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  1. ktuxy

    Bluetooth Suddenly Not Wanting to Auto-Connect?

    Hi, About 3 years ago I installed a new JVC KW-R920BTS Head unit in my '05 Explorer. I haven't had any problems with it until recently. I used to be able to just start the car and after a minute or so, my phone would be automatically connected to the unit for me to stream music. Recently the...
  2. Mgman111

    Help with my new Setup

    So I recently added a subwoofer, amp and a new head unit to my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I also have The kicker speaker upgrade which are 2 door speakers and 2 sound bar speakers rated at 75w rms each. My new head unit is a Sony XAV-AX5000 and I’m unable to turn the volume up past half without the...
  3. B

    Head unit keeps blowing fuses

    Hi everyone, I installed a cheap head unit ( unsure of the brand at the moment ) both in my wife’s car and mine. Everything worked fine for a little while in my 98 4runner and then one day all of a sudden there was just no power to the radio. I pulled the unit out and checked the 15 amp fuse...
  4. T

    PLEASE HELP!Head unit requires ACC switch on ignition?!

    So basically I have a pioneer 5100nex model head unit in my 2001 Audi A6 and I’m trying to figure out if the head unit is messed up or if it’s something else. The instructions for installing the head unit say that it can NOT be installed in a vehicle without an ACC switch on the ignition and my...
  5. K

    Amp turns on when head unit is off

    Okay so Im new to this and I bought an suv with a system in it and it was all professionally installed but sold the existing system for something smaller, anyways so I installed these ds18 12’s with a ds18 amp and and hooked up everything and when I turned on my suv i noticed the amp never...
  6. S

    How do I power all 8 of my speakers (I’m a newbie)

    So I’m super new to car audio and want to upgrade my 2009 Toyota Corolla s. I figured out my car has the 8 channel speaker trim package so it has 4 door speakers (I think they a woofers) 2 tweeters and 2 more speakers behind the back seats (idk if what they are). I think that means I need an 8...
  7. L

    Bridging a head unit that is 50Wx4 so that it gives full power to only 2 speakers

    The Only speakers running off my Head Unit are my woofers in my rear backseat, and i want to give them more power by wiring them to my HU differently. I was thinking about how i can bridge a 4 channel amp to just two speakers by connecting the negative speaker wire to a negative of one channel...
  8. Nick Miles

    Adjusting the gain in my kenwood head unit

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to car audio but I need to find the source of my system having really high pitchy ness when the high notes are hit on just about any song at decently high volume. I talked with a friend of mine he said first adjust the EQ to lower the right part of the line graph down...
  9. L

    pioneer 4400nex sound cuts while driving, head unit on

    Hey all, I recently had a very well respected car audio place in town here install the Pioneer 4400nex in my 2003 trailblazer ltz with the bose sound system.  Now, they say they're going to take care of fixing it, but I would like to try and figure out what's going on incase they try to sell me...
  10. D

    Help needed: Subwoofer settings cause crackle

    Hi guys, so i've had this pioneer unit in my SUV for a while now (years). The other day it started producing a crackling noise in all the speakers (doors, dash, sub). When i go into the settings and turn off the subwoofer the problem goes away and everything sounds perfect.  I disconnected the...
  11. J

    Any suggestions? I have a 2007 Cadillac CTS head unit replacement!!

    Hello peeps hey so I have a bit of a situation,, I have a 2007 Cadillac CTS that I have been installing a system on now for a while it’s a pain but fun car, here is the question the head unit is still oem if you guys don’t know these car have the “driver info” section here as well as other...
  12. K

    Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Android Auto and other issue

    Hello, I recently bought a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX from BestBuy and using it from a month in my 2014 Ford Mustang. The radio was decent, but I am having problems with: 1. Android Auto - When I connected by phone (BB Keyone), I always get a message: "To use Android Auto please stop the car and...
  13. P

    HU for 1990 Nissan 300ZX 2+2

    I'm searching for a new or nicely used head unit for this car for which I only drive in the summer. I have 2 sets of German Maestro's 6.5 inch coax speakers to go into it plus a Powerbass XMA-4250IR amp, 8 gauge Powerbass OFC wiring kit. I'm looking at the Kenwood KDC-X701 but am open to...
  14. L

    best head units under $300

    want to know what the cheapest android auto head unit is
  15. GearboyOfficial

    Bridging Head unit with dual voice coil speakers?

    Hi ive been looking around for the past week and cant quite seem to find what im looking for. I understand that amps that have a "Bridged" channel is a channel that allows a 1-2 ohms setup. I have my current 5 channel amp running my door speakers at 40 rms and my headunit is sitting idle but it...
  16. R

    running new accessory wires for a second head unit to run trunk system

    howdy, been trying to figure most this out threw google but have some specific little stuff i cant seem to nail down.my rig is being retired so i got a bunch of awesome stuff that needs to be relocated. my girlfriend has a 2017 fusion with sync and the sony system so i dont really want to ****...
  17. scoob8000

    Help me pick a new single DIN HU

    I've always mostly had Pioneers. I'm a big fan of them. But I'm sick of RCA pico fuse issues. I'm replacing a DEH-P7800MP and I'm really gonna miss the multiline screen and menu system. I bought a Kenwood KDX-X998, but I think it's going back. The menus are so clunky and slow to navigate...
  18. V

    Buzzing/ White noise/ poping in speakers

    I have a constant buzz/white noise when the car is off/on. Its not alternator whine, its a constant steady tone. Unplugging rcas from amp ends the static. When playing ito amp from phone the static is gone. I regrounded the amp, sanded paint and have the same noises. Rerouted rcas and it helped...
  19. C

    Please help! Head unit problem.

    Please help me. I am installing a new head unit into my 2001 dodge dakota, but am getting no power through the accesory power wire. The previous owner had both the battery and accesory wires from the head unit going to the battery wire in the truck. (See pic) Are there any problems that could be...
  20. D

    Can't figure wiring for new head unit 2002 ford ranger!

    Hey all, Much help appreciated. I have a 2002 Ford Ranger with a new dual head unit. I am trying to install it and can't figure it out. I have all the speakers correctly Wired, but can't figure out the power and what not. There are extra wires and I have no idea what they go to or what...
  21. K

    Running head unit on 1 ohm speakers?

    Hello, Without going into a super long story about what happened, I ran my Alpine CDE-164BT head unit while it was hooked up to the stock Bose speakers in my 2002 Nissan Maxima. I found out after having them hooked up for about a month and listening to music super loud that they are 1ohm...
  22. Z

    Wiring Harness Troubles

    I have a 2008 Silverado Ext. Cab without the bose system in my vehicle. I purchased a Pioneer Head Unit and a Axxess GMOS-LAN-02 wiring harness without doing much reading. I realized after looking at the packaging that the GMOS-LAN-02 supports amplified systems (aka Bose Audio) systems but...
  23. R

    Subwoofer Preamp Output?

    im trying to decide what i should get for a head unit for my new subs and speakers. i was wondering about sub preamps. if someone could explain what that is compared to a regular preamp output and if it is worth it? Thanks!
  24. R

    Subwoofer Preamp output?

    im trying to decide what i should get for a head unit for my new subs and speakers. i was wondering about sub preamps. if someone could explain what that is compared to a regular preamp output and if it is worth it? Thanks!
  25. G

    What's the Purpose of This?

    Going through my trucks wiring and found this on the back of my head unit. Has anyone seen this before, and what's the purpose? Any advantages or disadvantages? Also, I can't figure out the attachment upload for the forum so photobucket is the only thing I can think of...
  26. T

    Speakers and Sub stopped working

    Hey guys, this is my first post on this site and I'm hoping one of yall can help me out here! Here is my current setup I'm working with: 2009 GMC Sierra Door Speakers - Focal Integration ISC 165 Amp for Door Speakers - MTX THUNDER75.4 Subwoofer - Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Amp for sub -...
  27. A

    New Sony Headunit + AMP?

    Hello all, I have a Saturn LS2, It Has 6 1/2's in the front doors, and 5 1/4's in the rear doors. The speakers were blown when i bought the car so I put in some Pioneer speakers, 6 1/2's (LINK IS HERE) which can be pushed too 40 RMS, and 5 1/4's which can be pushed to 35 RMS(LINK IS HERE). I...
  28. J

    Electrical issue

    Ok so sorta having a problem, 2006 Kia Optima, I installed my appradio 3 head unit the other day, on the harness there's a remote wire for the car I was told due to the infinity system amp for the speakers, so I hook up the remote wires for the two and run another one for an amp that I had...
  29. M

    Cannot get a signal out of head units to Sub Amplifier

    So I've just wired up a mono amplifier in my boot. Let me fill you in on the story so far: I have a power cable running from the battery through a fuse to the amp. I have RCAs running from head unit to amp. I have control wire running from head unit to amp. I have the audio cables running...
  30. G

    Weird car audio problem question!

    Hey, recently bought a car and it has a Pioneer DEH-1300MP head unit in it and I believe stock speakers all around. Basically I want to know if you guys think my speakers are bad or if something is up with the wiring or even the head unit? When I turn up the volume (not real loud) the speakers...
  31. J

    Head unit smoking while trying to use DIY USB to Jack cable

    Title pretty much says it all... And to start off I would like to say that I am totally new to car audio systems and I don't know anything, but here's the story. I just got a new head unit but it didnt have an jack input, only a usb. I wanted to test it out with some of my own music and not...
  32. J

    Head unit smoking while trying to use DIY USB to Jack cable

    Title pretty much says it all... And to start off I would like to say that I am totally new to car audio systems and I don't know anything, but here's the story. I just got a new head unit but it didnt have an jack input, only a usb. I wanted to test it out with some of my own music and not...
  33. K

    Head Unit Problems Help!

    We just got a new used truck (90 F-150 4x4) and we were installing a new head unit and we hooked up the adapters and everything no power checked fuses in truck and head unit both almost brand new. It came with no radio and it has a microphone holder for a CB so we are guessing it had a CB...
  34. Q

    Both amps stopped working help

    I was driving and both front stage, sub amp and speakers ran off deck stopped working at the same time system wasn't turned up even half way. There is no power at the amps fuse are good when I disconnected the batter and hooked back up speakers ran off deck started working again but still no...
  35. D

    Double Din Head Unit Still Require

    Hi, so I'm going to purchase the head unit below for my 2000 Infiniti G20. http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-FHX-720BT-Bluetooth%C2%AE-Hands-Free-Streaming/dp/B00MRYHOQU Now it should take up the entire space of my stock head unit. But I don't know if I still need something along with it to make...
  36. M

    Head Unit Installation Problems!!

    Hello, my friend just replaced her head unit in her 2002 Toyota Camry. After a few problems, and then troubleshooting them, we have almost got it all hooked up right. Except that the ground isn't connected, but the head unit still powers on.... anyone know why this would be happening??
  37. L

    Pioneer avh-x3500bhs turns on and off randomly.

    I have an 06 Mustang V6. (About 150,000 miles) (Base model just a simple factory single cd was stock) My new head unit keeps turning off and on. It has never done this before it started last week and it happens randomly. I can go a day with one or two turn offs or it turns on and off many times...
  38. adulbrich

    Does this head unit clip?

    I am almost done with my build. I just need to make the box, then put the sub and speakers in. I'm wondering if this head unit clips the RCA signal at full volume (with a clean media signal): Alpine CDE-HD149BT Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo w/ HD Radio I'm wondering...
  39. C

    Are Alpine head units still the best? What works well with a full system upgrade?

    Hey folks, I just bought a 2003 Chevy Avalanche and I want to upgrade the sound system. I used to have a jeep and upgraded everything when I bought it in 2004. I had a top of the line Alpine CDA Head Unit, Alpine type R door speakers all around, 2 12"s, and a 5 channel Alpine V12 amp. I loved...
  40. Matt J6

    Best speaker setup for my head unit

    I just installed a Pioneer AVH-x2600bt Double-Din Touchscreen head unit in my 2004 Ford Escape. I am planning on installing new 6x8 speakers in them (preferably 4-way speakers) replacing the stock speakers. I currently am in debate of what I should get and what would match right. Also if I...