1. J

    JL 1000/1 V2 Slash amp with Pontiac G8 GT Electrical System?

    Hello, I recently purchased a JL 1000/1 v2 slash amp to power a JL 12W7 sub in a ported box. I am using 4 gauge wire. However, I have read of people having alternator problems or voltage errors due to using the amp (it is supposed to be very hungry). I drive a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. My...
  2. Ali1

    FS: Kinetik 2400

    I have a Kinetic HC2400 lightly used for 3 months. Heavy battey and served my amp well. Have no use for it anymore. Local pickup $210 ChicagoLand
  3. ngsm13

    Fi Audio, RD, EP Horizon SPL5000 Batteries, Dayton....

    Fi Audio 15BTLD1, 3slug, fully loaded, fresh recone! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. RD Audio 3250.1v2 amplifier, MINT condition. I had 3 of these, still using one! Going strong, gets loud, cheap power! $300 + actual shipping FIRM. Eagle-Picher Horizon SPL-A5000 batteries. These are WICKED...
  4. Alero Battery Area

    Alero Battery Area

    This is my 99 Alero with all the wire for the amps starting at the battery.