1. Kicker CVR 12" 4-Ohm 400w RMS 800w Peak

    Kicker CVR 12" 4-Ohm 400w RMS 800w Peak

  2. C

    My used Kicker SX900.2 for used but working Rockford Fosgate Power HX2 RFR3112.

    Kicker SX900.2: Condition: Used not abused and missing end caps, but functioning perfectly. It's a beast. I would really like to trade for a 12" Rockford Fosgate Power HX2 RFR3112 preferably, but I am looking for at least one bad *** 12. I'll post an actual picture of the amp when I get home...
  3. Bigmann6374

    Audiopipe Ap1800 Vs. Old School Kicker 600.2

    Recently did an install for a buddy that consisted of an Addictive audio 15 Version 3 in a 3.5 cube box with a 6 inch aero port. It was on a AP1800 before this guy put his old school kicker 600.2 on it. When it was on the AP the sub flexed and sounded great but when we put it on the kicker amp...
  4. M

    Questions for tuning a box for 2 12in Kicker L3 Subs

    I need some help in making a box for 2 12 inch Kicker L3 subs. The box is going to be in a 2005 to 2007 V6 Mustang so I am putting the subs facing up so it will easily fit. Specs for 1 of my Kicker L3 square subs 2ohm, 800 watt max, 400 rms, 31.37 Hz, 86.3 sensitivity, QMS 9.198, Qes .796, Qts...
  5. R

    kicker 09zi46 vs 09xi46 rca's

    is there any real advantage in getting the more expensive 09xi46 rca's over the 09zi46 rca's as far as sound quality or noise blocking is concerned?
  6. B

    10" Kicker Comp VX 10 vs ARC Audio 10D2 winner is....

    I have a 2011 Jeep Cherokee and I am currently running a Sundown D1000 amp. I was wondering which of the above mentioned subs would be better. I plan at running it at 1ohm and getting about 900watts to the sub. It will be in a ported box, and I listen to all types of music. I'm looking for...
  7. J

    Kicker cvt 10 to port or not?

    So I am building a sub enclosure for my 05 f150 supercrew cab, it is .88 cubic feet down fire single 10" cvt 2 ohm sub powered by zx400.1 at 2 ohms and I'm debating on making it a sealed with poly fil or ported with poly fil or no poly fil. I'm going for sq and SPL too, just a nice low but clean...
  8. Z

    2 12" kicker comps and a 15" kicker comp?

    I am thinking about adding a 15" kicker comp to my 2 12" kicker comps. I have a 1500 watt mb quart amp. Does anyone know if I would have to purchase another amp with this new addition or any other accessories ?
  9. asianinvasion21

    Kicker Impulse IX405D & IX254 (Old School Goodies)

    Item(s) for Sale: Kicker Impulse IX405D (5 channel) Kicker Impulse IX254 (4 Channel) Item(s) Description/Condition: These are both sound quality amps that are becoming harder and harder to find. This is a great opportunity to go active if you decide to purchase both amps. The 4 channel can...
  10. B

    12" Kicker Solo X enclosure help

    Hi everyone, first post on here. Okay, so through a trade, I got a 12" Kicker Solo X, the '07 model, in a ported box. The box looked to be on the small side to what a Solo X should be in and when I measured it, it turns out it is. If I did the math right, there's about 2 cubic feet of space not...
  11. A

    sub amp tuning, and kicker zx400.1 amp

    just wondering how to set the low pass cross over for the sub with a multi meter, and can the subsonic filter be on at the same time? and also, i have a kicker zx400.1 amp and its only got 2 speaker terminals. i have a dvc 4ohm sub. if i wire the sub to 2ohm and connect it to this amp. is it...
  12. R

    single kicker l7 15

    alright i bought a kicker l7 15 and i have a kicker zx 1000.1 (its going in a 98 chevy blazer 4dr) and now i need to design a box it says the max is 6cu so i should have pleanty of room for that. i want it ported but i cant seem to figure out how to design it using the online calculators. im a...
  13. S

    New Guy Working On 1st System, Need A Little Advice Please!

    I can get a Kicker ZX1500.1 Amp for $250 which sounds like a steal, I just need to know what to run with it. I was thinking either two Kicker CVX 12's or 15's. Now my REAL question is, will that Amp support the 15's? If so should I go bigger or stick with the 12's? All feedback appreciated...
  14. A

    Kicker zx 650.4 amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Kicker zx 650.4 highs amp Item(s) Description/Condition: THIS AMP DOES 120X4 RMS WATTS @ 4OHM , 170 X4 RMS WATTS @ 2 OHM , AND BRIDGED 325 X2, BIRTH SHEET 694 WATTS RMS AND IS USED BUT IN EXCELLENT CONDITION MECHANICALLY AS WELL AS COSMETICALLY. Price: $200 shipped...
  15. P

    JL 12w0 vs Kicker F8a WTF?!

    Yes, it's a weird matchup: old school Kicker Freeair F8a vs old school JL 12w0 Kicker F8a spec sheet Here's the situation- I have both of these drivers hanging out in my garage. I'm planning to build a box into the unused space under the floor of my wife's Mazda 5. Based on some rough...

    Oldschool Kicker s12c subs.

    Item(s) for Sale: Kicker s12c subwoofers. Item(s) Description/Condition: 1 used pair of Kicker s12c subwoofers in great condition and made in The U.S.A! Great sq subs that were designed for sealed enclosures only. Buyer will also receive the manual in a PDF file. Please pm me for Pic...
  17. J

    Two kicker comp 12's one Alpine Type R 10

    Real odd question. I haven't decided if I want to buy two kicker comp 12s and just put them in the sealed box I already have in my truck or if I should go with one alpine type R 10 In a ported box. I've heard that in a small area like my truck a ported box is a good choice.
  18. S

    Subwoofer and Amplifier Help!

    Story time, I had two MTX Audio 10" subwoofers rated at 200RMS each. The link to the whole setup is here: bitly/LL4PnH (Put a . between "bit" and "ly") They sounded great, they had a lot of "boom" versus just straight up shaking which I've seen in setups before. Don't get me wrong, these...
  19. n8skow

    WTB two 2008 Kicker L7 12" - D4's

    Looking for a pair of 2008 L7 12's (dual 4-ohm) Must be in great working order and decent appearance.
  20. lgnbarnard

    New to car audio and need recomendations

    Hi, I drive a chevy silverado '07 crew cab and need help. I am looking for one 10" sub with good quality and good enough bang. I have the bose audio upgrade and don't want to over-run the audio with just bass and don't want loss of quality. I have been looking at the CompVT | KICKER shallow...
  21. cp4807511720911428398


    2 X Kicker 05c124
  22. Simone_alyce

    Kicker Enclosure

    Hi Guys, Just bought a car, it has 2x Kicker Comp 05c124 in the store released dual enclosure. Problem is I have 2x Soundstream T612's waiting to go in but their optimum enclosure is 1 cu ft and I don't know the dimensions of the current box. I don't want to pull the subs out to measure it...
  23. O

    CompVR vs P1

    Still looking at 15s. Trying to go somewhat budget but good. Kicker CompVR vs Rockford Fosgate P1. Both 15s. Which would sound better and be louder? Also, want a decent cheap to power them. Can get a sealed box for 35. Want sub, box, and amp to be under 220 max if possible. Thanks guys
  24. O

    Has anyone heard this sub?

    Has anyone heard the Kicker 10C154 (C154 COMP15) 15" Comp Series 4 Ohm 500 Watts Car Subwoofer: Car Electronics ? I'm wanting to know if it sounds good and if it is loud? I'm thinking about buying one and throwing it a sealed box powered by a Pyramid PB1217X 1600-Watt...
  25. jfroghobo

    Kicker cvt 8" 125 obo shipped

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: A pair of cvt 8"s Works perfectly. Really good condition. Price: Im willing to let them go for 100 shipped. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your...
  26. Rob.

    Old skool Kicker R3 Midrange speakers Wanted

    Hello, I am looking to buy old school Kicker R3 midrange speakers. Must be either brand new in box or lightly used with box, all paperwork, manual. These were made in the mid 90's. Please let me know what you have. thank you.
  27. K

    New to Car Audio need some help!!!

    So i am going to get these kickers below \/\/\/\/\/\/. (((((((Are they 800 rms watts each or 800 total?)))))They seem good and are only like 300 bucks. Now i need help finding an amplifier to power these. I dont want something expensive like a kicker amp but something around same power and...
  28. K

    New to Car Audio

    m looking for a system for my car. I dont know anything about systems so i was hoping someone here could help. Im looking for something that hits hard but is not too expensive (under 500$ total). So i have found an option that seems good. Could someone help me decide? I hope these will hit hard...
  29. D

    15" memphis mojo for sale

    for sale is 1 15 inch memphis mojo (used) can text/email pics normal wear and tear. still beats loud. 250 + shipping accept trade for 2-3k rms subwoofer something to go with kicker zx2500.1 this is my first time selling on this website, but hey you gotta start somewhere.
  30. CARP3T

    Warhorse eletrical recommendations

    Well Im getting very excited as the days past to receive my kicker warhorse In the mail and I already started the construction of my box and I would really to know what would be the best way to start upgrading my electrical to run this beast. I drive a 09 dodge challenger with a stock 160...
  31. J

    Kicker zx700.5 amp for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED KICKER ZX700.5 750 WATT CAR AUDIO AMPLIFIER. COMES IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING! Price: Looking for 250 OBO OR TRADES Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will help with some of the shipping costs...
  32. B

    Question on setup

    Keep in mind this is a Chevy silverado crewcab. Underneath the backseat are 2 8" kicker L7s, behind the seat I plan to put 2 10" kickerCVRs behind the seat. Will this sound bad? If so what sort of subs would you recommend putting behind the seat? It's my 2nd system and I don't know very much...
  33. Superchevyman

    WTB 4 channel Amplifier For Components

    looking for Decent 4 channel amp 75-100 watts @ 4ohms to run front and rear components cash ready! not looking to spend a arm and leg but will pay for quality if the price is right. Let me know thanks!
  34. E

    New Goodies

    I just got some stuff in the mail today and wanted to know what you thought. Its Alpine Type R Components and Coaxial, Alpine PDX 4.100, Kicker speaker wire, Streetwires ZN7 RCA's, and a Kicker Dual Amp kit/ Here are some pics of everything
  35. S

    4 12 inch kicker CVXs. Need Opinion

    Hey guys, new to this site. I use to have a MTX 9500 and one amp. Now I have upgraded to 4 kicker CVX 12s all dual 4 ohm. Well got some question needin some answers.. Should I run one massive amp? Should I run two amps? Extra Battery? Never gone this big and wanna do it right!!! On a budget so...
  36. miska_man

    WTB Amplifier for Kicker Components (2 or 4 channel?)

    Hey, just looking for a good amp to power this new component system I got. For those that don't want to click the link, this is a Kicker KS6.2 Component system that is rated for 150watts RMS. Does anyone have any amps that would fit the bill for this? And what would be better: 2 channel or a 4...
  37. K

    Speaker Suggestions for Chrysler 300m

    Hello everyone, First off, Sorry if this is a common "stupid" post or re-post.. I am looking into replacing "replacement" speakers in my 2001 Chrysler 300m in the rear deck, and front door.. eventually the tweeters as well. When I bought the car the rear decks were blown, so I went through...
  38. E

    Kicker CVR vs CVX

    I am planning on installing a system to my 04 Trailblazer. I have a budget but its not too low. I want 2 12 and would probably go with a ported box. I listen to rap/techno i would like suggestions for which sub as well as amp
  39. CleanPrix

    Old school 6.5 kicker mid range speakers.

    Item(s) for Sale: Kicker 6 or 6.5 mid range speakers. Item(s) Description/Condition: Good condition, sounds good with no rattle. Pulled from junk car and played fine on the high dollar DUEL head-unit so you know the speakers where taking a beating, lol. No tears in the surround or scratches...
  40. S

    i need help anyones opinion and advice would be greatly apreciated.....

    Ok, I have a single cab 2006 Silverado. Ive got a custom box built for a speaker that is 6 1/4" mounting depth and 12". The amp i have is a Kenwood 1200watt class D i bought from Electronic express. The sub i have wich i have been buying is a Kicker 12" CVR rated at 800watts. I also have a Power...