Subs/Amp blowing fuse

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Apr 5, 2020
Nanaimo, BC
So I've had this problem for a couple months now, I've got 2x12 inch MTX Terminator subs (I know they're not the greatest) and every few weeks, usually when a song has some hard low frequency bass, the fuse that is connected to the power wire under my hood will blow, causing the subs to stop playing. I've replaced the fuse 3 times, I've been using 25 amp fuses because that's what the amp wiring kit I used came with. should I be maybe using a 30 amp fuse instead? (assuming that is safe and won't cause a fire!) I believe the amp also has two 25 amp fuses in it, its an MTX amp, probably the one the subs shipped with, I'm not the original owner, the amp is putting out 400 watts bridged to the subs, which are 4 ohms each, which I don't think should be too much considering I don't play them THAT loud. Another thing I thought might be the problem is maybe I need a thicker power wire? I'm not 100% sure what to do here, that's why I'm coming to this site!
I really hope there's something I can do, because when these subs are working good, they seriously put out some bass, and sound really great for what I paid.
not sure if this matters, but the car is a 2009 Jeep Patriot, with the premium audio system, and I'm using the stock head unit for now, planning on getting after market one soon.



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Nov 22, 2007
If the amplifier has two 25 amp fuses, then you need a 50 amp fuse at the battery.
DO NOT INSTALL A BIGGER FUSE UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT THE WIRE IS BIG ENOUGH!! Using a fuse that has a higher amperage rating than the wire is the same as not using a fuse at all. The fuse would not blow in the case of a short circuit. Can you say fire?
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