1. Jimbo1227

    High output alternator help

    What’s up all. I installed a mechman 370 on my f150. Now I’m getting a charging system light and my headlights are flickering even when radio and everything are off. My voltage also doesn’t stay steady even at idle it goes up and down from about 13.3 to 15.4. No idea what the hell it is. I’ve...
  2. R

    I want more bass. What should I do?

    Hey guys so I went from a single cheap 250 watt Jbl sub to 2 250 watts rms kenwood subs. Honestly I liked the Jbl one better but recently I’ve been wanting more bass. I currently have 1000 watt max amp, it does 300 at 4 ohms and 500 at 2 ohms. So I was wondering what should I do to get more...
  3. D


    about 6 months ago I replaced the speakers in my 04 ram 3500. and now only one of them works i took the speakers out and there's still power too them and i tried putting it back in and rewiring it but still nothing so i am wondering what could be causing those 3 to have stopped working they have...
  4. W

    Some kind soul please help me?

    2017 Chevy Silverado crew cab 1500 I’m so in over my head trying to pick what’s right and I figured I’d ask someone for help on this forum. I’m going to do the install myself, I’ve done them before but that was 25 years ago... I want to keep the 8” factory head unit and replace the speakers and...
  5. S

    2012 mazda 6 stock head no amp upgraded speakers to Morel Maximo Ultra 602 front component and back are Coax

    In just installed these yesterday, everything went well with the installation. I got the plates and 1" spacers so they would fit in the 6X8 factory holes. I notice a huge difference in the clarity of the sound. The issue I am having is they are not as loud as the factory speakers were. What do I...
  6. C

    What brand speakers should I be looking for

    I’m just getting into upgrading my sound system and I’m a senior in high school. I have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe with the monsoon system. I want to upgrade my door speakers to something louder than what came factory because I’m putting subs in soon and I wanna hear more than just bass. With my...
  7. S

    Need help building box for 2 American bass xfl1244

    I have 2 American bass xfl1244 on a audio pipe 30001d. I don’t have max dimensions for box right now but will update soon. I’m mainly confused on port dimensions than anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. K

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on i have 2 0awg power and 2 0awg grounds plus aditional grounds connecting bed and cab of truck to frame. seems like a ground loop but i cant find it. i have a skar zvx15d.2 v.3 and a RP2000D
  9. lukehester

    Need Help!

    I have a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1. I installed the amp 2 days ago and it would randomly go into protect mode. I woke up this morning and now that amp immediately goes into protect mode when i turn the car on. I have disconnected everything except the B+, ground, and remote wire, and still the same...
  10. lukehester

    NEED HELP!!!

    Okay, i'm new to car audio and need some insight. So i have 2 DVC SA-12 subs @ 2 ohms per coil. My amp is a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1d that is 2000w @ 1 ohm and 1000w @ 2 ohms. The amp is a monoblock so it has only 1 channel, but has 2 positive terminals and 2 negative terminals. My goal is to get...
  11. L

    Looking for help

    I have a KICKER - CX 360W Class AB Bridgeable Multichannel Amplifier with Variable Crossovers KICKER - CS Series 6" x 9" 3-Way Car Speakers with Polypropylene Cones 4 Ohms in the rear Kenwood - 6-1/2" 2-Way Car Speakers with Polypropylene Cones 4 Ohm in the doors and it was wired by Best...
  12. S

    Sub doesn't play when my car is moving

    I recently installed a sub and amp into my sister's car, its a 2002 Chevy blazer it has a stock stereo. I installed a line output converter because there were no RCA connections and I wired the remote wire to a wire that said it was 12v on a website's wiring diagram (I can post it if needed)...
  13. Scary_boy_dave

    Subwoofer turns off! Plz help!!!

    I have a rocksford Fosgate 1200x1 amp with 2 p300 subwoofers and when I turn the bass boost up on my stock head unit sometimes the subs will turn off. They don’t just stop working but they will just turn off for like half a second and idk what’s going on. And the “clean” input and output lights...
  14. D

    Can't tell if my subs are blown, need some help

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you are able to tell whether the issue, as seen in the video, is with my subs or my amp. The subs play fine at a low volume, but once it reaches a certain threshold then it starts to have an issue. You can hear it at the beginning of the video and then again at around...
  15. B

    Help with dvc sub wiring

    I have a lanzar vibe 800 watt amp with four channels, the lowest impedance is 2 ohm, is bridgeable at 4 ohms. The subs are 2 4ohm dvc IX-12s. I am looking for the best sound quality and efficiency. Any help appreciated!
  16. F

    Will 2 lower powered 12s (~600 rms each) match expectations

    I'm an amateur, only been at it for a couple years so please take it easy if this comes across as a "duh", I'm looking into fleshing out a new system. I WAS planning on a single AB XR but the idea of 2 12s is bugging tf out of me if I got two 12s of lower quality and either ran 2 ohm at...
  17. BassHead42069

    Need advice for good setup

    Hi, I don't really have a lot of knowledge about car audio and I really want to make sure I get the proper equipment. So I'm looking for some help putting together really solid part list. I have a 2020 Hyundai Kona and my goal is to fit a custom, ported, dual 12" sub box in the back. I also want...
  18. D

    Recommend me an amplifier for my car & speakers

    Hello guys, I currently have Opel Astra 3 door car, which is pretty small car, and wanted to upgrade the audio system, bought a good Sony CD player with bluetooth, and those speakers - Hertz DSK 170.3 & Hertz CX 165, they are rated from 80W to almost 200, they have different Watt ratios so my...
  19. H

    Amp Settings help

    I’ve recently purchased a pre build box with two twelve inch subs at 4 ohms and 500 watts with a JL audio 500/1 amp for my challenger. I also have a line out converter since I have a factory head unit. I have absolutely no idea how to tune the amp and would appreciate some recommended settings.
  20. momeigs

    Will this system work together?

    I’m thinking of upgrading my system. Just wanted to know if it would all work well together and any tips or ideas I should know. Anything you would keep or change from the old setup? Thanks! Current Setup: • Skar TX65C 100 rms components • Skar TX69 120 rms coaxial • Skar SK-M4004D 400 watt...
  21. T

    HELP! 2010 Subaru legacy head unit wiring

    So I got an aftermarket stereo for my 2010 Subaru legacy, the harness adapter it came with is a 14 pin, and the one that's already on the car looks like a 16 pin. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to wire in the new head unit would be. Do I just cut the wires and try to connect them to...
  22. momeigs


    Went to startup the car and before I could even connect to my headunit to play music, all of my speakers (besides my subs) blew. There was a thumping noise coming from the subs during the fiasco. The tweeters were making a loud clipping noise. Smoke started to come up from the front door...
  23. basshead03

    Choosing the correct amp for the sub

    Hey! 😁 This is my first ever project in car audio! So, first of all which one would be more rational: one big sub or two small subs? (I'm looking for a proper subwoofer experience!) Currently I'm thinking of getting one big subwoofer, at the moment I have chosen the Hertz SPL Show SS15D2. ( Link...
  24. Venku

    Utterly new, help!

    I have a 340 Watt 2/1 channel amp hooked up to 2 12" subs. I am going from Stock radio with a LOC to the amp. I decided because power and ground were easily accessed in the dash to put the LOC there. Spliced into the harness for the speakers. Ran the AV cables back to the amp. Here's my issue...
  25. D

    Help with HO alternator and AGM batteries

    Ok, to start off im electrically stupid so i am here to ask for a little advice. i purchased a HO alternator 300a upon recommendation of the manufacturer (fairly certain i was just up sold on it big time), i will be running a 2.3k watt @2 ohm mono and a 500w 4ch. i have a 80ah agm under hood and...
  26. I

    Subwoofers get quite then loud again

    hey i have a simple question with Hopefully a simple answer now the setup I have going is not practical I know i know that I don't have them running in a efficient way but any how I have taramps hd3000 1 ohm to a power acoustic mofo 122x dvc 2ohm @ 4ohm and a rockville db15 running a power...
  27. E

    New member here. Anyone here using the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX???

    New member here! I recently installed the DMH-W4660NEX myself. I have a couple of issues and am wondering if anyone else are having the same issues. For one, the car will not automatically connect to my iPhones HOTSPOT. I have to go to my iPhone settings and turn off then on the hotspot toggle...
  28. W

    Bad amp?

    looking for good help, please advise if you can. I wired my amp to my head unit using speaker level ins. It’s a 5 channel amp. I bridged it to power my front speakers. The right speaker and tweeter keep cutting in and out. To see if it was the amp I switched the outputs around and now my left...
  29. M

    Car Audio System Keeps Killing My Battery

    Hello I’ve had my audio setup for a while now with no issues until last week. Went to leave my house and car won’t start because the battery is dead. Figured I had a bad battery because it was pretty old so I got a new one. Next day battery was dead again. So I unhooked my 2 amps and jumped my...
  30. Richard slidewell

    For the love of anything holy please help!!!!

    Can someone please tell me what these are called so that I can purchase the proper hardware and get an old Dinosaur bumping?
  31. J

    I have an issue

    So I just got these two 8" subs and an 1000w amp but once and a while when the bass hits hard the speaker just stop working I'm assuming that the speakers are drawing to much power and the amp is just turning them off to not blow the fuse. But that might not be it cause I'm not so smart about...
  32. J

    Need some help picking out a sub and amp setup

    So currently I'm looking to put a sub in my 350z, I came across a photo that shows how to make a sub box that fits perfect. It only provides about .64 cubic feet so finding a sub is hard, I found this skar sub ( which...
  33. F

    Is This Acceptable??

    Hello, I am a brand new member and as such I would like to show respect to all the other members by saying hello and it's nice to be a part of the group. I would also like to preface this post by saying I know this is a budget build but it is all I can afford right now, so please go easy on my...
  34. 6

    Help!! Matching Subwoofers to my Amp

    I have watched numerous youtube videos on match subwoofers to amps and still don't understand. I need advice. I have a 2016 Ram with the stock 8.4 Unconnect Alpine stereo. 2 years ago I added a Kenwood Excelon X801-5 Amp & a single 10" in a sealed box. I want to upgrade to 2-12" Subs now using...
  35. LTDP200

    Second Battery tips?

    Hey, I’m in a bit of a situation. I’m fairly new to car audio so I’m kinda ignorant when it comes to some things. I just upgraded my system, got rid of those cheap MTX terminators and got something that actually hits. I just got 2 Digital Design Redline 500 series 10s in a gigantic ported box...
  36. AccordExL2k15

    Remote wire problem Accord 2015 ex-l navi coupe

    Hey, I just installed a pre-amplified sub to the OEM sound system. The huge problem is that I can't find a good source for my remote wire. I tried taping into the rear speaker wire (this has worked on my 09 Yaris and 08 CSX-S) but it doesn't seem to work here. I then ran the remote cable to the...
  37. Thegolfcartguy

    Help with rca

    I have an amp that takes rca from the head unit, however my head unit does not have rca out. I was wondering if i could wire rca cables to the speaker outputs from the harness of the head unit to be plugged into the amp?
  38. Peppo31

    Amp Troubleshooting Advice

    Hello, I have a Kenwood Excelon XR-5S 5ch amp runnning in a 2005 F150 with 4 aftermarket component speakers and 2 small 8" subs running off the sub channel. I installed it recently and it was working fine for a couple of months until out of the blue yesterday all the speaker channels stopped...
  39. S

    Sub not hitting like used to

    Okay so my amp stopped working a few days ago i checked everything from ground to fuses, so i figured my amp was going bad it was really old anyways. So I finally upgraded to a boss 4000D amp and i hooked it all up excited and i cant seem to get my sub to get nearly as loud as it was prior to...
  40. momeigs

    Skar Audio dual SDR 12s only one sub blown

    Hi, I recently got my Skar audio SDR 12s installed at my local audio shop. I went through a 1 month break in period before actually turning them up. The gain on the Skar Aduio 1500 amp is set by the audio shop at about a little under 3/4 of the way. I had the bass knob turned half way when the...