1. F

    Buying New System

    Hi, I have been compiling a shopping cart for about 3 months now. I think i have everything i need i just want to be sure. I plan on doing the head unit, Coax, Subs, the big 3, and a second battery. Im just looking for advice if im misshing anything or if i should do things differentley. Also i...
  2. G

    please help me wire this!!!

    I have a kenwood kac-9103d class d mono amp that i am wanting to hook to audiobahn aw1571t subs. i dont understand how to hook them to this particular amp
  3. L

    Noob needs help!

    I've never upgraded my factory car audio in my life. I bought a 2013 Jeep Wrangler and I love it! The only problem is that when I'm on the highway with the top down (which is often) I want to crank the stereo up so I can hear it. I am worried that I'm going to blow the factory speakers if I...
  4. E

    System keeps killing my battery.. need some advice.. PLEASE!

    So I'm running 2 12inch subs in the trunk from a Sony Xplod 1200W amp. For some reason it keeps killing my battery and I've been doing research all morning. My alternator is aftermarket and puts out 200 amps. Battery just got replaced and is an interstate battery.. pic attached. What I drew...
  5. A

    What brand makes the best amps?

    I know this will be a discussion of many opinions but I'm new to this stuff and really lookin to build and I'm wondering what is a good amp brand to look around for. Is Orion (probably mispelled) still good?
  6. K

    Help me with my pioneer deck

    Hi I need some help with my pioneer premier deck. I bought a new truck and it already came installed. I need to find the aux input so I can play my own music. How do I get to the back of the unit and plug in my cord if its already installed?
  7. H

    car speakers making static noise. please help!

    so i recently installed two infinity Reference 860w's, a lanzar DCT425 and a billz audio 2.2 farad capacitor in my jeep cherokee. all seemed well at first but then i started noticing a static noise coming from my car speakers both with the car off and on. the two front door speakers and the two...
  8. Light-Foot

    Preperation for saz-3500?

    Hi guys I need some help with what I need to do to be on safe side of things for an SAZ-3500. -2006 Silverado -160 AMP stock alternator -Red Top Optima under the hood -Currently no installed BIG 3 but I do have it Alright Ive read a bunch of things on here. I will be runnin 2 D4 sundown X...
  9. D

    single DC audio level 3 15 box?

    Just wanted to get your guys opinion on this box I made with the RE audio box maker is it the right size, tuning and 1 more thing im a lil unsure about is how long the port wall is and where I should mount the sub, thanks!
  10. A

    Correct Components For System?

    I'm about to majorly upgrade my car audio system and I wanted to make sure everything I'm about to get is compatible and my setup will work properly. Header - Kenwood KDC-255U (2-channel) Front Speakers x2 - Kenwood KFC-P709PS (80 watt RMS) Rear Speakers x2 - Kenwood KFC-415C (55 watt RMS)...
  11. A

    Fried my car!

    i installed 6.5 inch kickers in my 2008 subaru legacy. the hu was not enough to power them so after installing a scosche loc to add rca's. i then installed a small amp to power the rear door speakers. ***Problem is that i merely tied into the rear door speaker wires leaving a connection back...
  12. rada194

    2 farad capacitor wont charge HELP!!!!!

    Okay guys this is my first post so if I am putting it in the wrong section I'm sorry. Alright onto the question. I have 4 gauge power wire running directly from the battery (with an inline fuse of course) that goes all the way to my trunk were it goes into the capacitor then goes into the amp...
  13. I

    Suggestions for New setup in 1997 Corolla (I'm a rookie)

    Hello CarAudio forums! This is my first post - and i'd like to start off with, im a complete noob at car audio, but quite the home audio fanatic. My son bought a 1997 toyota corolla (his first) and we didnt notice untill he had already paid, that all four speakers are completely shot! So i...
  14. S

    Help Please, Alpine PDX 1.100

    Hello, i previously had this setup in a ported box and recently decided to build a new sealed box with approximately 2cu ft for two Alpine SWR1243D 12" subs wired to a PDX1.1000 amp. I was wondering what settings i should have my gain and other settings on my amplifier to prevent any damage to...
  15. basswiigee

    how do I delete uploaded pics?

    it says unutilized photos will be deleted after a hour, mine are still there, how do I delete? i need to add new pics but can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the old stuff... HELP
  16. D

    What are the best 10s for me?

    I have 2 boxes in my trunk. Each identical, like the picture above. My boxes are around 1 cubic foot, with these 2 ports tuned around 33hz each box.. There inside a 2000 Ford Mustang Vert, and there the best I can do. my best response is around 35-45hz in the cabin. My amp is a kicker 750.1...
  17. K

    Protection mode???

    So today my almost brand new kenwood excelon x500-1 went into protection mode. After checking the ground, fuses and unplugging all wires except for the power and ground the problem still proceeded. I went and bought a brand new kicker dx1000.1 and the same thing is still happening? Does any one...
  18. I

    Head unit is going bad... time for a new one, but which one?

    Alright guys so currently I have a Pioneer AVIC F900bt, and its been nothing but problems from day one and is a little outdated. The outputs are bad, the navigation is slow and troublesome, the touch screen is a pain, the AUX input doesnt work, steering wheel controls wont work, it takes 30...
  19. V

    volume vs # of subs- need advice

    Ok. im trying to build a box properly, i have 2 Re se-x 12s and specs say they need/recommend 2cu ft. @33hz. My question is , is that per sub, like since i have 2 does that mean. i need a 4cu ft box? Or could i just account for sub displacement and they share 2cu ft? Thanks.
  20. AsianPerzuasion

    I need some help

    I'm new to car audio stuff and this is my first so suggestions would be most helpful Car: 1999 Pontiac Grand AM 4 door se Headunit: KD-A735BT it has 3 Pre-Output Terminals being 4.8V Line (Already installed in the car) Front speaker: Pioneer TS-A1605C Component speakers (RMS 5-60 watts each)...
  21. C

    First Install-amp problems need some advice.

    Thanks for looking. I need some advice on some troubleshooting for my first install, which is an amp and 2 subs.(Specs below). I will start by saying that I have yet to get any sound out of my setup, but I am SO CLOSE. My amp will turn on(the protected light is green so I am assuming it is not...
  22. G

    Noob needs help

    Hey just got a new car with a head unit already installed.. Don't know if it has something to do with the wiring but when you fade all the way to the back sound comes out the front speakers and when you fade to the front you hear nothing at all.. I know a blown speaker sounds like crackling and...
  23. N

    Help with 5 channel amp wiring

    Hi, I've got a 5 channel 1200w alpine amp and a CZ302A clarion head unit that only has 2 sets of RCA outs. I'm wondering how I'd got about wiring a 250w sub and 2 rear speakers up to it. I'm pretty sure the easiest way to go about it would be just bridging the 2 rears but my speaker are only...
  24. J

    Help please... Noob alert!

    So here's the deal guys. I've got one blown 6x9 in the back of my sonata, and I can't stand it. I've been doing some research and finally decided to upgrade my speakers. I plan on getting the JBL GTO638 (6.5" for the front doors and the JBL GTO938 (6x9 for the back). I have an aftermarket head...
  25. B

    Amp noob

    Hey guys! I'm new here an thought I'd say hi I have a noobish question for you all haha I scored some pretty cheap speakers from a garage sale on the weekend (2x ALPINE SPG-17CS and 2x Hifonics ZXI6.5C) (both for a $100) and I was wondering if anyone could help me out on what amp I would...
  26. J

    New Kid On The Block

    I'm very green with all of this car audio. So far in my "system" all i have is a 12'' shallow mount Pioneer sub rated 250 W rms that came preloaded in a box with a Pioneer amp rated 200 W rms. In the doors, i have 4'' street edge Memphis speakers. The head unit is a Pioneer. And that's it. It's...
  27. B

    $5,000 system that sounds like i paid $800, please help???

    Ok so I'm new here and I'm frustrated and very confused. A car audio shop which I won't mention talked me into buying most of this mess. I have a Pioneer 8400 head unit, audio control 3.2, the mid's and high's and good, it's the other stuff that I'm mad about. I have 1 kinetik 1800, 1 xs power...
  28. T

    Box Build?

    Can anybody help me build a ported box for TWO Fi BL 10's? It needs to go under the backseat of a 06 GMC extended cab. I can raise the backseat 2" if I need too. I'll pay! I just need somebody who's smarter than me to build it. or even design it!
  29. D

    Pioneer premier ts-w3002d4 help plzzzz

    I have a 96 golf GL hatchback and was looking for one subwoofer that could do the job and settled on a pioneer ts-w3002d4. I ordered the speaker and then started to try to piece together the rest of the system and realized i dont know what i am doing at all....Just need some advice from some...
  30. J

    Need help on speaker size!

    Okay, long story I have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab SR5. I am looking to replace my speakers in my front doors which have the woofer down low and the tweeter up top. I am getting all these sizes (5 1/4, 6 1/2, 5X7, and 6X8) from different websites. I am looking to run components and appreciate...
  31. C

    Annoying amp problem

    I posted about this before and I got some advice but just suggestions, I recently installed two 6x9 speakers in the back of my car and temporarily using a 4 channel amp to power the two speakers. I'm running a rca out of my subwoofers output which the rca's from that are spliced into rca...
  32. J

    New Fosgate speaker problem

    I have a 2000 watt Powerbass amp hooked to 2 rocksford fosgate 15" p1 speakers. I have the amp turned down a bit right now. But for some reason one of my speakers has a rattling sound in it when I turn the amp up some or if I have it low and turn the volume up. It's not constant, it's like it...
  33. F

    Clueless newbie.. I need help, suggestions, and advice. I do not have a radio

    in my truck. I need help or suggestions in designing, buying (used or new), and system for my 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible pickup truck. A previous owner must have had a loud system. Under my hood of my truck is a 200 amp fuse with big wires. I can to do wiring, fiberglassing, some...
  34. D

    is my bass boost broken?

    Hey everybody I have a question about my bass boost on my Pioneer*Premier PRS-D2000SPL amp when I turn up the bass boost on the amp it doesnt make any difference to the sound of my subs but when I plug in my bass knob which is right next to the bass boost and crank the knob over it gets reall...
  35. Nater&Hailey

    Box ideas for HDC 4.0 12???

    Looking to build a new box for my 4.0 12 what should i do. I have it in a pro box (2.25^3) now but thinking it could do better, want to hit some decent numbers for 2200rms. Thanks.
  36. D

    kenwood kdc mp 208 help needed

    ok so I own a kenwood kdc mp208 car stereo reciever and it had been working fine and i had hooked up one day in my house. (I don't have a vehicle yet) and for some reason the display was't lighting up i can play music through it only way i can turn it up tho is via the remote that came with it...
  37. S

    Help finding an 18"

    Hey all. I'm currently looking for an 18 inch sub with a new amp and wires. I'm trying to keep it under $600--is this possible? I'm not sure if my head unit has two sub outputs; if not, can I use the same one for two amps? I currently have the 1200 12" Terminators and am ready for an upgrade...
  38. Motokid

    Needs help deciding on an amp!

    Im pretty new to knowing things about systems, i love them, and would love to learn a lot more about them. I currently have 2 Kicker comp 12' in the back of my acura integra, i started out noob with a wal mart dual 400 watt amp, and a pioneer 12 for like, $140. Now i'd like something with a lot...
  39. P

    I need advise, doing a big upgrade Infinity

    I have a buick 9 speaker car I want to upgrade from the factory speakers to infinity kappa speakers 5 1/4 x 2 pairs one pair conponent 6x9 one pair 3 1/2 center mount Now I want the 5 1/4 speakers amped with the kappa four amp But I also want to get the kappa one amp to run two 12 infinity...
  40. S

    New Guy Working On 1st System, Need A Little Advice Please!

    I can get a Kicker ZX1500.1 Amp for $250 which sounds like a steal, I just need to know what to run with it. I was thinking either two Kicker CVX 12's or 15's. Now my REAL question is, will that Amp support the 15's? If so should I go bigger or stick with the 12's? All feedback appreciated...