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    New Audio Setup

    Hi, Im thinking about buying 2 of LANZAR OPTI1224D 12" 1800W Competition Subwoofer with AudioPipe APF1801, is it a good combination?, i think that Lanzar have overrated these subs on RMS but i have heard a lot of good things about Audiopipe amplifiers, I need some advise from you guys, before i...
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    hey everyone. need help with my system

    im just going to list what i have, and you guys can leave any comments, suggestions, tips etc u want. i have a 04 dodge ram 1500, now for audio stuff....i have all new speakers n tweeters, a kenwood KDC-MP342U headunit, Kenwood KAC-8105D 1000w amp, 1 alpine type r 10", and a ported box...
  3. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  4. Amp rack

    Amp rack

    Amp rack under the rear seats.
  5. My box build

    My box build

  6. 2 15" Kicker CVR's

    2 15" Kicker CVR's

    My box
  7. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  8. car audio

    car audio

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