1. J

    I have an issue

    So I just got these two 8" subs and an 1000w amp but once and a while when the bass hits hard the speaker just stop working I'm assuming that the speakers are drawing to much power and the amp is just turning them off to not blow the fuse. But that might not be it cause I'm not so smart about...
  2. J

    Need some help picking out a sub and amp setup

    So currently I'm looking to put a sub in my 350z, I came across a photo that shows how to make a sub box that fits perfect. It only provides about .64 cubic feet so finding a sub is hard, I found this skar sub ( which...
  3. E

    Need help just to get started

    Okay So I'm a complete novice when it comes to hooking up a system. But I'm not the type of guy that just wants to go to a shop and pay for them to make my decisions for me I'd like to know what I'm getting why I'm getting and what all my options are before doing that. I have an 02 Honda...
  4. Jgrif593

    Monoblock Amp with Two Sets of Terminals wired Parallel

    I have a Skar RP-800.1D, it is a monoblock with 2 sets of speaker terminals. I know that this is for easier wiring/ more space for wires. My question is when I wire this into my DVC sub, can I just run + to +, + to +, - to -, and - to -, and would this end up as parallel wiring? -For any...
  5. Kate_A0023

    FOR SALE Memphis 16-MCA 3004

    Ex left me a Memphis 16-MCA 3004, which I'm not going to use as i don't drive. It would be a lot more helpful to me as $250 + shipping [email protected]
  6. Walk1141

    Voltage loss

    Hello, I am currently working on my second audio install and my amp isn't wanting to turn on. I have checked with my multimeter the voltage coming from the power wire and the remote wire while the car is on and it shows 14+ volts. But as soon as I connect the blue remote turn on wire to the...
  7. NugzNsubs818

    Need help deciding between 2 subs and need amp for sub?!?!

    Hey there, So I have a 2016 Kia optima daily driver and I am looking to add a single 10” subwoofer up to 1000w rms that takes up no more than 1.5cu ft space, I have $250 for sub and was looking at either the Sundown SA-10 v2 1000w 2 or 4-ohm or Fi Xv3 10” 1000w 2-ohm.... I mainly listen to...
  8. J

    Getting a whistling noise through back speakers with RCA hookups.

    Hey all, I just hooked up a new small JBL 4way channel amp in my trunk to normal aftermarket coaxial front and a set of rear speakers. I'm loving the audio when it's turned up, sounds pretty good, but I get a crazy whistling noise from my back speakers when volume is low (probably high but the...
  9. 8

    In search of a good amp.

    Heyo all, I’m new to the site and I really need help understanding car audio haha! So I’m trying to determine a good amplifier for my requirements and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I have 2 JL 10woV3 - 4 subwoofers. Each have a rms of 300, I was hoping to find a 600rms amp, but can’t...
  10. G

    Combining Power for Amps

    I am planning out my install and want to run a single power cable from the battery to the trunk, then split into two 4 gauge cables to power a sub amp and a speaker amp. Each are rated for 4 gauge power. My thought is to use a larger fuse at the battery and then 2 individual fuses at the split...
  11. Peppo31

    Amp Troubleshooting Advice

    Hello, I have a Kenwood Excelon XR-5S 5ch amp runnning in a 2005 F150 with 4 aftermarket component speakers and 2 small 8" subs running off the sub channel. I installed it recently and it was working fine for a couple of months until out of the blue yesterday all the speaker channels stopped...
  12. lariat flareside

    Amp location in 2000 F150 supercab

    I am looking at buying a prefab box ( and running 2 kicker Comp VX 10’s at 4 ohms. I’m sure it’s right in front of my face, but I blatantly cannot understand how Amps work. So my question is what amps could I run to power both of these to the best...
  13. A

    Subs/Amp blowing fuse

    So I've had this problem for a couple months now, I've got 2x12 inch MTX Terminator subs (I know they're not the greatest) and every few weeks, usually when a song has some hard low frequency bass, the fuse that is connected to the power wire under my hood will blow, causing the subs to stop...
  14. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Selling Crescendo BC3500

    Hey guys, selling a BC3500D works flawlessly and is in great condition only thing is one of the heat sink fins is slightly bent. Selling because I decided to go a different route with my build and will be looking for something in the 4500w range. Comes with gain control knob and wire. Looking...
  15. BassJunkie96

    Which American Bass XFL's to get ?

    I'm looking to upgrade the subs i have now (hds2.1 12''s) and I have been eyeing the XFL's for a while now now the dilemma is I cant decide whether to get a pair of the dual 4 ohms and wire them to 1 ohm final or get the dual 2's and try for .5 ohms. I know the BC3500 is .5 stable but is it...
  16. Maxwellloop

    Boat audio help!

    So I’m trying to do a sound system in my boat, wanna DIY it to keep it relatively cheap, but I want good sound. (I’ve done plenty of emergency light wiring) But not sure what to pick as an Amp, and how to wire it right... The speakers I bought are JBL 6.5 inch, 4 ohm with 60W RMS... and the...
  17. Cuznfkr

    1ohm and 2ohm model?

    I am new to car audio , anyway , the taramps HD3k has a 1ohm and a 2ohm version , does this mean 1/2ohm stable or does this mean it will produce 3k at 1/2ohms?
  18. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Brutal Sounds Bs2.1 $250

    Hello, selling a brutal sounds BS2.1 Korean 2k amplifier. Its been very lightly used, and in great condition comes with all accessories including the Allen key's for the power and other terminals. It's a great amp its just time to upgrade to a little more power. This amp is .5 ohm stable but...
  19. Ammurders

    Help! Kicker zx300.1

    What’s the most you’d give for a Kicker zx300.1 amp?
  20. D

    Digital design M1D

    Hello all I just got a DD M1D amp and the gain is set really high like 3/4 of the way up. I had a Memphis VIV 1100 before this and it was only below half and sounded great. I have 2 DD 610’s D4 hooked up to 1 ohm. I’m getting 13 volts to the amp. I’m using a 4 gauge wire with a 100 fuse amp. Do...
  21. bass-aholic

    FOR SALE Crescendo BC2000D $200

    This is a very lightly used Crescendo BC2000D amplifier. Will do 2250W RMS at 12v and 1 ohm, not 14.4v like a lot of other amps rate at. One of the top of the line best amp companies for competition use. Stable to .5 ohm. If you know about this amp you know this is a steal, these sell for...
  22. Cuznfkr

    Full gain?

    I have a Skar rp1500.1 and it’s on 4 jl 10w1v2s , they’re asking for ~ 250w rms each. I tuned the amp the old fashioned way because I don’t have all the fancy doo dads. My amp is at almost full gain , it is at about 94% gain. Is this ok? Will the amp clip at such a high level?
  23. A

    Something wrong with remote

    Hello, new here and not totally up to date on car audio lingo. I installed a Rockford 12” sub and ported box and an alpine mrp500 amp in my Tahoe. It worked fine for the last 3 years and now it is cutting out at high volume. It plays fine until volume hits about 50%. It appears that at higher...
  24. Seanmcgahee

    FOR SALE WTB DD Audio M2C or similar mono amp

    Hello, my name is Sean McGahee. I am a Disabled Army Veteran and i have currently purchased my first vehicle since recovering from my injuries that occurred while i was deployed in Afghanistan. I am currently having a new engine installed into the SUV i purchased and am in need of an Amplifier...
  25. J

    Amp going into protect mode with voltage drop

    So I just got a brand new set up and I have installed multiple systems before and never had this problem. I have a 2011 Malibu with the 2.4l motor. I have a 102 amp alternator. I have my radio hardwired straight to the battery with the amp wire connected to the power of the radio and a flip...
  26. S

    Planning a new setup?

    Hey, there. So I'm planning to buy a new system. nothing too extreme. Planning to go with about 1000w RMS. So i found this Pioneer amp: Seems like a great deal. It rates 1200w RMS @ 1 ohm (not stated at this website, tho)...
  27. R

    Small Off Grid Sound System 12V

    I want to upgrade my jbl Partybox 300, which is a battery powered boombox by adding an aditional subwoofer. Would it be possible to hook up a Sub and Amp directly to a car battery? I was thinking of purchasing second hand one, something like the Edge EDB10A-E2, it has a built in amp, which is...
  28. tjkollmeyer

    amp not sending power to front channels? help!

    Hi, so i recently bought a boss riot r1004 400w 4 channel amp. i also installed a new kenwood headunit, and 4 new kenwood road series 6.5" speakers. all of this was installed nearly from scratch in a van with a gutted interior. i used the factory radio wiring to connect the amp speaker outputs...
  29. T

    What amp + configuration is best for me?

    I have a 2000 Monte Carlo and I'm kind of new to car audio. I would like to know how I should go about installing a subwoofer and replacing my factory amp. I'm unsure what amp I should get as well as how I should go about replacing the factory one. I'm also unsure if I would need a capacitor to...
  30. O

    Use multimeter to determine polarity on speakers while playing?

    Can you use a multimeter to determine polarity on wire that is unlabeled (potentially while music on)? Wires were connected to factory rears to run to amp high level in. Those bare wires will power a test 5x7, just unsure of polarity when wiring my high level adapter.
  31. F

    Is my amp dead?

    I just got an RF500x1d amp and kicker CompR VCWR122 sub installed in my non-ML 2006 Lexus IS250 yesterday, and afterwards the guys at the shop said theres no audio at all coming out of my car. They think they might have killed my factory amp somehow by moving it around, citing that it’s 13 years...
  32. K

    Amp turns on when head unit is off

    Okay so Im new to this and I bought an suv with a system in it and it was all professionally installed but sold the existing system for something smaller, anyways so I installed these ds18 12’s with a ds18 amp and and hooked up everything and when I turned on my suv i noticed the amp never...
  33. 09marty

    Speaker Noise

    Hello, I am having trouble with a noise in my speaker. I tapped into to my front left and right speakers to connect to my mono amplifier for a subwoofer I want to add. The problem is that now when I play music I get static out of the front left speaker, the static goes away when the RCA is...
  34. K

    Noobie to the Audio scene, need advice

    Hey guys this is my first post to I need advice on all the items i need. I was given a Kenwood KFC-WS12 from a friend. I have a 2002 GMC Sonoma 4.3L I have a very basic knowledge of audio systems, but i do have experience in computer and mechanical systems, also understand...
  35. Z

    LOC for amp to factory radio?

    So I've always outfitted my cars with new head units, speakers, amps, subs etc. Just got a 2015 Toyota Rav 4 and want to leave factory radio in for now as not to lose integration such as steering wheel controls and some of the other features that show up on the dash unit like temp and driving...
  36. B

    COMPLETED Looking for RF hx2 D4, Punch power 501bd

    Putting together an old skool system for my summer toy. Currently have 2 OG rf amps, looking for a punch power 501bd and hx2 10" { d2 or d4 doesn't matter to complete it}. I would be interested in a few different amps though. 551s,500a2,p600.1bd, if its fairly old school 2 channel or mono and...
  37. M

    Amp going to protect even at low volume

    So I got a new car and put my old setup in (skar lp1000 monoblock, Jensen w12 4 ohm single coil, 4 gauge), whenever I turn up the volume slightly my amp goes to protect. Multimeter says battery isn't dropping voltage but when I check at the amp I can drop from 12 to 9.5 on a small bump, ground...
  38. P

    $300-$500 setup

    Looking to upgrade my subwoofer setup, I would prefer for it to stay under $300 for just subs and box or $500 for subs, amp, box. 2 12’s or 15’s would be best with at least 1200rms total. Drop any advice, setups, or questions May consider building the box, but limited on time with work and school.
  39. Audiophileenthu

    What's better? A 5-channel amp or a 4-channel w/ a mono?

    So here's the dilemma. I've been working on getting parts for my build and as of right now I have... - Stinger 4 gauge wiring kit -14 gauge speaker wire - Sound deadening (Crutchfield) - RCA (Crutchfield) - Focal IS165 components (they're half off on Crutchfield) - Focal RSX 165 - Audio Control...
  40. K

    Remote Wire to Fuse Box Help

    I have a 2012 Buick LaCrosse that I installed an aftermarket amp and kept the factory HU. I ran my remote wire to the fuse box under the steering wheel, and connected it to the radio fuse. Everything works fine except that the amp stays on even when the car is cut off and the keys are out. I’ve...