Soundstream DTR3400 Needs a Good Consistant Mealplan on Feeding Two Fi 18" BL's.


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I did a lot of research concerning the power I "need" and want a little push toward the correct direction.

I have Soundstream DTR3400 and I'm going to run the 3,400 watts at .5 to two 18" Fi BL Dual 2's (1,000RMS).

My question is on the electrical... I plan on the big 3, upgrading the Alternator to 250amp and getting a battery for the rear and the battery is my main concern. I have narrowed it down to XS but I'm not partial to any brand. A few of my friends swear by Kinetik and even Shuriken.

What is the smallest battery I should go with? I was looking at XS D3400 but I have a feeling I should just go with a 31 battery... Cost is a factor so it's what will feed the amp properly. It's going in a 2003 Escalade.

Since I'll be running the amp at .5, I want to make sure it's being fed enough.



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I would stay away from Shuriken, but Kinetik and XS are both great, XS is more than likely going to last you a little longer but cost you more as well. I would say just throw in whatever will fit under the hood, and match it in the back. With that new 250 Amp alt, you should be fine.



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If you can fit a G31 underhood, get the XS d3100 and be done with it. That batt and the alt upgrade will be good for that amp.

XS isn't the only game in town, but it's probably the most proven. There are batts that can run with them, but you wouldn't be saving anything. Odyssey 2150 and NSB 90 or 130 come to mind. For the money, you could get a pair of the big Dekas everybody seems to be selling and be golden.

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