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  1. SkwurlyFab

    Kenwood DNX-8120 Touchscreen Head Unit - 5v Pre-outs, 13 Band Equalizer, Garmin GPS

    Item(s) for Sale: Kenwood Excelon DNX-8120 Touchscreen Head Unit (double din) 13 band equalizer 5 volt pre-outs Garmin GPS Built in Bluetooth for phone calls and music from your cellphone DVD and USB movie playback Multi screen video output HD and Satellite Radio ready Automatic...
  2. M

    head unit suggestions

    I need suggestions for an hu with the following: -rca or high level out(rca is preferred). high-low converters are cheap, but hu's will distort when the high level, if it has one, is near full volume. I like to just yank the knob up to full, but with distrotion I'd have to set my amps at a...
  3. F

    kenwood kdc-210u only one set of pre outs need advice

    Hello everyone ive been out of car audio awhile and need help. Vehicle 2003 Silverado Crew cab 4 door. I was given as a gift a new kenwood 210u that has only one set of pre outs it has the ability to run 85 hz/120hz/160 hz or through also has rev phase (180) or norm (0) heres my dilemma i...
  4. K

    Clarion VX409 and NP509 FS or FT

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion Double Din 7" VX409 Clarion Navigation NP509 Item(s) Description/Condition: Great condition. Comes with all wires and the navigation(NP509) add-on. Also comes with the iPod hookup. Is available to have Sirius and Bluetooth connected but I do not have those cables...
  5. Only The Best

    New or barely used TS headunit

    I'm going to be getting myself a new dodge ram 1500 before the new year and I'm getting my system setup in order so keep in mind that I will not be buying this for another 2-4 weeks I just want to get everything set. So what I'm looking for is STRICTLY a touch screen head unit. Preferably one...
  6. J

    Need some help/advice

    So I have an (older) Kenwood DNX7120 DVD/GPS head unit in my 04 Silverado. I've been getting a super high pitch "squeal" out of the blue. When it happens, my head unit starts rolling through the different modes it has, tuner to dvd to video and then stops once it's found a mode in which it...
  7. K

    Clarion VX409 for trade or sale

    i have a clarion VX409 head unit and clarion NP509 navigation. together i am willing to sell for around 400. Or willing to trade head unit for clarion VZ709, VX709, or VZ509 head unit. OR trade both unit and nav for a clarion NX501. Let me know what you guys have!
  8. K

    Clarion VX409 for trade

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion VX409 for trade Item(s) Description/Condition: Have a like new head unit looking to trade for the Clarion VZ709, VX709, or VZ509. Will put up some cash too. Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st...
  9. H

    Added second battery. Problems with sound system.

    I have added a second car battery in the back and I have two problems: a) Even though the head unit is not connected on the second battery, it still stays on even after I have removed the keys. b) Amp01 (check diagram) doesn't work. (However it could be faulty) Here's how I did the wiring...
  10. A

    '95 Pontiac Firebird. 6 Stock speakers. Wiring/HU/Amp Suggestions/help?

    The Deal: My Firebird has 6 stock speakers. I would like to upgrade my Head Unit. Speaker Locations: 2+tweets in front door. 2 in back seats. 2 in trunk. Can't seem to find a head unit that offers 6 channels instead of 4. Is there such a thing? If not would I need to buy a 4 channel head...
  11. S

    Pioneer P6000UB Head Unit - Fascia Replacement

    I have a P6000UB, working great for a few years now but the front unit fascia doesn't hold vertical anymore as the small plastic hinge clip on the back of the fascia broke so I'm looking around to replace the fascia instead of repair. I've seen a good price on a P7000UB fascia, I'm wondering...
  12. tjmackay

    Head unit & Amp Advice

    Hello again, Received some timely advice from this site about my initial concept and am now trying to follow that advice by abandoning my plan of sticking with my stock stereo. I just received my 2 12" ported Fox Acoustic Box and am awaiting delivery of 2 12" Alpine type R (dual voice coil 2...
  13. B

    Stuck between 3 Head Units, need help deciding.

    Hey guys, just joined here and I'm looking for some advice on which head unit I should buy. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 specific models. But if you have a better recommendation then by all means let me know. My price range really was $300 or under, but I could stretch it a little bit if...
  14. stevknd2

    2000 Ford Taurus Dash Kit

    Today I pulled my dash kit out of my 2000 Ford Taurus, it's the rectangular shaped one with the 4 holes (2 on each side) that pulls out with a special key. Well I only had one of those keys so while I was taking it out one of the clips broke off. I am going to attempt to gorilla glue it, but I...
  15. supereikenator

    2005 Eclipse Head Unit!

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Looks to be in good shape, Eclipse is the brand and the model is CD 5405. Good shape, still works, just tested it. It's all there! Price: Honestly, not sure what is worth, I've been told $80-$120 so I'll go $80 plus shipping OBO. Shoot me a...
  16. A

    Misunderstanding of head unit wattage

    I have recently bought a car with an aftermarket system. Nothing major. The front two speakers are stock but there is a new head unit and a new pair of 6"x9" in the rear. Everytime i run the radio over 20 or so volume, the stereo cuts out. I was wondering if that has to be a problem with the...
  17. 1

    Does this kind of head unit exist?

    So I have a unique need for a head unit with a passive aux input. I think passive is the correct word. The reason, I have a radar detector that is very quiet. With the music turned up or the windows down, I cannot hear when it goes off. It is placed in my peripheral vision but during the day I...
  18. Only The Best

    broken motor gears?? help plz?

    so I have kenwood kvt-516 Kenwood KVT-516 | eBay head unit... when it was comin out of my dash a while back I was leaning forward to grab something off the floor and nailed it as it was coming out and now every time that it folds down and goes back into the dash the motor gears make this awful...
  19. Only The Best

    WTB touchscreen HU + 4 6.5's $500

    Item(s) for Sale: i want to buy a nice touchscreen + bluetooth + maybe nav headunit for a 2004-6 hyundai tucson... as well as 1 component 6.5" speaker set and 1 6.5 coaxial speaker set for the back.. the speakers are not going to be ran off of an external amp rather they are just going to be...
  20. K

    Can I keep my stock CD changer and change out the face?

    I'm not a car audio techy! I have a thirst to change my stock audio but not sure what i can do. So I have a 6-disc changer that is stock, and I have a Motorola Droid Bionic. I want to know if there is something I can switch to that would mirror my display. I've seen the head units that can be...
  21. D

    Best Bang for My Buck

    Sorry, I feel like I should clarify that I'm a bit of a noob. With that out of the way, I have a 97 Grand Cherokee with a stock head unit (and stock speakers). I'm looking to upgrading my car's sound system and I thought I would start with the head unit. Looked around a bit but was kinda...
  22. O

    Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Okay, so for the past 2 weeks I have been doing countless amount of comparing, shopping, and searching for the right stereo unit, and I just need someone to tell me hopefully straight up. I want a stereo unit that is anywhere from 100-600 dollars and has the following: -voice activation...
  23. thatguy12

    trouble tuning pioneer deh 80 prs

    new to the forum but have been reading them for some time now. i just upgraded my headunit to the pioneer 80 prs and im having trouble tuning it. ive read the manual and know what most of settings are ( you can change so much) but no matter what i do or have it set at the bass has that bass...
  24. eskibro

    iPad Mini NBS Silverado/Sierra?

    So I was talking with a friend today while sitting in my truck about iPad's in the dash, and I thought "If only they made an iPad that fit into a double din slot :rolleyes:". Then I remembered the new iPad Mini! So I whipped out my phone and checked up on the dimensions. I double checked the...
  25. S

    Electrical Fire: Now HU Not Turning On, But Car Charger Does Work?

    The accessories fuse is fine. Last night, smoke started coming out from the base of the steering wheel column and the whole cabin was filled with acrid smoke. If it was a short circuit, could it have been because I disconnected the cables inside the sub box in the trunk? Because the subwoofer...
  26. k3n12ock

    Pioneer DEH6000UB

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer DEH6000UB Item(s) Description/Condition: I have a Pioneer DEH6000UB. It's a great deck but I upgraded to something else. Has 4v preouts and a bunch of eq settings. Has rear AUX & rear USB and direct ipod control. Comes with cage, trim ring, remote, and 4ft+ usb...
  27. S

    Is this any good!!!

    Power Acoustik PD-718NB 7" INTEQ Single-DIN Multimedia Receiver: Auto Electronics : Walmart.com It looks awesome and at a great price. i want a cheap head unit that has bluetooth audio streaming. any suggestions would be great.
  28. S

    What Turns U On (Head)?

    Hola doods, I was getting alternator whine, so I decided to see if swapping my Kenwood HU for a Clarion HU would help at all. Now after I had plugged it in and turned it on, the display came on fine, but as I was reaching for a CD to test it with, the HU just turned off by itself. I noticed...
  29. S

    Pioneer DEH-P880PRS W/ iPod Adapter AND XM Tuner Kit

    1. Product: Pioneer DEH-P880PRS 2. Specs: General Features: In-dash AM/FM, CD, MP3, WMA player with Remote Motorized, detachable face White organic electroluminescent (OEL) display Wireless remote control included Switchable blue and red button lighting MOSFET50 Power supply Power...
  30. D

    HPF and LPF

    I need some advice on setting the LPF and HPF on my H/U. I really have no clue what to set them at. Thanks for any help.
  31. C

    New Head Unit Causes Fuse To Blow

    I recently purchased the Pioneer AVH-4400BH from Crutchfield and installed it in my 2008 Honda Accord LX-P. From what I know, I have installed it correctly using a wiring harness and a parking brake bypass. However, each time I turn the car on, the 7.5A fuse that controls the dash illumination...
  32. T

    WTB: Head Unit

    Alright, last request. I want a new Head Unit, something newer. But not expensive. If someone has an old flip out unit laying around even better. Or a reg non flip out unit is o.k. as well. Dash Kit is a plus, as the one I have now is half broken. I have the harness already. I'm just getting old...
  33. S

    Can you bridge a Head Unit?

    Yo yo yo yo yo, I've bought a set of Pioneer Head Unit + 2 speakers. The head unit is 4 X 22w RMS and the 2 speakers are 40w RMS each. So can I bridge them like you would an amplifier to make 2 X 44w RMS? Is there a reason it would not work? Tubular Dudes, Sho
  34. M

    El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77

    im looking at getting a El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77 and just wondering if anyone has any experience with these and android phone compatability. also if volume controls get annoying?
  35. Emvaz

    New H/U or new Amp?

    Ok, so I recently got a set of Clarus C61-2s and Feel the midbass should have more impact to it. My current setup is only sending 55w rms to each set, passive, and I feel this may be the issue. When I turn the subs off, the sound coming from the 6.5 driver is underwhelming. My initial...
  36. etm34

    Pioneer UB3200 HU

    Item(s) for Sale: pioneer 3200UB HU Item(s) Description/Condition: great head unit for getting into car audio, it sounds pretty dang good for the price, has a great sound processor for your ipod, THE BEST interface for the ipod, i absolutely love this interface, it is so good and every head...
  37. M

    HU recommendations: NAV+DVD+BT+SQ ... That's it!

    As the title says, I just need a basic NAV+DVD (for long trips...err sitting in the car with it in park), +bluetooth (Pandora), and the highest quality SQ possible. I have double DIN and am open for anything. Looking to spend $400 or less after all installation costs (wiring, harnesses, etc.)
  38. Sketchup

    $200 or less. 2+ pre amp outs

    I made a thread a while back about head-units, but times have changed. I am looking for a good quality, reliable head-unit that has 2 or more pre amp outputs, is less than $200. I would like it if there are good reviews on it. Maybe post a hyperlink to one that you would recommend?
  39. aaronwhitlock3

    Opinions on these head units. Wanting to get a new one

    Ok I have a cheap power acoustik 8.3in flip up. And I want somthimg diffrent not really looking for another flip up. but I really want it to have a sd card slot and I want it to be a quality h/u with hi volt prouts. i found a couple pioneers that look nice so if u have saw or used these lmk...
  40. K

    Factory head unit to sub amp help plz

    Hello everyone, I have a 09 Charger with the mygig radio. I want to keep the factory radio but I have a Hifonics 1800D and two L7's from a previous setup. What do I need to hook up my amp to the radio? The battery is in the trunk.