Kindly asking for advice for audio setup for campervan.

Lekkerweervandaag Newbie
Sep 2, 2020
Dear all,

I am trying to build a decent audio system for our campervan conversion (2008 Citroën Jumper (Relay I believe).
At first, I was hoping to install 6 speakers (L/R doors, all corners of the 'living area') - but I think that would be overkill. I'm looking for quality sound, not ear-smashing sound. So I think 4 speakers (2 door, 2 in the back) will do.

This is what I had in mind.

Door speakers:
I have read good reviews of this Eton speaker component set . Impedance 3 Ohm, 'music power' (= RMS??) -> 80 W. No mentioned recommended minimum amplifier power.

Back speakers:
And for the 2 speakers in the back, I was thinking of these 65W RMS per speaker, 4Ohm impedance, recommended power range: 10-70 Watts RMS per channel.

Head Unit:
Since I want to replace the headunit anyways (to get Bluetooth, aux, and such). I have room only for single Din. I was hoping that a 4 channel car radio would suffice for the speakers mentioned above. Often it says: 4x50Watts. But rarely do I see RMS values.
For instance, this Pioneer: If you download the user manual, it says 'maximum power output: 50W x 4', and 'Continuous Power Output: 22W x 4'. Does the latter mean RMS power? If so, would that suffice for the speakers mentioned above? Or do you recommend another 1-Din headunit. Or is an external amplifier necessary?

Very grateful for any imput and recommendations! Kind greetings from The Netherlands.

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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Never heard of the Eton brand but if they're made in Europe they're probably of high quality. Rockford Fosgate is a pretty trustworthy brand overall so those are probably OK.
As far as will the head unit be "enough" power, that is very subjective. Most folks here would probably not be happy with just head unit power only but it may be enough for you. There is no rule that says you can't just try them off head unit only and then add a small amp later if you feel you need more.

I would not trust any of the power ratings on head units.

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