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  1. G

    Does Sound quality rely on RMS?

    I hope there is someone here who will actually read through this detailed topic and give me some good advice! Here is my situation. I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla Le. Its stock system consists of 6 speakers; 2 tweeters, (2) 6 3/4" speakers, and (2) 6x9" speakers. I have a 12" rockford fosgate P2...
  2. R

    Need subwoofer/amplifier/enclosure selection help!

    Hello folks! I'm currently putting together a modest SQ build and have run into a bit of a snag with subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier selection and would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter. The snag is my lack of familiarity with the current "good brands" and the strange lack of...
  3. 2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    As you can see, I need to do some SERIOUS shoe horning to get it in there.
  4. 2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    THis is the driver side. Looks a bit better.
  5. 2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    What it looks like outside of the van
  6. 2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    THis door speaker needs some clearance issues as well. THe Mounting ring I used needs to be trimmed. And you are NOT going to believe what I used to make this.
  7. 2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    2000 Town and Country Volvo Dynadio setup

    This is my front dash through the window. I need to finish the install. Sounds great, but I need to do more. THere are some clearance issues.
  8. C

    Aux-to-tape gives WAY better sound quality than Blitzsafe??

    I have a Jetta 2002 with a Monsoon stereo (stock). The car has 8 speakers, and the sound quality and base sounds really good to my standards. I recently got tired of using the aux-to-tape solution, and wanted a more slick connection method. I therefore got hold of a Blitzsafe, so I could get an...
  9. M

    Been a while. Who's on top of the Sound Quality game right now?

    I'm tired of my boomy, muddy kicker solo baric L7 12" x 2. I've heard a few good, clean subs and they've made me change my mind. SPL is out, sound quality is in. I'm redoing my subs and want the cleanest, flattest response I can get down to a solid 18-20hz. I'm willing to spend around $1,000...
  10. T

    4th order band pss box help & commision

    Hello, My name is Tyler. I'm building a car (2008 Mercury Grand Marquis). From what I have read you are the go to guy for information and help on this. I'm looking to build a 4th order bandpass box that vents into the cab. I would like to go with 1-4 8's (most likely 2) with the following...
  11. K

    Dynaudio Esotec 362 3-way (with 10 inch mw182's instead of mw172's)

    Item(s) for Sale: Dynaudio Esotec 362 passive 3-way set with Mw/182's. (also includes the mdf rings I had made for the mw182's. Item(s) Description/Condition: Less than a year of use on it, purchased authorized from Unexpected Creations. Everything works perfectly on this set, I'm only...
  12. H

    Looking for a Sq 12 inch sub!

    I have a hifonics Brutus 1516 and I'm looking for a 12 inch subwoofer. I am going for sound quality and I am wondering if 1 12 or 2 would be good in a pontiac grand prix. My budget is a 400 cap preferably lower. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. B

    Power Acoustik Mofo 15" dual 4ohm vc

    Okay so I searched around on here and other sites and in getting alot of mixed emotions. First off I'd like to say I had the older model power acoustik fubr 15" subwoofer in a sealed box about 1.5 cubic foot under specifications on a $30 Pyle amplifier and it would take the lids off of Mickey...
  14. D

    Eclipse 55040 vs Eclipse CD8454

    I currently own an old Eclipse 55040. The sound quality from this unit is better than anything I've heard from anything that is currently being offered. However, I cannot run music from my Iphone 5S through it (it is too old and does not have the proper inputs for this). So, I have purchased...
  15. J

    Yet another help thread, need a 4 channel amp

    I want a nice sq amp, my budget is $150 but I can extend if anything is worth it. I will be running for the front Hybrid Audio Unity components and MM6501 speakers (old ones that I found on the low, dont even know if they are legit) for rear fill. Ive been thinking about these but i dont know...
  16. C

    Help upgrading sound quality

    Hi, I recently bought 2014 Camaro 1LT non Boston Acousting audio. I really love car but sound system is crappy. Tweeter is too noisy. Had decent bass. I thought adding amp and sub would add bass and would improve quality as i felt then i won't need to pump volume on stereo. I have Rockford...
  17. Madness0528

    Head Unit To Fit My Wants

    This is what i'm looking for, guys. 1. Sound quality is uttermost importance. Loudness is a distant second. SQ>>>>>>>>>SPL 2. Double Din to give a large face-plate so that I can see more of the CD's information text such as the full name of song, album etc. 3. I...
  18. heimsothe

    Beginner Subs help deciding

    I am looking to buy my first pair of subs, and I would like to get two 12s. For the past few weeks I've been looking and I thought I had decided on on the Alpine type S's sws-12d2, but now I am starting to have some second thoughts. I want subs that are going to be a good mix of sound quality...
  19. M

    Revisiting Car Audio after a 20 year break

    Wow a lot has happened to the industry since I have been gone. I see a lot of new brands and a lot of new technology. I think my favorite part is that everything seems to be a lot less expensive. I hope the price reduction is not due to poor quality. I have also noticed a huge focus on SPL...
  20. Tshaffe

    Best 8" SQ sub opinion

    Funny as it sounds I'm trying to help my dad pick out a sub for his motorhome. He does NOT want something loud. He just wants it to sound good. So I'm going to set him up with a 8" sub in a sealed box, I'm thinking 150-200 RMS. I want to get the best sq sub I can find so he's happy with it. I'm...
  21. TheMayer


    I know this company has gone bankrupt or that they came close which doesnt say good things, but I can't deny how appealing I think their CD-500 HU is with its simple look and impressive features. I am just wondering if anyone on here has had experience with this HU or something similar and can...
  22. Jeffdachef

    Subwoofer suggestions for budget SQL?

    Currently i have a hifonics brutus 1600bxi amp and i'm looking to buy a musical subwoofer thats pretty accurate, has a good punch and good frequency response, especially around the 50hz-100hz range and plays the lows moderately well. I'd prefer "punch leaving you breathless" and accuracy over...
  23. TheMayer

    Need Opinions on SQ Comps

    I'm currently running a set of Rainbow SLX265 comps active from my BitTen, I can give each driver 50RMS @ 4ohms or 75RMS at 2ohms. Im very happy with how they sound and how they blend with my W6 but Im looking at my options around 300. Any ideas?
  24. M

    What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    I've read that the DD 3500 poops on the JL W7 in SPL but gets pooped on in sound quality. I just don't understand how a sub can have poopy SQ but amazing SPL. Isn't the point of a subwoofer to move as much air as possible. (More air moved=louder) i thought like doir speakers are the only thing...
  25. Kadori

    multi sized subs?

    was wondering if having subs of different sizes in the trunk is a good idea. i read somewhere (though for the life of me i cant remember where) that it wouldn't be, but i don't quite believe them. i was considering putting a sealed 15 in with my 2 sealed 10's to get some more sub-bass in there.
  26. subzero

    Old school SQ Exact 12s

    Item(s) for Sale: Soundstream EXACT 12 (pair) Item(s) Description/Condition: Fair working order Single 4 ohm coils Price: 300 bucks Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Price shipped Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your...
  27. P

    Idmax vs SSA icon vs Jl w6

    Hey guys, Im pretty much stuck between these subs. I want a nice sq setup, but it needs to be able to get loud. It also needs to exceed in the low notes. Ive heard great things about these 3 subs. I want to know which one is the best for sq, but can also get loud. Ive also heard great things...
  28. P

    Sq subwoofer help!!

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to get a setup put together for purely sq. The subs that have so far caught my eye are the jbl mkii, idmax, ssa icon, idq, and some subs from the dayton series. Which of these would you recommend for sq? Also has anyone heard these subs and could give me and...
  29. Emvaz

    New H/U or new Amp?

    Ok, so I recently got a set of Clarus C61-2s and Feel the midbass should have more impact to it. My current setup is only sending 55w rms to each set, passive, and I feel this may be the issue. When I turn the subs off, the sound coming from the 6.5 driver is underwhelming. My initial...
  30. M

    Build quality sound system

    I'm looking to upgrade my current system in my 2005 Dodge Ram quad cab. I currently have the 7 speaker infinity without navigation. This system comes with an amp from the factory. What I'd like to achieve is a system built for sound quality. I want tight and clean bass that doesn't overpower my...
  31. Food4Woofers

    A/D/S 312rs 12" Subwoofer

    A/D/S 312rs 12" Subwoofer Item(s) for Sale: ONe A/D/S Subwoofer Model 312rs Power=600W Sensitivity=93dB Fs=26.9 Hz Vas=3.28 ft^3 Qts=0.429 Qes=0.52 Qms=2.39 Sd=77.5 in^2 Xmax-linear=.35" Xmax-peak=.59" Item(s) Description/Condition: Condition of subwoofer is Used but 100%...
  32. Food4Woofers

    A/D/S 312rs 12" Subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: ONe A/D/S Subwoofer Model 312rs Power=600W Sensitivity=93dB Fs=26.9 Hz Vas=3.28 ft^3 Qts=0.429 Qes=0.52 Qms=2.39 Sd=77.5 in^2 Xmax-linear=.35" Xmax-peak=.59" Item(s) Description/Condition: Condition of subwoofer is Used but 100% functional. No cone damage. No...
  33. X

    Newbie looking for some help!

    So I am completely new at all of this car audio stuff. I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander with a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 head unit. Also, the speakers in my car are JBL, if that matters. I'm interested in buying some subs and an amp for the back of my car. I've heard Alpine Type-R's are good? I listen...
  34. X

    Need advice on new setup!!!!!

    So I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander with a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 head unit. I'm thinking of buying a sub or two, an amp, and an enclosure. I listen to all types of music, but mostly hip hop. I also would rather have good sound quality rather than overpowering bass. Any suggestions? My budget is...
  35. R

    St. Louis Bassheads - ROLL CALL!

    We need some bass shows or just demo meets or something that's both Car Audio + Social around here. If there's interest maybe we can set up a meet & greet somewhere public, but away from stuff at the same time so the cops wont run us out in 10 min. About myself: I'm a car audio addict, but...
  36. Why So Cereal?

    Help with a SQ Setup

    Ok at the moment i have a autotek at1200 4 channel amp i got for virtually nothing. The SQ *****. I am kind of a "noob" but i was told the signal to noise ratio determines the clarity of the sound... this amp says 95 db in relation to rated power. My 1st choice WAS a JL Audio XD600/6 with a...
  37. C

    Rare Earthquake 4400txo

    Item(s) for Sale: Earthquake 4400txo Item(s) Description/Condition:With a little touch up this will be show car ready and all channels work like a champ! 4 x 85 RMS @ 4ohm on 12 volts 0.05%THD 4 x 160 RMS @ 2ohm on 12 volts 0.05%THD Price:$125 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:Free...
  38. T

    very confused please help!!!!

    i have just installed 4 hifonics hfi12d4 subs into my car, running them in pairs in series/parallel at 4 ohms per pair. they are in a sealed box with 2 chambers, 2 subs in each chamber. i am running them on a power acoustic 525w amp, bridged (until i get another amp) subs are brand new, when i...
  39. phrostbyte0311

    Kenwood Excelon KDX-794 Review

    Review of Head Unit: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X794 3 sets 4 volt pre-amps i-pod control, usb, 3.5 mm AUX all rear connects 22 watts RMS Bluetooth, HD Radio & XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Ready Digital Sound Processing & 3 band graphic EQ After about 3 months of daily use, I have...
  40. L

    Sundown Z15 $160 Shipped

    Sundown Z15 for sale. $160 shipped contiguous United States. (Does not come with box). Rated for 1,000 RMS, could probably take more. Dual 2 Ohm. Sundown's website has all the specifics on enclosure size etc. SQ sub, yes it gets loud and all that but it's made to sound good and it does. The...