Need clarification with capacitor wiring

Jakezacb Newbie
Let me start with some back story.

The photo attached is of my 2x 10" kicker subwoofers, 600 watt kicker amp, and a 2.5F capacitor. This went in my 2013 mini cooper and worked amazingly well for the year i had it in there. I have since sold the coop as multiple, EXPENSIVE, problems arose but i kept this box and cables since i made it to be modular. When reviewing this photo, both for memories of my old car and planning on how to put it in my new 2021 kia soul it dawned on me...IM PRETTY SURE I NEVER HAD THE CAPACITOR WIRED CORRECTLY AND IT WAS JUST CHILLING THERE LOOKING PRETTY WHILE HOLDING A CHARGE.

If anyone here is able to tell me if im right by it just sitting there or if infact the wiring is correct. To help describe the wiring, the power wire comes in and splits to the cap and to the amp directly. Then the ground comes out of the amp and out of the cap and merges into 1 ground for discharge. Now the diagrams ive looked up as a refresher shows power going to the cap the directly from the cap to the amp. So is what i have true and its just not doing anything or does this minor difference not make a difference.


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