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    • So I  have recently upgrade from my jad series 800.4 nvx amp (great amp) to the wolfram a/b 125.4 amp. I was trying to match everything as best I  could to the tuning I  had done on the nvx. Crossover points n such. I have matched the gains the same with both amps using the digital multimeter method and formula   (voltage = square root of desired rms times ohms). Anyways this new amp is different from the previous in tuning crossover frequencies.  It has bandpass settings and just one dial for each channel and hpf and lpf selector. To my understanding. I have depressed the x10 hpf filter and turned dial to about 80hertz for each channel. Does that mean I  am playing 80 hertz and up? Or above 80hertz -8000hertz? So lost with this bandpass filter for each channel. Been researching and can't  find solid answers.  The nvx was way louder than this wolfram amp with gains being the same. I must be doing something wrong with this bandpass dial.
    • You're missing the point entirely, I never said people should break just laws, did I? Hence the radical ideology I accuse you of. So you seem to be a standards based individual, great, I am too and it'd be interesting if you knew my background. I love standards, for physics and scientifically based reasons. I should not have to explain this, but I will. We're talking about a completely different beast. "Standards" in the essence we're talking in DO NOT set a precedent and are not really standards. They're made to be interpreted based on a complex circumstance. There's a distinct human factor here that cannot be defined by law.  I make a law that determines you should commit suicide, and if you don't the state will commit it (e.g. murder). PR campaigns lead people through rhetoric to believe this "minor" thing is something that should be voted for and it becomes law. According to your logic you'll abide by that law to the best of your ability, and that's completely within the realm of acceptable and normal. You want to tell me that type of thinkng isn't radical? Please. Here's a question for you, what is a jury? Do juries democratically determine the outcome of an individuals charge? Can they null a law that was democratically put in place that may not actually be just? Can they be misled? You're missing the point entirely. Instead of providing some substantiating rebuttal, you've skirted around my point and brought up red herring arguments that don't have to do with just vs not just (e.g. your example of theft). Law and societal standards implemented by the government are much more complicated than that, you of all people, should know that. This is quite sad to me because you can't seem to think for yourself.
    • another question i have an antenna kit what do i connect the blue wire too? head unit or the car wire? or both?     using a mesa kit 08 honda and up
    • So on a Side note, I just swapped out my CT 500.2 today which is supposed to be 800 x 2 at 2 ohms. I  put in the pioneer GM 8604 running at 2 ohms bridged aka 1 ohms each channel.  First off, its a lot noisier than the CT, which had very slight noise.   I'll do something to fix this... Now for Performance, it gets just as loud and slightly less SQ in a direct swap, After tuning which required a 1db 2khz and 3.15khz bump (they were negatives before.) in the EQ, they sound pretty much the same as the CT.   Here's the real reason why I swapped. At 1 ohm operation its runs ice cold and is 1/4 the size of the CT 500.2.and drops less voltage. Overall super happy with the swap.
    • I don't agree with all the laws we have but we are given the chance to speak on these laws and vote on them. If you do nothing to prevent a law from becoming a law then you have no argument about that law. Break it, deal with the consequences. I have no desire to live in an anarchist society. Laws help keep this from happening by having consequences and by making people accountable. It's funny to me that you think me a radical because I don't think people should break laws. Because I have morals. Because I am ethical. Because I think if you steal a car you broke the law, if you stole a pack of gum you broke the law.... break those two things down, what did someone do? They stole. Stealing is against the law. I don't give two shits that one is a grand theft felony and the other is petty theft... both are violations of the law and it is up to those elected officials to judge at that point and decide their punishment. HOWEVER, I think we should be harder on criminals from the get go. I think we should still be allowed to spank our smart mouth kids. I think this is a sad time in America which is why I do my own things and mind my own business for the most part. So yes, it pisses me off when the actions of another person now interferes with my life causing me to interact with the very criminals I try to avoid. Selfish, lawless pieces of trash who care nothing of the world around them or the people on it and think they can do whatever they want with no backlash or consequences. @fithwheel It's Jury selection for a criminal trial.
    • More info?   You looking for a portable battery powered setup or just a movable speaker box with horn drivers and mids?   PRV sells a nice one for $350 with two 10" mid ranges and a 290 horn driver.
    • yes i know how to design a boxi did mine.. however in this casee i was looking at the 12" box and believe it or not those idiots made port bigger on the 12' box than the 15" and 15" one does say 37hz 12 says 43
    • I would also add that you may possibly have to reset the head unit as well
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