Amp turns on when head unit is off

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Okay so Im new to this and I bought an suv with a system in it and it was all professionally installed but sold the existing system for something smaller, anyways so I installed these ds18 12’s with a ds18 amp and and hooked up everything and when I turned on my suv i noticed the amp never powered up but my head unit was on, so i double checked everything and made sure it was hooked up right to the amp and then i wondered what would happen if i turned the head unit off and back on again but when i turned the HU off the amp powered up.... and i thought that was odd so i turned my vehicle off opened the door and pulled the key out of the ignition and no suprise my amp was still on sooooo I turned my head unit on (which turned my amp off) and started to play with the remote wire and when i pulled it out and put it back it made contact with the positive power wire and turned my amp on ((WHILE MY HEAD UNIT WAS ON)) But then of course when i would turn the head unit off and shut my vehicle off the amp would still keep going unless i broke contact with it from the red power wire going to the amp and im lost and confused... hopefully i was detailed enough


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