PLEASE HELP!Head unit requires ACC switch on ignition?!

Tyhor95 Newbie
Jan 12, 2020
So basically I have a pioneer 5100nex model head unit in my 2001 Audi A6 and I’m trying to figure out if the head unit is messed up or if it’s something else. The instructions for installing the head unit say that it can NOT be installed in a vehicle without an ACC switch on the ignition and my car unfortunately does not have one but surely there’s a way to bypass that? I mean the head unit will come on and work perfectly fine if I turn the key to the “ON” position wait a second and then turn it back to the “OFF” position and then back to the “ON” position and if it so happens to not come on I gotta wait like 15 minutes and try it again and if I get the Timing just right it powers on. I have tried everything and I paid a pretty penny for the head unit bc the guy I bought the car from said he was going to take it out and I asked him “well how much do I gotta pay you to leave it in there?”. He said “extra $300 and it can stay in there” so I gave him and extra $300. I tried to explain to him the issue I’m having and he tried to make up some bs about how it does that every now and then and to take it somewhere but I shouldn’t have to do that after giving him the money for it but I should have known better. It has been doing this ever since I bought the car. I tried unwiring it and wiring It back up and that didn’t help(I know how to hook up a system btw,I’ve hooked up a system in every car I’ve owned). I ended up getting tired of messing with it so I took it out and put in this cheap ass dual head unit my buddy gave me but I’m tired of not being able to hook my amp up to this head unit so I would like to try to figure the problem out that I’m having with the pioneer one. If anyone has any answers PLEASE HELP!!

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