1. lextuninghn

    WTB a kicker zx1000.1 amp

    I want to buy a used kicker zx1000.1 06 or 08 model only. Please send me some offer shipped to 33130. thanks.
  2. K

    Fs kicker 550.2 amp

    Item(s) for Sale: USED Kicker 550.2 2channel amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: ZX Series 2-Channel Class AB Car Amplifier RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 205 watts x 2 chan. 2 ohms: 275 watts x 2 chan. Bridged, 4 ohms: 550 watts x 1 chan. Max power output: 550 watts x 2 chan. Price...
  3. lextuninghn

    a kicker zx1000.1 old school or soundqubed q1-1200d

    Paypal readdy to send mayment only send me coute if your price are arround 100-160$ shipped to 33130
  4. Z

    Theory: seperately tuned boxes for two of same driver for wider frequency range?

    Hi there guys, I love music and sound reproduction and enjoy the constant struggle of making/designing the best sounding sound system. Basically is what I'm wondering if I have two of the same drivers and want to have the widest frequency response with equal as possible spl across the board...
  5. Ike_Turner

    Helpful Opinions Needed!

    I have a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban. I have 2 15 inch Kicker CompVRs powered by a Kicker ZX 1500.1 amplifier. The system sounds amazing but I am having a problem with it cutting out at very high volumes. I have already fried the MOSFETs in the amp once. I know that my problem is that I'm not...
  6. Ike_Turner

    Professional opinions needed about installation/electrical ugrades!

    I have a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban. I have 2 15 inch Kicker CompVRs powered by a Kicker ZX 1500.1 amplifier. I am having a problem with my system cutting out. I have already fried the MOSFETs in the amp once. I know that my problem is that I'm not getting enough power to my amp. So my question is...
  7. T

    Elemental Design Nine 1

    Item(s) for Sale: One, Elemental Design Nine 1 Amplifier. Looks great, sounds amazing! Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new, no blemishes or problems, works very well. Was never pushed, though I hear these bad boys can handle quite a lot. Price: 175 shipped OBO, maybe some trading as...
  8. R

    What size alternator do I need?

    Kicker zx750.1 2 kicker cvr12 @ 2ohm (800rms 1600 peak) I have a 98 civic with the stock alternator. According to honda its 75A which just isn't cutting it. Headlights and all accessory light dim pretty badly and I had to unhook the woofers because I think it killed my battery over time...
  9. S

    Need some help bringing sound system back up

    Alright. So I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of what I've got as well, but here is a rundown. (Disclaimer: I don't know anything about car audio, so please ELI5. I'm a computer guy, not a car one. I'm also going to bombard you with a WoT so you can get the best idea of what I am dealing...
  10. Purplehaze-

    One Off Solo X 15 D1.4 Ohm 8 layer FW - Absolute BEAST!

    Item(s) for Sale: Custom, one off Solo X 15 Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, never seen power It is a Solo X 18 motor, rebuilt and bored gap, w/ 15" TI frame, Quad spaced TC spiders, and DC Level 5 m2 D1.4ohm fw 8-layer hi-temp coil & AR cone. Price: $700 shipped* Shipping...
  11. I

    2000 mustang build help

    Hey everyone my name is Caleb and I own a 2000 mustang and I am trying to find the ways that I can add subs under my rear seat I will remove the back seat but will be building a new clear plastic bench to cover the subs. I'm wanting to use 2 Kicker L7 12in squares (one under each seat) just...
  12. P

    Kicker CompR impedance switch?

    I recently bought two 12" Kicker CompR subwoofers, along with a Kicker CX 1200.1 Class D Monoblock amp. Here's the link for the subs: CompR | KICKER Here's the link for the amp: CX Amplifiers | KICKER The subs themselves have an impedance switch on the bottom, which can be set to either 1...
  13. 350zkid

    Kicker ZX460 (ZR era)

    1. Product: Kicker KX 460 2. Specs: 2-, 3-, 4-channel output Tri-way capable (Tri-Way crossover required) 30 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms 60 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms 90 watts RMS x 4 at 1 ohm 120 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms in bridged mode 180 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms in bridged mode stable to...
  14. 350zkid

    Kicker DX700 (Old School ZR era)

    1. Product: Kicker DX700 2. Specs: A GOOOOOOOOD bit underrated frequency response 10-200 Hz 350 watts x 1 at 4 ohms 700 watts x 1 at 2 ohms MOSFET power supply module docking port with two-way active crossover (switchable at 60, 80, or 100 Hz, 24 dB/octave) switchable subsonic filter...
  15. I

    Kicker ZX750.1 (mono amp) with two 2-ohm Kicker subs (10CVT102) Can I make this work?

    Hi, I've been doing a lot of research on this matter but I just want to verify. I have a picture attached of the set up someone posted on here for mono amps with 2 subs. What I'm wondering is if the set up (i.e. models I have) will work. I have the kicker ZX750.1 mono amp (Link:
  16. S

    kicker square sub l7 or similar 15 or 18 even a old comp 18

    Hi guys why? 07736841549 bob
  17. D

    Amp caught on FIRE! Need advice for new fireless amp:

    Hey folks. I got a new sub for x-mas: a bad-*** Lanzar 12-inch MAX12D (1000 watts max). I was sooo excited to hook her up to my existing 4-channel amp (Kicker ZX650.4) 120 watts RMS x 4: that means 120 watts per channel, right? So, 240 per stereo channel? Anyways, I researched ohms and became...
  18. cooper1123

    Old School Kicker 8 ohm 12s

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Kicker c12s Item(s) Description/Condition: Single 8 ohm voice coil mint condition for their age have tinny scuffs on surround, not really visible but you can feel it (worst one is pictured) One has markings that may or may not come off, not really visible (pictured)...
  19. B

    Kicker L7 distortion?!

    So I have 1994 honda civic with stock alt, stock battery, and I HAVE NOT done the big 3 upgrade. My question is, could this cause my kicker CX1200.1 amp to clip when the gain on it is only set to about 1/4? I mean it is barely pushing the 15" L7 i have, yet when i go to crank up my HU volume to...
  20. A

    Kicker speakers? Good or bad?

    Somebody told me recently that the speakers kicker makes arent bad. Should i get them? Ive heard one person say that they get ba once you turn them up loud they get choppy. Should i spend the money on the kicker speakers or fork out the extra cash for hertz audio. Cause i am going to get 2...
  21. R

    Which Subwoofer?

    So I currently have 2 12" kicker comps. Now my question is should i switch one of these subs for a Hifonics HFi12D4. I have an 800 Watt amp. Not brand name and is a peice of ____. Will soon be powered by a kenwood 640 Watt amp.
  22. T

    kicker cvr 18's 9/10

    Anyone interested? Sorry for thread jacking but it wouldn't allow me to post on for sale section. Kicker cvr 18s dual 4 ohm. I refer to them as ghost subwoofers because unless you've been doing this awhile people tend to tell you about how they never made the 18s.
  23. A

    Kicker speakers, any good? Or trash like their subs?

    I was told that kicker speakers are surprisingly good compared to the poor quality I their subs. Is that true? What kind of speakers would you recommend? What is the best brand of speakers?
  24. Window Flex

    Larger system on stock battery and alt?

    Hello everyone, this is my inaugural post so before I get to the topic at hand I would like to extend a warm hello to all the established members in this community! What I am wondering is what are the chances of me being able to run 4 kicker comp 12's with 2 1,000 watt amps on the stock alt and...
  25. K

    Kicker Help

    Hey, so i had a question about some kickers that im looking at. I was wondering if i should get 2 Kicker 12inch Comp Rs in a preloaded kicker ported box or should i buy the subs separately and put them in the sealed box that ive had for a while? The Subs specs are as follows. 12" Dual 2 Ohm...
  26. K

    New Setup

    Ok so i have finally decided to get new subwoofers and a new amp because i am so sick of RE Audio being the biggest piece of **** brand on the planet. I went through 11 subs in 2 weeks because they would basically blow after 10 mins of low gains and power. This last pair lasted me a whopping 2...
  27. J

    Need Help Choosing an Amp For Kicker Cvr 12's!!

    Well like the title says i need help choosing the best type of amp for my subs, theyre dvc 4 ohms,450 rms handling. I thought 2 channel was the best way to go but i read somehwhere that a mono block wired at 1 ohm would really make these subs pound! Im just trying to make these subwoofers bang...
  28. LuckyatVMI

    Coupons: Up to 45% OFF Kicker Subs, Amps, Speakers and other goodies

    I believe we got some great deals for the CarAudio community on Kicker gear. Note: VMInnovations is an authorized Kicker dealer and we offer not 1 but 2 years of warranty on most of these. Be sure to use the promo codes to get the deal prices. Supplies are limited so grab 'em now...
  29. Boboblittz

    2 Kicker comp 15s tuning help

    Okay so one of these days i am going to get two 15 in kickers, either the new compS or the 2010 model comp, either way there is no difference except power handling. Now im goig to have it in a sedan trunk in a vented box about 7 cubic foot. I play a variety of music, but most importantly i want...
  30. C

    Which box to go with?????

    Hello, I have designed two boxes and I was wondering which would perform better. The box is for 2 15" CVRs. I have pictures below. Both boxes face the back of my trunk and are tuned around 31-32 (hopefully )Hz Thanks for all your responses and please include why the box you picked is better...
  31. T

    Getting the most out of my four 15's-port side

    Im going to be in the process of building a ported box for my four 15inch cvrs that are going to be inside of my ford expedition. My thoughts face four firing up with a slot port down the middle? Or face four up and run two slot ports one at each side of the box that's facing the tailgate? If...
  32. n8skow

    Wtb: 11s10l7d2

    Needing a '11 (or newer) L710 with dual 2-ohm coils. If you've got more than one - let me know.
  33. kingbmw

    $1200 setup not sounding as good as $600

    I had 2 12in polk DBs and a PA 880 for over a year full bass boost max gain never had a single problem sounded amazing. I wanted to buy some heart stoppers so I got a zx1500.1 and 2 phoenix gold elite12ds rated at 1600rms peak 3000 I blew the driver side sub first in a day and had it replaced...
  34. weedy

    4 12"s 4ohms drop to 2ohms

    I have 4 kicker comp 12" subs and a 1000w SSL evolution monoblock amp thats 2ohm stable. i want to spread 1000w throughout the build, puting 250 watts per sub. now i want all the subs to run off the monoblock at 2 ohms, how would i go apon wiring that.?
  35. weedy

    4 12" kicker comp design help

    I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado, Ext. cab. I want to put all 4 under the back seat, face down. I have a 1000 watt ssl evolution monoblock amp to power it. Questions: Sealed or Ported? would 4 be possible? if not two? 8 g.a or 4 g.a wire? Let me know if anyone can help me sketch up a design...
  36. R

    Alpine type s vs. Kicker CVX

    Just wondering I am running 2 12 inch alpine type S subwoofers in a ported box with a Hifonics BE1700.1D. The type s are SWS-12D4 the New type s 2012 model and I am wondering if 2 kicker CVX's 2012 will hit harder with the amp I have. They hit hard but I am overpowering each woofer by about 350...
  37. N

    Which is the better?

    Im buying a new system for my truck and im not sure which is the better the Kicker DCVR122 (10DCVR122) or the Kicker DCVR122 (07DCVR122) and what would be a good amp for them. trying to order tonight please help me out. thank you
  38. art1618

    FS SILVER KICKER 8" S8 L7 D2 $120 shipped

    Item(s) for Sale: Silver cone 8" s8 l7 450w Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, was bnib a month or so ago and opened up and mounted for potential sale and guy flaked. Price: $120 shipped Obo trades considered. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Works Item Pictures...
  39. Satillac 2000 SL1

    Satillac 2000 SL1

  40. Rockford Fosgate P3001

    Rockford Fosgate P3001