head unit

  1. Mr FaceCaser

    Any ideas?

    Are ds18 head units any good?
  2. Evan Kays

    2 speakers and sub or 4 speakers

    Hi all, first post so I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Anyhow I recently purchased a 89 c4 corvette. And let me tell you, the stock audio is JUNK. I've been restricted to listening to classic rock (not that it's bad but I'd like options) for the past few weeks because the speakers...
  3. Alex prior

    RCA cable confusion

    Hey people I'm looking to buy this head unit for my BMW 1 series and it says it's got a sub RCA output but the diagram doesn't show me one and I was wondering if maybe it's called something else? I'll put the pic of the diagram. Oh also I want the sub RCA just for a single amp/sub setup nothing...
  4. Shomik Afi

    New streao or subs with amps

    Hello..i need help. Recently i bought a Honda crv 2007..audio system was really bad on the car so i changed the 4 specker on the car. Its kicker 300W MAX 100W RMS CSC65.. but its still sound really bad..little base, not clear sound..still have the original headunit..people Are saying head unit...
  5. F

    WANTED Pioneer DEH-9400MP BNIB

    It’s a long shot but I’m looking to see if anyone out there still has one of these or knows someone who may be hoarding a NEW IN BOX 9400MP. I pay top dollar for new in box Pioneer HU from that era. If you’ve got something shoot me a pm thanks! PFA:
  6. P

    Pioneer avh 2700bs touch screen problems

    Anyone else had the problem of the head unit locking on the language select screen and not allowing for the touch screen to work following disconnect and reconnection to the battery
  7. G

    Best option for streaming audio source

    Hello, I have a Kenwood DNR1008RVS head unit. I’d like to get hi res audio to the head unit, but there’s a lot of confusing stuff out there. At first I was told to get rid of my apple phone because android supports LDAC Bluetooth. I don’t really need to use Bluetooth anyway. Wired is perfectly...
  8. T

    Need help with 11 Ram 1500 & Pioneer

    I have a 11 Ram 1500 and a Pioneer DMH1500NEX that has an illumination wire of head unit need to know where I wire that to off the factory harness that doesn’t have one. To the power wire?
  9. M

    Help with intro level car audio components

    I have a 2008 Chevy Colorado crew cab that I'm going to give to my son for graduation, and I want to replace the stereo system before that. I used to be a car audio big system fanatic 35 years ago, but this is just entry level stuff for this pickup. I just want to run these components by...
  10. J

    Android Head Unit

    Hello, I am looking to install a new android head unit into my vehicle. I am confused by some things. Is it possible to buy a head unit and be able to play youtube music and control it on the head unit--not the phone? I was told by Crutchfield that wasn't possible but I see some units that...
  11. 7

    HU and RCA input sensitivity

    is there a problem if my head unit outputs 4v while the amp rca input sensitivity is from 0.2-2v only?
  12. cmartinez73

    Choosing wiring harness help!

    So I'm going to order a KW excelon ddx396 HU for my 07 civic, I'm looking at wring harness' for it on crutch feild and there is 3 options. I'm not sure what is the right option, I won't rlly mind if my steering wheel controls are lost, I want the install to be easy bc I am new to this. One thing...
  13. B

    Install help with decisions.

    Hi. I have recently bought an Alpine ilx-f905d HALO head unit. The vehicle it is being fitted to is a 2015 Fiat panda cross 4x4. The front speakers will be Focal PS165 FX and the rears will be Focal icu 130’s. As you may be aware the ilx-f905d has a class d internal amplifier rated at...
  14. B

    iPad head unit setup

    With regards to using an iPad mini as a head unit to play high res audio and other music what exactly is needed to make this work? Is a sound processor necessary?
  15. BrackishWarden

    Ongoing Car Audio Issues, is it the Head Unit?

    My car is a Subaru Forester 2006. Very long story, last June my front left car speaker was starting to make crackling noises, and after about a week it just shut off entirely. These were speakers I had installed back in mid/late 2019. I don't remember the make/model of them, they were around...
  16. M

    Fitting aftermarket HU with no ACC position on ignition switch

    I have recently purchased a Pioneer sph-evo62dab-uni for my 2006 Audi A3 8p. Just realised this car does not have an ACC position on the ignition switch and the HU manual says this system will not work a car without this ACC position. Does anyone know a way around this through wiring changes...
  17. M


    my music in my truck cuts in and out whenever I hit a bump. I have a aftermarket radio and after market speakers I have spliced into the original wire so I am not using a harness. I've run new speaker wire from my head unit to my left front thinking it would fix it and it did but it still cuts...
  18. E

    Really Need Help Finding a Head Unit....

    I'm looking for a double din stereo with 4-5 volt preamp voltage. I'd like it to have a front facing USB that's capable of sending near CD quality signal. I need at least 3 rca channels, and I'd like it to also have a decent amount of SQ based settings. I don't really care about carplay and...
  19. M

    How do I get full range signal from stock head unit to send to subwoofer amplifier.

    So I have a 2015 Honda Accord LX model with a stock stereo. I installed a 12 inch sub in a custom box with a 2000 watt mono block. I was setting my gains using a multimeter and when I played a 30 hz test tone I noticed a substantialy less value in voltage than with a 40 hz test tone. I've done...
  20. T

    Troubleshooting audio system

    Having an issue in my 2017 base wrx, factory audio system. One day driving most of my audio cut out. Seems as though everything but the driver door speaker and driver tweeter cut out. Checked fuses and everything checked out. Wanted to come here before I start taking my door panels off. Thinking...
  21. Brassmonkey

    Advice and help - could it be head unit?

    Looking for some help - recently got a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser - i think I’m 3rd or 4th owner. This is what I know Upon arrival I could see that there was an aftermarket Kenwood KDC-HD545U Head Unit installed - I believe it’s a 2010 model. 4 speakers two fronts two rears And abandoned wires...
  22. SamCSF556

    Head Unit installation issue (12V ignition)

    Recently got a aftermarket head unit for my 07 GMC Canyon. During the installation I had to splice the ignition wire into another wire that had 12V during ignition. Decided to splice into a wire from the AC unit. This worked out and everything seemed fine until I tried using both the AC and head...
  23. DonJohnson

    Car Stereo wiring help

    Hey guys, I am attempting to swap out old aftermarket stereo with new stereo. The existing wiring is a bit of a nightmare. I am not sure what the wires heading off to the right and left are for. Perhaps the wire to the right goes to battery for constant power but what are the wires going...
  24. L

    Radio displays at night time! Help please

    I have an XY Auto Android Radio. During day my phone connect and music works, and I can use steering wheel to control volume. That’s it though. When it get around 8pm the radio display turns on and I can use it like normal. During the day, if I tap the screen, it shows settings for like screen...
  25. R

    No sound after blowing radio fuse

    Hey guys, I have a 1 sub, 2 speaker set up running off an aftermarket head unit and amp. Everything was working great for a few weeks. The other day I unplugged the head unit and accidentally sparked the main power wire when it touched some metal in the dash. This blew the radio fuse under the...
  26. mibz.1013

    Head unit is shutting off

    Well I’m lost, my hu has been shutting off once the bass hits but turn right back on, however if the truck isn’t moving and Is in park it won’t shut off even if I turn the music up (same song) not sure if its a lack of power from the alternator or a bad ground what do y’all think ?
  27. nathanp203

    need help on wiring new system

    hi all, im very new to this yet i have a decent exposure to audio outside of cars just bought this equipment and obtained an old amp: 1 pair pioneer TS-G1020F speakers in front dashboard (4 Ω max pwr 210w nominal input 30w) 1 pair pioneer TS-G1730F speakers in rear (4 Ω max pwr 300w nominal...
  28. P

    Need help ATOTO Gen2 S8 Lite in 2013 Nissan Altima SL (Bose)

    Hello everyone, super noob here, but doing my best to learn. I have a 2013 Nissan Altima SL...This model comes with BOSE sound system but no gps. I have purchased a DOUBLE Din ATOTO Gen2 S8.Lite (10.1") <--click for link to product. I have tried looking online myself. and have contacted several...
  29. K

    Volume Sensitivity

    I have a kenwood excelon touch screen similar to the ddx6906s but i think it’s a bit older, for some reason when it gets to higher volumes the volts from the amp (measured w multimeter) will jump by 4-6 volts per volume level and wherever i set my gain it only plays within even 6 volts of max at...
  30. M

    Better quality android headunits?

    Hi all, sorry if this has already been discussed. I did a quick search looking for android head units on the forums and found stuff about mostly android auto. But I was wondering whether anyone has anyone had any luck with good quality all android head units that would compare in all aspects to...
  31. J

    Custom Raspberry Pi Head Unit Amplifier Advice

    Hello all, I am aware that this is an out of ordinary post for this forum, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am building a custom, Raspberry Pi (small single board computer) based head unit for my 2005 Ford F-150. It will run a custom software called OpenAuto Pro, and outputs...
  32. MilitiaRobbo

    Diodes on Head Unit’s Negative?

    Hey Everyone, Robbo here, from Australia. I have been facing a hiss sound with my Nissan Patrol for months. I have taken it to multiple car audio installers and their complete failures owe me nearly $1,500AUD in labour fee’s. To test the theory of it being a faulty head-unit, I took it out of...
  33. circle221

    Head Unit Questions

    Hello, first time posting here I am upgrading the HU in my 2017 Forte for my SQ build. Have narrowed it down to 2 i think, Either the Kenwood Excelon DMX907S or Pioneer DMHC5500NEX. Only real difference it looks like is the Kenwood has 5v Preamp and Pioneer is 4V. I can get the pioneer on sale...
  34. mpiers

    Need Direction

    I have a 2010 Ford Edge Loaded (without navigation). I was wondering what everyone recommends for: Must Include GPS. Maintaining steering controls. Max screen size. Open to vertical if they are reliable. Front camera Rear camera Anyone ever use an around view / birds eye?
  35. ExotiK

    Need help with a head unit

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a '21 Forte EX and it comes with the premium Harmon Kardon system; 8 speakers, a 320 watt amp and a sub. I bought a head unit from ali express ( TEYES SPRO Plus For Kia Cerato 4 2018 2020 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Navigation GPS Android 10 No 2din 2 din...
  36. A

    Alpine Single Din vs Double Din Connecter

    Hey there everyone, Have a dumb question and wanted to get some help before I purchased anything. I currently have a single din CDE-164BT (https://www.crutchfield.com/S-9KSVbGGeQ3l/p_500CDE164B/Alpine-CDE-164BT.html) installed in my 93 MR2 Turbo. Purchased the correct harness and everything is...
  37. S

    2014 Kia Sportage install questions

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket head unit in a 2014 Kia Sportage with the UVO system? Before I bite off more than I can chew, I would like to ask if anyone has had any issues with removing the stock UVO system and replacing it with an aftermarket head unit. My concerns are: Does this...
  38. T

    HELP! 2010 Subaru legacy head unit wiring

    So I got an aftermarket stereo for my 2010 Subaru legacy, the harness adapter it came with is a 14 pin, and the one that's already on the car looks like a 16 pin. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to wire in the new head unit would be. Do I just cut the wires and try to connect them to...
  39. L

    Kindly asking for advice for audio setup for campervan.

    Dear all, I am trying to build a decent audio system for our campervan conversion (2008 Citroën Jumper (Relay I believe). At first, I was hoping to install 6 speakers (L/R doors, all corners of the 'living area') - but I think that would be overkill. I'm looking for quality sound, not...
  40. N

    Amp Error on my head unit

    I got a pioneer deh-s5010bt, i put an eq in my car the other day and after i it was installed i keep gettin amp errors not even 5 min after playing. I rewired the headunit and eq and it still keeps happening, i think something maybe wrong w the eq but idk just need sum help please. *it was after...