1. K

    I got the guts to a great system?

    So i'm still pretty new to this site and the audio world well solo. I learned of some a sub brand FI. I got two stealth enclosures two 10 FI Q subs and two Sundown SAZ-1500D Amps I need some good wiring and what battery to us in my 99 camaro. so my question is what Car Battery Should i buy...
  2. 1EdgeKilla

    Help Please! Battery/Way Around Upgrading My Alternator?

    So heres whats up, I drive a 2002 Chevy Cavalier with a stock alternator (80 amps I believe). When everything is said and done i'll be running two Alpine PDX amps...the M-12 and F-4 for a total of 1300 watts rms. From what I understand and know they are one of the more efficient digital amps out...
  3. M

    Battery Drain Since New Install-Mercedes 300D

    I have a 1983 Mercedes 300D, and after having a new head unit and powered sub installed, I'm getting a significant battery drain (1.5 amps). Unplugging the head unit and unhooking the sub from the battery did not resolve the problem. Pulling the fuse associated with both the radio and power...

    Kinetic HC2400 + NEW HC1400 CHEAP

    I have a Kinetic HC2400 which was used for about a half year powering a 3500D.1 by a friend of mine who sold it to me a couple of weeks ago. Well taken care of. $175 plus shipping [Weighs 70 pounds] Also, a brand new HC1400 which I bought off eBay a month ago. Will come in Kinetic box. $150...

    AudioQue 3500D.1 - 18" Ascendent Audio Mayhem - Kinetic HC2400 + HC1400

    I recently wanted to get a big stereo so I put a lot of money together and bought all this stuff. A couple weeks later I got a install quote (with other stuff I'm not selling) and it came out to an additional thousand dollars. So I am parting it out (or selling as a package) and selling it. I...
  6. T

    WTB - 250amp+ alt for 03 Explorer 4.0 and some batteries

    ok guys im looking for at least a 250amp alternator for an 03 ford explorer with the v6 4.0 and some batteries for in the back, ive got a red top under the hood and need something in the back..not sure how much but im pushing an audioque 3500d.. budget is say $600 give or take, i also have a...
  7. tech114

    8 Batcap 8400 for sale

    8 Batcap 8400. Asking 500 each plus shipping. Local pickup available. They are in like new condition.. clearing some space so I need these gone. any questions, don't hesitate to ask..thanks
  8. J

    Electrical System Problem in G8 with JL 1000/1 amp

    The setup in my car is a JL 12w7 in a high output box powered by a JL 1000/1v2 slash amp. I am using my stock car battery and I did NOT do a big 3 upgrade. This setup worked without any problems for a couple weeks. However, yesterday I was driving and I turned the head unit from volume 0 to...
  9. man_n_da_trunk

    How many batteries needed for my audio setup please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats up car Im a newbie here and i had to set up an account so i could get this question answered so anyone feel free to add input. First off heres my set up. 4 alpine type x 12s 2 hifonic brutis 2600 amps they will be ran to produce 1ohm load. 2600 watt rms 1 hifonic zxi 800watt...
  10. W

    Help me pick out some new subs!

    Alright guys so currently i have 2 10 inch sony xplods and they actually do sound ok and are fairly loud. (i didnt have much money at the time i bought them and they are louder than my friends 2 type r 12s) I have them hooked up to a lanzar vibe 268 which is supposedly 1000 watts rms. (i know...
  11. audiophile831

    kinetik 2400 vs kinetik racing 2400

    as the title says, i was on ebay looking at these and it says their the same just different color. Is this true.. why are they cheaper then??? Anyone hooked them up and compared these? Oh sorry i meant to say the kinetik hc2000 vs the kinetik kr2712
  12. J

    JL 1000/1 V2 Slash amp with Pontiac G8 GT Electrical System?

    Hello, I recently purchased a JL 1000/1 v2 slash amp to power a JL 12W7 sub in a ported box. I am using 4 gauge wire. However, I have read of people having alternator problems or voltage errors due to using the amp (it is supposed to be very hungry). I drive a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. My...
  13. Ali1

    FS: Kinetik 2400

    I have a Kinetic HC2400 lightly used for 3 months. Heavy battey and served my amp well. Have no use for it anymore. Local pickup $210 ChicagoLand
  14. ngsm13

    Fi Audio, RD, EP Horizon SPL5000 Batteries, Dayton....

    Fi Audio 15BTLD1, 3slug, fully loaded, fresh recone! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. RD Audio 3250.1v2 amplifier, MINT condition. I had 3 of these, still using one! Going strong, gets loud, cheap power! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. Eagle-Picher Horizon SPL-A5000 batteries. These are WICKED...
  15. Alero Battery Area

    Alero Battery Area

    This is my 99 Alero with all the wire for the amps starting at the battery.