1. S

    Planning a new setup?

    Hey, there. So I'm planning to buy a new system. nothing too extreme. Planning to go with about 1000w RMS. So i found this Pioneer amp: Seems like a great deal. It rates 1200w RMS @ 1 ohm (not stated at this website, tho)...
  2. R

    Small Off Grid Sound System 12V

    I want to upgrade my jbl Partybox 300, which is a battery powered boombox by adding an aditional subwoofer. Would it be possible to hook up a Sub and Amp directly to a car battery? I was thinking of purchasing second hand one, something like the Edge EDB10A-E2, it has a built in amp, which is...
  3. tjkollmeyer

    amp not sending power to front channels? help!

    Hi, so i recently bought a boss riot r1004 400w 4 channel amp. i also installed a new kenwood headunit, and 4 new kenwood road series 6.5" speakers. all of this was installed nearly from scratch in a van with a gutted interior. i used the factory radio wiring to connect the amp speaker outputs...
  4. T

    What amp + configuration is best for me?

    I have a 2000 Monte Carlo and I'm kind of new to car audio. I would like to know how I should go about installing a subwoofer and replacing my factory amp. I'm unsure what amp I should get as well as how I should go about replacing the factory one. I'm also unsure if I would need a capacitor to...
  5. O

    Use multimeter to determine polarity on speakers while playing?

    Can you use a multimeter to determine polarity on wire that is unlabeled (potentially while music on)? Wires were connected to factory rears to run to amp high level in. Those bare wires will power a test 5x7, just unsure of polarity when wiring my high level adapter.
  6. F

    Is my amp dead?

    I just got an RF500x1d amp and kicker CompR VCWR122 sub installed in my non-ML 2006 Lexus IS250 yesterday, and afterwards the guys at the shop said theres no audio at all coming out of my car. They think they might have killed my factory amp somehow by moving it around, citing that it’s 13 years...
  7. K

    Amp turns on when head unit is off

    Okay so Im new to this and I bought an suv with a system in it and it was all professionally installed but sold the existing system for something smaller, anyways so I installed these ds18 12’s with a ds18 amp and and hooked up everything and when I turned on my suv i noticed the amp never...
  8. 09marty

    Speaker Noise

    Hello, I am having trouble with a noise in my speaker. I tapped into to my front left and right speakers to connect to my mono amplifier for a subwoofer I want to add. The problem is that now when I play music I get static out of the front left speaker, the static goes away when the RCA is...
  9. K

    Noobie to the Audio scene, need advice

    Hey guys this is my first post to I need advice on all the items i need. I was given a Kenwood KFC-WS12 from a friend. I have a 2002 GMC Sonoma 4.3L I have a very basic knowledge of audio systems, but i do have experience in computer and mechanical systems, also understand...
  10. Z

    LOC for amp to factory radio?

    So I've always outfitted my cars with new head units, speakers, amps, subs etc. Just got a 2015 Toyota Rav 4 and want to leave factory radio in for now as not to lose integration such as steering wheel controls and some of the other features that show up on the dash unit like temp and driving...
  11. B

    COMPLETED Looking for RF hx2 D4, Punch power 501bd

    Putting together an old skool system for my summer toy. Currently have 2 OG rf amps, looking for a punch power 501bd and hx2 10" { d2 or d4 doesn't matter to complete it}. I would be interested in a few different amps though. 551s,500a2,p600.1bd, if its fairly old school 2 channel or mono and...
  12. M

    Amp going to protect even at low volume

    So I got a new car and put my old setup in (skar lp1000 monoblock, Jensen w12 4 ohm single coil, 4 gauge), whenever I turn up the volume slightly my amp goes to protect. Multimeter says battery isn't dropping voltage but when I check at the amp I can drop from 12 to 9.5 on a small bump, ground...
  13. P

    $300-$500 setup

    Looking to upgrade my subwoofer setup, I would prefer for it to stay under $300 for just subs and box or $500 for subs, amp, box. 2 12’s or 15’s would be best with at least 1200rms total. Drop any advice, setups, or questions May consider building the box, but limited on time with work and school.
  14. Audiophileenthu

    What's better? A 5-channel amp or a 4-channel w/ a mono?

    So here's the dilemma. I've been working on getting parts for my build and as of right now I have... - Stinger 4 gauge wiring kit -14 gauge speaker wire - Sound deadening (Crutchfield) - RCA (Crutchfield) - Focal IS165 components (they're half off on Crutchfield) - Focal RSX 165 - Audio Control...
  15. Marve_Lous

    Remote Wire to Fuse Box Help

    I have a 2012 Buick LaCrosse that I installed an aftermarket amp and kept the factory HU. I ran my remote wire to the fuse box under the steering wheel, and connected it to the radio fuse. Everything works fine except that the amp stays on even when the car is cut off and the keys are out. I’ve...
  16. Hp18450

    I'm new here and need some help

    I have a sub setup I got for free and looking to upgrade. Found this sub and it looks like a good deal. Would a 1200w rms amp, to run the subs at 600w rms? If so, what would be a good option. Found this amp here. Sorry if this is asked a lot, thanks for the help! Link for sub...
  17. D

    need help with understanding what i need for amp

    hey, i have 2x 700w rms 4ohm pioneer championseries 10 inch subs how much amp do i need to power them?
  18. B

    FS: JL HD600/4

    View Listing FS: JL HD600/4 4-channel subwoofer amplifer 150 watts RMS x 4 (rated power from 1.5 to 4 ohms) 300 watts RMS x 2 bridged (rated power from 3 to 8 ohms) variable high- and low-pass filter (50-500 Hz 12 or 24dB/octave) subsonic filter and output...
  19. B

    FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock

    View Listing FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock Hardcore amps. You should know what these are if you're in the market. - Model 5000.1- Class D mono block- A competition linkable grade Amplifier- RMS 5000W  1 ohm* Digital mono block amplifier* Dual MOS-FET power...
  20. B

    FS: Audiopipe 3000.1 Class D Monoblock

    View Listing FS: Audiopipe 3000.1 Class D Monoblock Great amp. Used with a pair of DC Audio Level 4 XL's, which I'm also selling along with the rest of my gear. • Power Amplifier: 3000 Watts• Channel: 1 Channel Class D• Frequency Response: 8Hz - 18KHz• Signals to Noise...
  21. H

    Very weird reaccuring problem with amp

    I have a Memphis Audio PRX1000.1 powering two Sundown EV3 10'S. Subs are wired to a 1 ohm load. So the issue I keep have reaccuring is the amp will suddenly quit providing output to the subs, when this happens I can reach back and literally just touch the amp with my hand or even just a finger...
  22. Isaac Lind

    Running two Subs In stereo On a 2 channel Amp???

    I keep thinking this and can’t figure this out in my head and it’s driving me crazy. So let’s say I have a 2 channel amp and two 2 ohm subwoofers. My amp is stable bridged at 4 ohm so I wire them in series. Now both subs pound at the same time. Now let’s say I just hook up each sub to each...
  23. Tom Keyte

    Help wiring amp & head unit to leisure battery

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help. I've added a leisure battery to my van, using the wiring in this video: I have this amp: and this head...
  24. A

    I need to know if I need a high output alternator

    Hello car audiophiles, this is my first ever forum thread anywhere. I'm just wandering if I need to upgrade my alternator to a "high output", and if so, what amperage would I need. My setup currently is a 02 Buick LeSabre, with a 800cca battery from advance Auto, with a PSI platform 3 12 inch...
  25. E

    RCA from headunit to amp?

    Hey guys, I need some help regarding to the RCA outputs for my headunit, it’s a Sony WX-GT90B. It’s got an inbuilt amp but I’m using a 2 channel pioneer amp for my sub. However, my headunit is confusing me quite a bit, it’s got 6 RCA Outputs, the one I’m looking at plugging into is labeled...
  26. E

    Which amp is best

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help in the form of picking the right amplifier for my sub. It's pioneer TS-A300B with around 500WRMS @ 2 ohms, I'm looking to run it at about 300-350wrms, I'm thinking a monoblock amp because it's less stuffing around, I need an amp wthat has a LP Filter however ...
  27. B

    2002 Pontiac Grand Prix with Bose Sound System

    I recently installed a 12" subwoofer and amp. The problem I was told, is that my factory amp isn't allowing my subwoofer and amp to turn on. I was told that I need an adapter to shut off the factory amp and use my amp and sub instead. Can someone link me the adapter or tell me where I can get...
  28. L

    pioneer 4400nex sound cuts while driving, head unit on

    Hey all, I recently had a very well respected car audio place in town here install the Pioneer 4400nex in my 2003 trailblazer ltz with the bose sound system.  Now, they say they're going to take care of fixing it, but I would like to try and figure out what's going on incase they try to sell me...
  29. Robert Blackham

    What is it worth?

    I just picked up a Pyle Plmra 1000D 2000 Watt Block Amplifier for 70 bucks. It's basically brand new and I was just wondering what they normally sell for. Wasn't able to find anything as far as prices online. Thanks for the help. 
  30. B

    Out of the loop... Amp help

    Hey guys, I know posts like this are redundant 😫. I was into the audio scene back in the 2000s but not so much in the past 5 years. Here is what I need some assistance with: 2018 Ford F150 10" SSA GON - Sealed box 1.3cf (rear center console enclosure) Looking for a "budget" amp to run this...
  31. Rudy N Andrea

    How to wire my amp.

    I have a amp I want to install. The stereo I have is the dual xdvd210 and it has rca but it comes in the form or these rca dongles, I have no idea which plugs to plug my 2 rca cables into. 
  32. BassLord808

    I Need A Hair-trick Amp For A Sundown X-15 V.2 D2 - In The 3k - 4k RMS Area

    What's good? New here, but I'm no rookie to the Bass scene. I've been a Bass-Head since the days of Pyle and EV. I fell out of the game for a few years, but I have always spectated on Youtube to see other builds and try to take note of new designs and products. I'm am more than ready to get back...
  33. Katie Nicole

    Powerbass Xtreme XA-1500D .. 1500 WATTS

    View Listing Powerbass Xtreme XA-1500D .. 1500 WATTS PowerBass Xtreme  1500-Watts XA-1500D🤗 Advertiser Katie Nicole Date 02/15/2019 Price $250.00 Category Amplifier Classifieds
  34. P

    Help no clue

    Okay so basically don't have a lot of knowledge about car audio systems just want my car to be obnoxiously loud.  I have a 4 channel amp, 4 speakers and 2 subs.  Can someone direct me to an installation guide to make it easier.  Also is it possible to have all 4 speakers and 2 subs hooked up to...
  35. M

    How do I tune both my Amp and my Line Out Converter?

    I am confused on how you tune an amp and line out converter at the same time. I have an LP7-2 LOC, and R1100M Amp and they both have gain knobs on it. I understand that for each, if tuning by ear, you need to put your radio at 3/4ths volume, play a 40hz test tone, and then turn the gain knobs up...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] Can I Install My Line Out Converter This Way?

    I installed two 12 inch subs with an amp and a line output converter in my Honda Accord 2009, and I wired it to the harness on the head unit but the amp never turned on. I took it to a car audio store and had them look at it, and they said that it can't be wired to the radio because it isn't...
  37. I


    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to car audio, and I have some questions on mono amps and subs. I just purchased 2 10 inch subs.  They are the Polk Audio DB 1042 SVC.  It's a 4-ohm sub with single voice coils.  I also purchased a sealed box for these subs...
  38. L

    Help Needed - New Subs Are Quiet

    Hello, I am new to car audio. I tried to read up and watch as many videos as I could to make the process smooth but now I'm stuck.  I have all brand new equipment. I wired everything up and got it all into place and when I turn on my music, the subs work but are extremely quiet. If I am sitting...
  39. Jason Taylor

    What Sub Should I go with?

    So I recently have been running Rockford p2 12s, 2 of them, but they both recently blew, and I personally am not a Rockford fan anyways and am looking for what to go with next, my price range is like $120 per sub or but I’m flexible on that. Just want to get something that hits harder than the...
  40. M

    Which Amplifier to use for these two subwoofers?

    Hi, this is my first post! Any help would be much appreciated. Now I am looking at getting 2 subwoofers and these are Pioneer TS-W311D4 (12" Champion Series DVC 4 ohm). These subs perform at 800 watt rms combined (400 watt rms each) and I'm going to wire the DVC in parallel and in parallel with...