1. AnthonyO

    COMPLETED WTB - Small Mono Amp WxDxH

    Looking for a very small mono amp (mini size) that does 3-400 watts rms. Adding a single 8 in my Colorado in this enclosure Also looking for a shallow mount 8. Looking at Kicker CWRT82 (48CWRT82) over at Sonicelectronix because I can get it for $115 with my discount.
  2. K

    Cost of amp power install kits vs individual products

    Hi gang, total Newb here. What are the pros and cons of buying an amp power install kit vs buying the parts individually? And do I need to pay attention to the fuse/power relationship on the amp and the fuse that is attached to the battery? I'm looking at a decent system that looks as much as...
  3. J

    FOR SALE MMATS Hi-Fi 6150D Amplifier

    Brand new in box (never taken out of plastic or box), mint condition MMats Hi-Fi 6150D amplifier. This amp was bought a month ago (March 31st) and I decided to use my Helix V12 DSP/amp instead. As you can see in pics, I paid $1229. Price is firm.
  4. K

    OFC vs CCA for wiring amp to car and for speaker use . . .

    The amp I am considering requires a 0 gauge connection to the battery. I've installed several car stereo setups (only one with an amp connection and with good instructions) with never a problem considering I'm not an electrical theory genius. 1. OFC vs CCA for wiring amp to battery and for amp...
  5. Chris Morton

    Amp Shorting out Infotainment Screen?

    I took my 2017 RDX into the dealership because the infotainment screen quit working, thinking this would be covered under my extended warranty. They’re trying to tell me the amp I installed almost 2 years ago is the culprit. They’re saying it caused a ‘surge’ and blew out the screen. All...
  6. T

    2-dvc4 ohm 12’s

    I have a separate chamber ported box. I’m looking to achieve a final impedance of 1 ohm at the amp. What’s the best way of doing this? I have both subs wired parallel with both being tied to a terminal cup being as I can’t run wire from one sub to the other because of the box limitations. So...
  7. Mr FaceCaser

    Witch amp

    Witch amp should I go with the ds18 hooligan or the sundown sia 5000
  8. Mr FaceCaser

    What should i get

    Okay so I'm having a hard time deciding right now I have a really good single din radio but I'm thinking about getting a kenwood double din i forgot the model but it's about $499.99 but at the same time I want to upgrade my amp so rn I have a SIA 3500D amp running 2 sundown Uv2 12s but u talked...
  9. M

    Bigger amp and epicenter

    So I listen to a lot of Spanish music and when I run my epicenter up is sounds distorted even at low gain. Would upgrading my amp help instead of using epicenter. I currently have two 6.5 HI Q subs in a ported box powered by a 600rms DD audio amp.
  10. A

    In our lifetime tech.

    Any chance we will have an amp that can be like this(in our life time): AI will scour the internet to identify what is "" dope and sick at the same time or sope and come up with a heat sink design. And the power input section, power output section, and the signal control section will be...
  11. KcContractor

    Which amp would be best for my single JL 10W7in the red eye box??

    Hi everyone, I bought my dream sub on marketplace the other day and need some advice on the best amp to give it the best sound possible. The sub's RMS is 750w @ 3ohm's but I'm sure it can handle a little more. One's I've looked at so far are a pre-owned JL HD 750/1, a JL 1000/1, and a Skar...
  12. Bass so loud it HZ

    Humming coming from inside amp

    I jist got a surge 2k 4 channel amp off of ebay. Every piece of equipment i own is brand new but decided to pull the trigger on this amp bc i got a good deal on it. When i plug it in theres a humming coming from inside the amp. It powers up and everything seems to work. Anyone have anyclue what...
  13. 7

    HU and RCA input sensitivity

    is there a problem if my head unit outputs 4v while the amp rca input sensitivity is from 0.2-2v only?
  14. ?

    What to do?

  15. murda Val Boat

    Whats Needed For 3 12”JBL Subs 500W RMS Each

    Suggestions on Amp, Compositor, and Upgraded battery I should purchase to deliver maximum performance. A list of items bought to install in my 2008 Mercedes E550. Head Unit: Pioneer DMH-T450EX Peak: 50 watts x 4 channel RMS: 22 watts x 4 channel Tweeters: (X8) JBL 192T 3/4” (19mm) Peak: 150...
  16. 7

    Amp Gain using O scope

    Im having trouble knowing the way to set the amp gain using O-scope for different ohms, lets say the amp can handle 1/2/4 ohms, so when the sub is not attached how do you set the gain with o scope for different ohms? each ohm means different voltage, so how to set the gain for 1ohm in my case?
  17. ?

    What size wire? Seriously...

    The Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX requires three 300A fuses. Does this mean I need wiring that can sustain 900A of current? (or does this mean I need three 100A fuses?) I have never worked with amps that have more than one power input. I also have to decide on what amp(s) I will be using for my...
  18. Siikdude

    Help with my setup

    So this is my amp It says @12.6 VDC at 2 Ohms: 3000 Watts Rms. And i have 2 skar zvx 12 V2 d2 Im thinking about probably getting a bigger amp does 6000 watt sound good for my 2 1500rms 3000max peak subs? Since I am under powering them with...
  19. BrackishWarden

    Ongoing Car Audio Issues, is it the Head Unit?

    My car is a Subaru Forester 2006. Very long story, last June my front left car speaker was starting to make crackling noises, and after about a week it just shut off entirely. These were speakers I had installed back in mid/late 2019. I don't remember the make/model of them, they were around...
  20. Viktor Andersson

    Subwoofer barely moving

    Hi, i recently bought a new car audio system (subwoofer, amp, and a high to low level converter). Although after adjusting the amp gain to the max the subwoofer barely moves and underperforms. I know the amp isnt the problem because its supposed to deliver 1900 rms in 2 ohm and my subwoofer is...
  21. B

    First time using an Amp and Sub NEED HELP!!

    Hi, first timer here, I need some help for a system I am building, I have a ALPINE BBX-F1200 AMPLIFIER 4 CHANNEL (Max power 600w) and a EDGE 12" EDB12A Active Subwoofer (Peak power 900w). I’m using the cars 12v car battery and 10 gauge wire for power and then splitting it, am I right in...
  22. D

    Audison amp not powering on - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've come in search of some expert knowledge! I've been into car audio ever since I passed my drivers test back in 2006 and I used to dabble a lot then with amplifiers and subwoofers. Around 2015 I undertook the task of running new speaker wire through into the doors of...
  23. NatoXemus

    Daisy chain front and rear speakers, or connect at the Amp?

    I'm adding aftermarket rear speakers to a 4 channel amp, sub (mono bridged), and 2 front door speakers. My question is, is it safe to chain the front and rear speakers - so rear positive to front positive, rear negative to front negative, front pos/neg to amp channels? Or should I just play it...
  24. M

    amp in and out of power protect

    my ct sounds 1500w rms amp is going to power protect mode whenever it hits hard or low bass. I wired my sub ( avatar 15) to 2 ohms and it is reading 2.4 ohms on a dmm. im not sure if it is just going into power portect because it is trying to use too much power from the amp or if im doing...
  25. M

    remote cable

    can you use and cable as a remote cable coming from your head unit to your amp?
  26. S

    Amp for JL c2 650s

    I have 2 sets of the jl c2 650s(4 total). Looking for an effective amp that will leave room for a sub upgrade in the future. If someone could help me out I’m completely lost. Each of the speakers are rated at 60 max rms. Thanks in advance
  27. M

    powering my sub

    i have a 1500w amp and a 3000w rms sub. would it be safe to run it like normal or do i need to upgrade to the 3000w amp?
  28. mikejack

    amp remote wire

    so had a issue where my amp would work when car was stopped but when i drive it shuts off i did the remote wire jump on amp then everything works fine when driving do you know what the issue could be since remote jump works??
  29. F

    Floating ground adapter not working in combination with KTP-445A mini amp [For the old timers!]

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my situation (probably fairly obsolete these days) Quick rundown of the parts: Ford E250 camper - has "common ground" speaker wiring. Only one ground is shared between all speaker positives. Alpine UTE-BT73 head unit - has "floating...
  30. Psychojic

    4 ohm sub measuring 2-2.5 ohm. Amp going into protect.

    Last week my sub fell over on its face when I took a corner too fast. Afterwards my amp would go into protect when I turn up the volume. I checked my sub for any damage and couldn't find any visually. I measured the ohms and it reads 2-2.5 ohms at the sub terminals. I also measured the speaker...
  31. E

    Audio cracks above certain volume

    Im trying to set up a sub and amp in my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. I got everything set up correctly but when the volume is turned up past a certain point it begins to cut out and crack. I suspect my factory stereo is lacking wattage but I'm not 100%. What do I need to do to eliminate this issue?
  32. Mikewil79

    Amp ground wire location

    Howdy. I had an amp installed a while ago, and am just tired of the engine whine. I'm also getting distortion or interference from either the brake lights or the wiring. The guy who installed said he tried multiple locations for the ground, and settled on the one in the attached picture. It...
  33. T

    What amp for internal custom build

    Okay so let's start off saying I'm new to using forums so if anything is incorrect please bear with. Also new to custom audio. Okay so pictures will follow and I know what I'm doing isn't perfect so any tips as I go would be absolutely amazing!! My current thought/progress I'm currently making...
  34. rroeder

    Amplifier wont work at higher volumes

    Okay so I have a Skar RP-1500 hooked up to two cheap 12s, I’ve had this setup for maybe 10 months now with zero issues, this last weekend the car didn’t start one time and when I hopped in it on Monday I realized my subs weren’t hitting at all. They’d almost pop when the bass hit, with the bass...
  35. Bbean12

    Need some help with a amplifier and speaker setup

    So I bought a kenwood KAC-M5024BT amplifier for my motorcycle. It puts out 50w x 4 channel rms and has a max power of 600w. I have 4” mounted towers on my bike that I bought with 4” 45KM44 kickers installed that work at 50w rms and 4-ohms. After about a week one of the speakers blew and I’m...
  36. Jakezacb

    Need clarification with capacitor wiring

    Let me start with some back story. The photo attached is of my 2x 10" kicker subwoofers, 600 watt kicker amp, and a 2.5F capacitor. This went in my 2013 mini cooper and worked amazingly well for the year i had it in there. I have since sold the coop as multiple, EXPENSIVE, problems arose but i...
  37. H


    I was running a test tone and put my DMM AND as soon as the test leads made contact to the speaker outputs it’s sparked and my amp switched into protect mode for 10 seconds thoughts? Is it safe?
  38. L

    Faulty amp

    Hi, I recently purchased my first mono car amp (Raveland XMA 650) that doesn't work with an goal to fix it. When I first tried to power it it would draw a lot of current and do nothing but light up it's power led... when I opened it I found a small cap that got blown up so I replaced it, after...
  39. H

    Need help amp under producing

    I’m currently running a sundown SFB1000.1d and my amp will clip even tho I’m running half the watts it should be able to produce at 1ohm
  40. MarcelGous

    Installed new system and need assistance

    Good Day All So i took my 2012 Audi Q7 to a reputable car audio installer here in my country, but was extremely disappointed when i left the shop. Audio screen was replaced with a aftermarket android unit and a Hi-Low converter was added for signal to the amp (this was due them not getting...