Alpine Single Din vs Double Din Connecter

AlphaQ1888 Newbie
Mar 3, 2021
Northern VA
Hey there everyone,

Have a dumb question and wanted to get some help before I purchased anything.

I currently have a single din CDE-164BT ( installed in my 93 MR2 Turbo. Purchased the correct harness and everything is working correctly. Really want Apple Car Play and a double din to upgrade to. Thinking of going with the Alpine iLX-W650 ( because of the price point and the decent overall reviews.

Wanted to ask about the connected on the back of the head-unit itself. Will I need to rewire anything to the new harness? Or could I leverage the existing cable? I don't need a backup camera, so that is not going to impact me at all. Figure I could just plug the existing black connecter into the new iLX-W650 and everything should technically work.

Side note, anyone have any issues with it? I know their is a difference with the built in amp and my speakers should technically be fine (listed below):
2xAlpine Type S (with tweeters) - 6.5'' - Front Doors
2xAlpine type S - 4''- Side speakers
2xPolk Audio MW5530 Woofers 5 1/4" - 4 ohms - Replacement of the existing OEM amplified subs. Still using Stock Amps

Head Unit amp wattage
CDE-164BT: 18 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels
iLX-W650: 16 watts RMS/40 peak x 4 channels

Just to note, my goal was to get decent sound in a small cabin. I'm not an audiophile, but do want a decent sound profile.

Thank you again.

*Edit: Would also consider the Alpine ILX-207 if it is generally a better unit. The internal amp is "better" but I don't see why its double the price..
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Kickstand Well Known
Jan 1, 2021
Maple Ridge
I wouldn't bank on the harness being the same.
Even if its the same plug it might not have the same pin configuration
Maybe if they were both single din but I don't know about the single to double
I could be wrong but I would not rely on them being the same.
The harness you have going into the car will still work fine so you would just have to wire your new harness into the adapting harness which only takes a few minutes and can all be done outside of the car rather them being hunched over your gear shifter.
Of course your going to need a new trim kit.
I wouldn't take much stock in the internal amplifiers output on the HU


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Mar 14, 2011
Dixon, Ca
the basic colors look the same location but the yellow wire has an inline fuse block on the new one and also have an orange/white and yellow/black wires that are new. I wouldn't take the chance.

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