1. 6

    Help!! Matching Subwoofers to my Amp

    I have watched numerous youtube videos on match subwoofers to amps and still don't understand. I need advice. I have a 2016 Ram with the stock 8.4 Unconnect Alpine stereo. 2 years ago I added a Kenwood Excelon X801-5 Amp & a single 10" in a sealed box. I want to upgrade to 2-12" Subs now using...
  2. A

    Subs/Amp blowing fuse

    So I've had this problem for a couple months now, I've got 2x12 inch MTX Terminator subs (I know they're not the greatest) and every few weeks, usually when a song has some hard low frequency bass, the fuse that is connected to the power wire under my hood will blow, causing the subs to stop...
  3. B

    I need some help

    So I don’t know why or how but when I plug both rcas into the amp they distort the sub and when I have only one it will play one sub crystal clear and I don’t know what to do from here any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. O

    Best subs for a 2011 Silverado crew cab

    I have a 2011 Silverado crew cab, I’m undecided to on what size and brand of subs that I should put on my truck. Also what 6 1/2” speakers do you recommend. I want some nice deep bass and a clean sound. Thanks for your recommendations.
  5. M

    2 12s in Sealed box help under seat Pickup truck

    Hello all, looking for some thoughts on what my current set up issues are. i have a 2011 Silverado with a 2000 watt sundown audio amp with 0 gauge wire. I do also have aftermarket door speakers with a 400watt amp (I don't believe that is pertinent). Stock electronics on the truck except for a...
  6. T

    Best Shallow Mount speakers for SPL?

    I'm looking to put a system in a 1989 GMC k1500 short box regular cab, but of course being a single cab it makes it much harder to find decent subs due to the limited space. I was thinking 4 12' shallow mounts behind the seat as there should be enough room along with some skar audio super...
  7. D

    need help with understanding what i need for amp

    hey, i have 2x 700w rms 4ohm pioneer championseries 10 inch subs how much amp do i need to power them?
  8. Jimmy Moses

    Where is the firewall on a 2002 Chevy Malibu?

    I'm trying to set up subs in my 2002 Chevy Malibu for the first time. I cant find the firewall to save my life, we found it on the outside of the car going to the battery but have no idea where it goes to. We've tried to run a metal coat hanger through it to see where it goes but it didnt seem...
  9. C

    Factory Radio Subs

    Hello any help thanks in advance 2007 Toyota camry looking to hook subs to the factory radio. Any ideas of the best way to do it? thanks for any help
  10. qoqzgood

    Just 4 fun

    Assuming there is unlimited budget, what SQ setup that is the best of the best in 2019?
  11. I


    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to car audio, and I have some questions on mono amps and subs. I just purchased 2 10 inch subs.  They are the Polk Audio DB 1042 SVC.  It's a 4-ohm sub with single voice coils.  I also purchased a sealed box for these subs...
  12. Corey McMurry

    What's the best way 2 wire 2 diff amps with different subs from head unit

       ok I'm trying 2 find the best way 2 wire my 2 diferant amps and 2 different subs from my reciever       I have a Kenwood Kdc-302 which has 3 RCA outs but one is Sub then Front and Rear, I assume the Sub-Out puts out differant audio because on rear-out I can turn my gain up but when I plug it...
  13. T

    Solution to rear view mirror tilting from hella bass

    Alright so If you cut a piece of cardboard to the same shape as the mounting bracket and u fit it into the rear view mirror after you've unscrewed it u can shove it back on to the metal plate and that will help eliminate the tilt.
  14. T

    Comp R custom box design

    I have 2 Kicker comp Rs in separate prefab enclosure. they can't hit low and are very looking for a good box design with a big port in the middle. Ive looked around a lot online and haven't been able to find anything specific other than ...
  15. 1000101


    View Listing TRADE/Sell NEW IN BOX MEMPHIS MOJO 15'' for MOJO 12'' I'm looking to trade my NEW in BOX Memphis MOJO 15 (NOT THE NEWEST MODEL WITH ORANGE TAG ON WOOFER) Its the one in the stock pic shown. ITS THE ONE THATS ALL BLACK. (Last model before...
  16. M

    Which Amplifier to use for these two subwoofers?

    Hi, this is my first post! Any help would be much appreciated. Now I am looking at getting 2 subwoofers and these are Pioneer TS-W311D4 (12" Champion Series DVC 4 ohm). These subs perform at 800 watt rms combined (400 watt rms each) and I'm going to wire the DVC in parallel and in parallel with...
  17. Ethan Carlson

    DS18? Newbie alert

    Hey Audiophiles!! I'm looking to buy a fresh pair of subs and amp for my new car and came across these DS18, 2 12's with a built in amp, I'm on a bit of a budget but want to know what is right to look for! I figured this is the right place to come for help! ...
  18. L

    My subs play treble and mid range at a low volume

    Hi everybody,  so I recently purchased 2 10” subs for the trunk of my lancer. They are hooked up to a 1000 watt pioneer amp, at it sounded awesome, but I recently soundproofed the trunk and I took the subs out for it. I was being stupid and I forgot to disconnect the negative power source from...
  19. B

    Power Wire Expansion

    Background: About four or five years ago I installed a pair of American Bass XD-10s wired to two ohms, powered by a Precision Power BK 1300.1D wired up with 4G Knu Koncepts. Relatively soon after installing, my enclosure slid across my trunk and the amp was ripped off of its mounts (two broke...
  20. T

    Problems with my sub and amp

    Alright so I have 2 12 inch kicker comp vr subs and a jbl gtr 1001 amp, the 2 subs combined should put out 800 Watts rms, and my amp is supposed to be 1000 Watts rms. But I was having an issue where my subs were cutting out a lot at pretty low volumes and I’m trying to figure out what the...
  21. H

    Im new, question about sub and amp compatibility

    Hello guys,I'm sorry to ask such a simple question but I'm hoping someone can help So pretty much i have two kicker 10" 10cvr104 subs. 4 ohm dvc, 800watt max power, and 400rms. And for an amp, i have a Kenwood monoblock class D KAC-9106D. Max power 2000 watt peak, 1000 watt rms at 2 ohms, and...
  22. K

    What amp should I get?

    I've been looking for a new amp ever since my old Kenwood blew I've got two Pioneer TS-W250R 10" They are SVC 4-ohm each, and I wanted to wire them as a 2-ohm load, and I've been looking at a few different amps. I don't have a lot of money, but I can go up to about $150. I've been looking...
  23. K

    Everything powered up.. subs dead?

    Hi guys, just joined today ! Sorry if this thread has been posted before. I’ve read over a dozen posts about my situation and can’t find a solution, or the their problem was slightly different than mine. What I have : Rockford F. P3001 , And two 10” dtx subs. And a kenwood deck (They came with...
  24. Packers27

    Need help with amp and subs

    . .Ok. I've made alot of progress in messing with this truck. What I really need to know is, how to specifically wire my subs up to Amp to get a safe and full potential performance. I have a a 400 watt peak power 8" Boss 4 ohm Dual voice coil sub and a 12" Pioneer 4 ohm 800 watt peak power sub...
  25. 350zkid

    Couple subs, motors and baskets.

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) TI style 10" baskets new (2) Skar ZVX v1-1.5 motors 3" coils (3) RF P312D4 (original ones) 12"s dual 4 ohm (2) Pioneer Premier TS-W126DVC 12"s dual 4 ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: Baskets are new never been used ZVX motors are used, bottom scratched up, couple...
  26. S

    Opinion on subwoofer choices

    First I thought maybe T015s and a T1500 amp. That set up would've costed me 3500 and it would've just been a big *** box in my sedan's trunk, likely not what the subwoofers really want or need. I then bought some 12s HDC3s and I sold them to someone else after being convinced the same thing. I...
  27. J

    My subs are not hitting as hard as they should.

    I have had a Fosgate t2 15 for a while and it hits pretty good. I finally decided to get an upgrade and bought another t2 15 and hooked it up. It hits with the same power as before. I have a RE audio 3000 watt amp. Is this just a power issue? What is the next step to get more bass.
  28. R

    What electrical upgrades will I need if any?

    Currently have a 2004 grand cherokee and I have a kicker cx1200.1 amp hooked up to 2 comp r s with a 120 amp alt and a normal battery, have issues with headlights dimming. Just want to get a new amp and subs. Planning on around 3500 rms and would like to know what electrical upgrades you guys...
  29. M

    2 10" HiVi SP-10s for sale w/box

    2 10" HiVi SP-10 subwoofers w/box: Box and speakers were hand me down from my brother and I owe a mechanic money for an alternator. I ran it on a HiFonics 1000watt Zeus Amp and it kept up pretty well with hip/hop etc. playlist, almost killed some battery because of the long sustained notes...
  30. A

    Is my amp too weak?

    I resentlt just got a custom ported dual 8" subwoofer box and was expecting my bass in my car to be very good. After installing them and turing on they were very very quiet like i could barly tell they were on. After adjusting setting and such i got them up a little bit to were i can hear them...
  31. B


    Hello I am new here and was hoping someone could help me with box plans. I need a 1 Cu Ft box with a port diameter of 3 in and 7 inch in length. its for a 10in
  32. E

    Need amp recommendations for 2 dd 715

    My local swap meet guy is trying to sell me 2 15 digital design 715 for 250 each first question is this a good deal , I kno dd is a great comp brand are there better woofers in this class for less and what amp would deliver the most power consistently (rms) my budget is pretty shoe string not...
  33. R

    Under powered Amp

    My amp (900w RMS) is being powered by a 750w computer power supply. When I turn it up, it acts just like I have it hooked up to a battery. Nothing shuts off, it doesn't sound quite, and there isn't any distortion. Is it bad on the amp to turn it up to the correct voltage (square root of...
  34. T

    Need some advice.

    So i'm getting my car tomorrow and i'm buying subs. I want to do 3 12in subs, in a ported box. But i'm not sure what subs i should get. I am on a budget, but need a lot of bass. So i need to know a good combo of Amp and Subs.
  35. L

    Lost power in amplifier after having geek squad install front and rear door speakers

    Hi, I had recently installed myself 2 10 inch Rockford fosgate subwoofers in one enclosed box with a 600 peak RMS Watts and a volfenhag amp with 800W peak. I used 8 gauge kicker wiring for the installation. Everything worked perfectly for 2 weeks and I decided to get new 6 1/2 inch 300W speakers...
  36. D

    $1000 for subs and amp.....what do I get?

    So, I've never really had anything worth mentioning in the trunk/cargo area of any vehicle that I've owned. With that being said, I've got some cash to spend and I want to do this right. I have a '99 Tahoe and all of the speakers inside have been replaced with Fosgate components. Now I need the...
  37. Z

    Sub suggestions

    I'm planning my build in the upcoming warmer weather in the spring /summer I already have my dc 5k and will be getting the electrical to run it at .5 I need suggestions on what kind and how many subs I should get. I've got about 30cu ft to play with. Would like maybe a couple 18s but am open to...
  38. J

    Head unit/Amp shutting off

    Hello, sorry if my explanation is long but I want to just provide all the information up front. I originally had 2 12" Kicker Comp R subs installed professionally on a Kicker cv600.1. No electrical issues at this point, but I later decided I wanted to try out some Alpine Type R's. So, I had...
  39. D

    I have a question.

    I just got 2 jl 12w0 8s in a box and a quantum audio qca3500d amp. My friend said the amp is only 500 watts but it says 3500 at 1 ohm. Is this okay to hook up? Will it blow my subs?
  40. M

    Stock radio with subs?

    I have a 2007 Honda Civic SI which has a factory radio wired to a factory amplifier powering an 8" factory subwoofer along with the 4 other door speakers and 2 tweeters. I have a 1700 watt rms Hifonics Brutus Class D monoblock amp along with 2 12" Kicker subwoofers powered at 800 watt rms each...