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  1. H

    Lanzar vct2010? Help!

    Yeah, ok I know that the lanzar vct2010 is a cheap amp and all but will it work for me? I am a sixteen year old and am new to all this car audio stuff. Im not too serious about this stuff atleast right now and am on a budget. Like im not going for competitions or anything but I want my 2005...
  2. H

    Pioneer DEH-P4000UB? Is it good?

    I have the Pioneer DEG-P4000UB head unit and was wondering if it is good. I am new to car audio stuff and need all the help I can get. Is it atleast a decent HU? I need a HU with a USB plug for my ipod or atleast an Aux plugin for sure if you want to give me suggestions on other HU to look at...
  3. H

    Help! Best Speaker for $200

    Please help me. I am getting a 2005 Chevy Silverado this summer and need help choosing new speakers for it. They need to be 6.5" door speakers. They will be in the front doors. The speakers need to be as good quality as possible for $60 - $200 for a pair. I will be using a $120 pioneer...
  4. T

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Head Unit Ground

    I'm looking to upgrade my system. The Grand Cherokee doesn't have a ground wire in the factory harness, and I wanted to know if any one could recommend a good spot near the HU location to ground it?
  5. djarmy2004

    FS Sony MEX-BT2600

    Item(s) for Sale: Sony MEX-BT2600 Item(s) Description/Condition: Used i would say 8/10 The only thing missing is the cage, It came with the car i just bought and was mounted without cage. Has remote and Harness. Specs: In-Dash Receiver Specifications Receiver Size Single DIN Faceplate...
  6. J

    Help choosing a head unit, complete newbie

    Hello everyone. I have a Dodge Caravan 2006 and I want to replace the factory radio/CD. The features I'm looking for : MP3 with local storage and USB to transfer files Bluetooth hands-free for my phone CD, Radio Cheap I need basic sound quality, nothing fancy. Can someone recommend a...
  7. BlkCamSS01

    Pioneer MVH-8200BT

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer MVH-8200BT Item(s) Description/Condition: Used pioneer headunit in great shape. I only used the headunit for about 2 weeks then I sold my car. Im going with a different set-up for the new car. The headunit works and looks amazing. Price: $150 shipping included...
  8. S

    Head Unit Problem turns off and on Randomly

    Hey Everyone, I have a Pioneer DEH-4200UB and I've been very happy with it. I purchased it at a local shop here in town and they installed it for me. The problem is that after a few months of use the head unit powers off completely. I took it back to the shop and they inspected the wiring and...
  9. C

    No stereo power-only the clock illumination comes on.

    Issue: I have the factory H/U and and aftermarket H/U. The factory h/u worked last time I tried. My buddy gave me the aftermarket h/u, I've never seen it in operation. Problem is, on factory h/u, the clock will display for about 10 seconds if i press the 'recall' , 'hr' , or 'min' buttons...
  10. Mzlady

    FS or Trade: 16gb Ipod Nano 5th Gen

    16GB Ipod Nano 5th Gen. Normal wear no scratches on the screen, black with over 1,000 songs on it. Comes with everything included when bought new. Looking to trade for a h/u that is mp3 player compatible, preferably one with a 3.5mm jack or best cash offer Specs: Capacity: 16GB(Up to 4,000...
  11. WashYourWinky

    WTT: Alpine CDA-9855 for another head unit!

    Just looking to trade for another head unit, the Alpine is great I've just got the itch for something different! Mechanical 10/10 Cosmetic 8/10 I've got the head unit, face, wire harness, cage, trim ring, face case, remote and the box. SPECS
  12. U

    Need help setting up a new HU on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

    I want to know if it is possible to set up an aftermarket stereo on a Grand Prix without using the wiring harness adaptor (very expensive). I'm not afraid to cut wires so if that needs to be done then I'm all for it. I also don't care about the chimes or steering controls.
  13. 1

    Blaupunkt Hamburg

    Anyone know the difference(s) between the Blaupunkt Hamburg mp57 and mp68? I know the 68 is a newer model, but can't really figure out the differences other than aesthetics.
  14. C

    older sony head unit??

    hey guys.. I was trying to find out/remember what the model number was to the head units Sony came out with about 5-6 maybe 7 years ago. It was a single din full color video unit..I think it had a flip down face plate to load the discs. I think there were 2 different models, one per year. I...
  15. H

    9887 or x305s?

    I am new to car audio and I dont really know much about it. I was looking to spend around $300 on a head unit. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the alpine 9887 and the alpine x305s. I'm mainly going to connect my iPod to the head unit. Also, my car is a '99 Infiniti G20. The factory...
  16. T

    Audiophile Full Setup, What should I buy?

    Hi, I am restoring a 77 vw bus and the interior is completely stripped and I am doing the new interior custom with a friend of mine. I really appreciate high quality audio and would like a new system that is cost-effective. I would like a head unit, 2 speakers up front, 2 speakers in the back...
  17. R

    Best bluetooth HU $200-$250 range

    I am looking to replace my head unit and I need one with built in bluetooth, sub pre amps, and good sound quality. I'm stuck between these HUs Pioneer DEH-P7100BT (dehp7100bt) - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix - Sonic Electronix JVC KD-A815 (kda815) - Car Stereo In-Dash...
  18. my head unit

    my head unit

    my baby a kenwood kdc-mp532u
  19. Headunit


    Kenwood Excelon X789
  20. Nyte Eyes Audio Designs

    Nyte Eyes Audio Designs

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  21. Pioneer DEH-P4600MP

    Pioneer DEH-P4600MP

  22. Pioneer DEH-P4600MP

    Pioneer DEH-P4600MP

  23. Eclipse cd8053

    Eclipse cd8053