1. Ishaboie21

    What sub and amp kit should I buy?

    Looking at picking up a 10" Kicker L7R 4ohm sub, but wondering what amp I should get to pair with it, and if it's worth getting a 4ohm or if I should just get the 2ohm to make life easier. I have a 1997 Acura Integra that I've been moding to be a daily driver for the past year, and want to add...
  2. Cataldo04

    Subwoofer issues

    I am using a line out convertor in my 2009 grand Cherokee and it worked perfectly for around two weeks and then suddenly stopped I have the amp hooked up to an eight inch kicker slim sub in a kicker wedge box I hooked the power and control up to a switch because for some reason the amp would not...
  3. K

    Kicker L7 8" class Q amp pairing

    I've been spending too much time searching for the right forum but I can't find anything to help me. I'm basically looking forward to using 1 kicker l7 8" but I can't determine what amp to use, well I want a rockford forsgate but unsure of the RMS rating and ohm. I'm not trying to bass out like...
  4. MarcelGous

    Installed new system and need assistance

    Good Day All So i took my 2012 Audi Q7 to a reputable car audio installer here in my country, but was extremely disappointed when i left the shop. Audio screen was replaced with a aftermarket android unit and a Hi-Low converter was added for signal to the amp (this was due them not getting...
  5. B

    Kicker CVX Set up

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of help deciding what sounds system to upgrade to. Im currently running 1 Kicker CVR (350 rms) but I want to upgrade to one of the following 2 set ups: *2 CVX 10’s(600rms each) with CXA1200 amp Or *2 CVX 12’s (750rms) with CXA1800 amp I’m wondering if the latter setup...
  6. House Stereo beefy.jpg

    House Stereo beefy.jpg

    Currently my house stereo plus some of my extra gear. Running the (2) Massive Audio DC-10's and the 15" Kicker SOLO-BARIC L7 all parallel to each other and to the amp. A .67 ohm load for a house setup isn't too shabby. The MTX Thunder 4500's will be added in with my Concept 2502L @ 2ohm.
  7. I

    Subwoofer help (I give up)

    I hate asking for help in forums, Kuz I always feel like I'm embarrassing myself, but I'm perplexed as to why my system is sounding so bad. I installed my kicker speakers and amp with no issue, and they sound great. But after finishing the box for my kicker L7 sub and installing it I was very...
  8. Y

    What RMS should my amp have when paired with a Kicker Comp R 10" DVC 4ohm (48CWR104) sub in a BRZ?

    What RMS should my amp have when paired with a Kicker Comp R 10" DVC 4ohm (48CWR104) sub in a BRZ? Going to connect the DVC in parallel to form 2ohm at the amp.
  9. 2

    Kicker Hideaway/kisl rca cables powered sub install

    Just wanted to get some feedback if anyone knows what’s wrong with my setup, we can’t get the little led light on the sub to turn on indicating power. Also I have a backup camera and was wondering where you tap in the wires and the power wire for it. My head unit is a Jensen cm710. Any help is...
  10. Jdm94Coupe

    COMPLETED Pioneer MVH-300EX 7" | Kicker 44VL7S122 Subwoofer/Box

    Pioneer MVH-300EX - Brand new $150 Shipped anywhere in the US. Kicker 44VL7S122 – Brand new, this is the only item I won’t ship. $250 picked up from McDonough GA. I will meet you at Summit Racing. IF you want me to come to you and you’re in GA, it’ll be $300 dropped off.
  11. T

    Subwoofer underpowered

    im running the setup below and it just doesn't hit as hard as I would like. I have a feeling this system is under powered and would like a recommendation on how to improve. 10" CompC 4 Ohm SVC CX300.1 Mono Amplifier
  12. SikNinjaK

    Need help deciding on new subwoofers

    So my two kenwood 4ohm kfc-xw120 12s just gave up the ghost and I am trying to decide whether to use two KICKER - CompR 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer in my old bassworx ported box or spend a little more and get a KICKER - Solo-Baric L7S 12" 2-Ohm ported Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure. I’m...
  13. R

    Anyone looking for an old school subwoofer

    I got a brand new 12” kicker by still water
  14. KoolMuziK🎼🔊🔊

    Kxa1600.1 is it enough?

    Hi guys, new here, sorry if asking the same question. Please help! (Speakers) 2 12inch L7S in kicker ported box wired at 2 ohm. (Amplifier) kxa 1600.1 mono Is this enough to get that rumbling bass? I 1st installed it and i know it has potential. But my 1st time with the kicker brand. I feel...
  15. LTDP200

    Second Battery tips?

    Hey, I’m in a bit of a situation. I’m fairly new to car audio so I’m kinda ignorant when it comes to some things. I just upgraded my system, got rid of those cheap MTX terminators and got something that actually hits. I just got 2 Digital Design Redline 500 series 10s in a gigantic ported box...
  16. coreyb73

    I cant decide between these 2 speaker setups.... please help

    I plan on buying new speakers setup for my car but I can't decide which speakers are better. I will be getting one pair of the 4" and two pair of the 6.5". The amp I plan on buying to power the speakers is but if anyone knows of a better 6 channel amp to power the...
  17. lariat flareside

    Amp location in 2000 F150 supercab

    I am looking at buying a prefab box ( and running 2 kicker Comp VX 10’s at 4 ohms. I’m sure it’s right in front of my face, but I blatantly cannot understand how Amps work. So my question is what amps could I run to power both of these to the best...
  18. Ammurders

    Help! Kicker zx300.1

    What’s the most you’d give for a Kicker zx300.1 amp?
  19. O

    Best subs for a 2011 Silverado crew cab

    I have a 2011 Silverado crew cab, I’m undecided to on what size and brand of subs that I should put on my truck. Also what 6 1/2” speakers do you recommend. I want some nice deep bass and a clean sound. Thanks for your recommendations.
  20. C

    Apples to oranges with subs

    I've been running a pair of (400w rms) kicker comp vr 12's on my rp2k. I have been looking to upgrade subs ever since, in order to use its available power. I'm about to order a pair of American bass xr 12d4's that are rated around 1000rms. Are the upgraded subs really gonna boost my spl...
  21. Scortexx

    Hertz or Kicker?

    Hello People who love sound! I am new to the forum but not new to world of sound! I have a dilema so can you help me decide. I want to buy component speakers for my car, I found two sets that fit my money, Kicker CSS67 and Hertz K165 Uno. I want good bass, I will put them in doors with...
  22. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer dilemma - 12" sundown doesn't go high enough, 10" kickers don't go low enough, what next?

    I had a 12" Sundown SA-12 . Now have 2 Kicker CompRs. Both times, in sealed boxes. Of course, all forums say that Sundowns are always better than Kickers. However, I now like the 10" kickers much better due to having a much wider frequency range (30-500 Hz) whereas the Sundown really failed...
  23. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    So ive been lookintg at subs to put under my seat in my truck. ive been wondering whether the difference in a comp r and a comp vx is substantial. im just looking for somethting that will vibrate the cars around me? I was gonna get 2 compvx 12 but now im wondering whether or not two compr 12...
  24. Karol Illy

    Honda CRX del Sol subwoofer build

    Hi everyone. Last year I've built this little enclosure for a Honda Crx Del Sol. I would like to hear some opinions about the build. Subwoofer: Loudspeakers:
  25. S

    Kicker solo baric 15" (round)?

    Hey guys! im thinking of getting myself kicker solo baric in my car. do you guys have any opinions on this sub. how does it sound? im trying to go budget, il get it all for like 80$ (including sealed box and amp) Thoughts? :D 
  26. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  27. T

    Comp R custom box design

    I have 2 Kicker comp Rs in separate prefab enclosure. they can't hit low and are very looking for a good box design with a big port in the middle. Ive looked around a lot online and haven't been able to find anything specific other than ...
  28. D

    Ok to run 150 rms speakers with 100rms

    I’m upgrading my car audio system my amp I have is setup for 100rms X 4 at 4ohms  or 150rms X 4 at 2ohms  i have a set of 2 pinoer 100rms 4 ohm speaker and another set of 2 6x9 kickers 150rms 4ohm is it ok if I run them together 
  29. L

    Looking for advice on what i should buy. It's between Earthquake DBXI-12D and.

    . It's between Earthquake DBXI-12D and. I will be pushing one or the other with a 1000 watt rms kicker monoblock
  30. E

    Kicker Hideaway, barely any sound coming out

    I have a Kicker Hideaway sub and I’m hooking it up to an aftermarket JVC headunit. The hideaway sub is powered and I had in in a previous vehicle. I wired everything up and am receiving almost no sound from it. When gain and boost are turned up all the way I can hear it somewhat with my ear up...
  31. J

    New guy

    Hello all I am a bass head from back in the day. I just sold my 2 mint JL 500/1v2 and 300/4v2 and cannot get enough of looking at buying new equipment. Got a soft spot in my heart for NIB old school Kicker and Rockford amps
  32. B

    Kicker KX1200.1

    Item(s) for Sale: Kicker KX1200.1 amp Item(s) Description/Condition: In excellent condition, flawless. Price: $350 OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Free shipping anywhere. PayPal friends and family or $350 with Regular PayPal. Item Pictures: see attached
  33. L

    Stuck on a decision... Audio Control LC-6.1200 vs. Kicker KXA800.5

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here but not new to the car audio scene! I currently have a 2014 Chevy Volt with a stock Bose system. I will be installing JBL GTO 609C's in the front and probably just a pretty basic coaxial set of JBLs with similar specs in the rear. As for the subwoofer I am...
  34. N

    Opinions on a single Kicker L7S?

    Hey y'all! First time posting here (woohoo!) so forgive me for any errors i make. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the 12" Kicker L7S. I recently ordered one from Crutchfield to put in my 2014 Ford Taurus that I just bought after having my 2011 Taurus be totaled a couple weeks ago...
  35. N

    Opinions on a single Kicker L7S?

    Hey y'all! First post here so please forgive any errors. Anyways, I recently bought a 2014 Taurus (my 2011 was recently totaled) and I'm shopping around for a sub to put in it. I had 2 12" Kicker Comp R's in my last one and enjoyed them. However, I'm a guitar player that hauls a lot of gear...
  36. Ike_Turner

    Trying to choose an amp

    Anybody every used the Kicker KX2400.1 amp.. if yeah, how would you say they perform?
  37. R

    Memphis 16-mcd1000.1 1 ohm model, for sale or trade.

    I have a beautiful memphis amplifier. I need a larger kicker or Rockford, 1500+ for two type r. This pushes them but not two there full potential. Amp only. Missing one end cover, I got lost years ago. A few scratches. 250 shipped, but really want to trade. Email me for photos, or I'll post some...
  38. B

    Selling 2 amps. Kicker sx600.2 and rf mosfet 650 $750 obo

    Looking to sell two of my amps (open to trade on the kicker) Kicker sx600.2 with end caps. Price $150 (obo) plus shipping. It was pulled from my boat it was running tower speakers (4 Polks 2-6.5 & 2-3.5). Worked fine, but redoing the system to run all amps and want to get a 5ch or...
  39. P

    Best amp for my subs?

    I have ASC Package Triple 12" Kicker Sub Box Sealed Rearfire Subwoofer Enclosure C12 Comp 900 Watts Peak and I would like to know what amp would make these sound the best. I'm thinking like in the 2000watt range. Maybe about...
  40. F

    New Build

    To start off im a new member to this forum and any help would be greatly appreciated. I got 2 kicker c124 12's in a really crappy box lets air out. Rattles around unless i got padding in front of it. I got those hooked up to a Volfenhag 2600 Watt Mono Block Amp - ZX-5167. Im just trying to...