Help!! Matching Subwoofers to my Amp

68chrisshark Newbie
May 25, 2020
Georgia USA
I have watched numerous youtube videos on match subwoofers to amps and still don't understand. I need advice.

I have a 2016 Ram with the stock 8.4 Unconnect Alpine stereo. 2 years ago I added a Kenwood Excelon X801-5 Amp & a single 10" in a sealed box.

I want to upgrade to 2-12" Subs now using the same Kenwood X801-5 amp. Not looking to spend crazy money on the subs....probably $200 each max.

I don't understand the ohms, rms and watts I need to run 2-12" Subs.

Specs on my Kenwood X801-5 amp:
50 watts RMSx4+300 Watts RMSx1 at 4 Ohms.

What specs on subs do I need? Thanks for the advice in advance.


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Feb 18, 2004
Your amp's 5th or sub woofer channel will produce 300 watts at 4 ohms rms. If you were to hook up a single 4 ohm woofer to your amp, it will provide 300 watts rms (rms = continuous watts) to the woofer.

That amp's 5th channel is 2 ohm stable. At 2 ohms, it will produce 500 watts rms (continous). In your case since you want to add a second woofer, I would choose (2) 4 ohm woofers. By doing so, you will present the amplifier with a 2 ohm load by adding a second 4 ohm woofer to the amp. Hook both of these woofers up to the amp's woofer channel. Here's an example from

When selecting your woofers try to match the woofer's power handling to your amplifier's power output. 2 12 inch woofers that handle 250 watts each will work fine. Be sure you have enough room for a proper size enclosure or enclosures for your woofers. If the box is incorrect, you won't realize the full potential of your woofers.

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