if I have two of the same drivers and want to have the widest frequency response with equal as possible spl across the board. It's always some songs sound great and hit well and some don't... I will plan on having in dash equalizers in this system but I want to rule everything going out I can and design it to the best of my abilities and come out with a great sound.

Say both ported, tune one real low with a maximum airspace, then do another yet with a different port tuning?

Or one ported at maximum and then one sealed? Why?

This way or simply having two different sized subs, hey both the same kind, a kicker l7, 2 12's or a 12 and a 15 seperately amplified of course and crossed over and professionally tuned, which in the end is more expensive do to more hardware, so I'm thinking seperately tuned boxes would be the best option

Thanks for the read and any response!



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I had pics of a box that I think was similar to what you want. Basically the guy had a 2 ported subs in one box. He had one section that was a large low tuned 12" and on the other half of the box it was an 8" that was tuned higher in its own section. He ran two seperate amps to each sub and they had different xover points. Going off memeory here but the 8" played from 100 down to 60 or something like that and the larger sub picked up from 60 down to subsonic filter. The guy never posted videos but said it played flat from 100 down. Dont quote me, but I think PWK did the design for the guy a couple years back.

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