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  1. G

    What car has the best audio system for under $30,000?

    Looking to lease a new car in 6 months, since my 2018 Honda Civic Sport lease is almost up. I was looking to go for a 2021 Sport Touring this time since the sound system looks great and the car is below $30k. Are there any better factory audio systems that come in cars for under $30k? Not...
  2. B

    Looking for Custom Ported Quad 8" Sub Enclosure

    Hello, As of now I have what most would consider a 'mom car' and along with that comes plenty of space for sub enclosures. Later this year I will be transitioning to a 2018 Ford F150 King Ranch but I don't have a sub enclosure for it. I have looked around on most of the internet and haven't...
  3. Grogger

    Which Amp? Pioneer gm d8704 or Hertz hcp4?

    Hi there, I just wanted to get some recommendations for a better sound quality 4 channel amp. I am on a budget, so $150-200 max for the amp. I'm upgrading from an alpine kttp445u running my front speakers on 2 channels at ~90watts rms and about 82db s/n ration. I'm adding an Audison Bit One...
  4. M


    I bought this sub brand new to install in my car but the box necessary would not fit inside my trunk. It’s been sitting inside my house on a heated floor since. Will ship at buyers expense. This is the first time I’ve pulled it out of the packaging. Price is firm. This thing was right under...
  5. M

    First Car Audio Build... I need some speaker advice

    Hi, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry. I'm looking to replace the front and rear speakers. Up front is a factory componet set of 6x9s. The rear has coaxials. I have already decided to go with DD Audio speakers because it's a local brand that I support. I'm trying to figure out what the best option...
  6. Dominic Lam

    Recommendations for Double Din headunit and possibly a DSP

    Hey so I'm currently in the midst of saving up for a new car. And leaving behind the audio equipment in my old car for a new better system. My Old system I did a bit of sound deadnening in the doors but for the new car I'm going all out and ripping out everything to sound deaden everything...
  7. D

    Pioneer - GM 3000

    Hello guys, recently I bought an amplifier over ebay. The model is: Pioneer - GM 3000 the version with 8DIN connectors at the back, however seller didn't mention that. So I spoke to an electrical mechanic who added chinches to this connectors and tried the amplifer locally at the workplace and...
  8. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  9. T

    Need help choosing between the alpine type r 12 or 15

    Someone please help I’m running a kicker zx 1000.1 mono block amp and i want to get a new sub i was looking at the Alpine type r 12 and 15 i just want to run one of them because i have limited space in the back seat of my truck. But from what i can see with the rms power and everything else...
  10. D

    Why 6.5" Car Speakers Best Now?

    As I m searching forums & blogs to learn about different size car speakers I found these days most people are fond of using the 6.5" car speakers mostly. The main reason behind it because 6.5" is smaller than other upper size speakers. And which is easy to fix in car. And also 6.5" speakers...
  11. M

    HELP - Need Advice with Planning my new Car Audio System

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to the whole car audio industry and am looking to get my first aftermarket sound system set up in my car. I just bought a used 2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport with the most basic sound system and am looking to upgrade. My budget on parts is around $500-$800 and I'm hoping to get...
  12. T


    hello everyone newer to car audio and looking to grow my knowledge!
  13. G

    HELP - Gift Ideas Under $40 for Car Audio Enthusiast

    I have to buy a secret Santa gift for a co-worker of mine. He is big into car audio and goes to competitions. I t needs to be $40 or under. I know that limits the choices. Is there anything new or cool that you can think of that I could get for him. I know nothing about the system he has...
  14. W

    Any recommended audio equipment?!

    I am the new owner of a brand new 2015 VW Jetta. It was the right price and I was in the right place, so I got me a new vroom vroom. The problem I'm having is that the system I have in there, a kicker CompR 12" DVC and a kicker Class D 1200w amp, isn't producing the sound I like. I've been told...
  15. A

    Should i make my 2ohm subwoofer 4ohm? How?

    I have the r2000 boss 2000watt monoblock amp which puts out 750W RMS @4ohms,my subwoofer is the terminator 2 12" subwoofers 200W RMS [email protected] i make them4ohm and how?please help if needed email me [email protected]
  16. A

    Should i make my 2ohm subwoofer 4ohm? How?

    I have the r2000 boss 2000watt monoblock amp which puts out 750W RMS @4ohms,my subwoofer is the terminator 2 12" subwoofers 200W RMS [email protected] i make them4ohm and how?please help if needed email me [email protected]
  17. A

    Come to me, all ye troubled souls, and i shalt set you free!

    Hey there, I have been installing car audio systems since 1994 (yeah, I'm an old guy), and I know everything there is to know about system builds, car audio electronics, and more. I'm finally celebrating the grand opening of my own car audio business, so I'm using my knowledge of that to assist...
  18. DS18 SMART CAR


    MADE IN USA BY, TEAM DS18 for quotes inbox me
  19. boom


    2 audiopipe 15s and SSL 4000 watt amp
  20. boom


    2 audiopipe 15s and SSL 4000 watt amp
  21. V

    Planning to upgrade car audio system of my fluidic car

    Hi Guys, I have fluidic verna and I am planning to upgrade my audio system, currently I have company fitted one. Below are items which I have sortlisted but confused which one is better and should proceed with. SubWoofer:- Kicker 12" 600W RMS (DCWS12 2ohm) Mono Amp:- CX600.1 Component :-...
  22. rada194

    Major voltage drop

    Okay so when I'm driving my car my voltage will go from 14.6 down to about 13 volts when I'm really pounding it. When I pull up to a stoplight my voltage will stay at 13.6 and drop very badly. So I've come to the conclusion I need another battery. We'll here's the thing. I have an advanced...
  23. T

    KMS event

    This is an event that is located in South Carolina Lancaster if anyone is interested. All your Car Stereo & Automotive Needs! KMS AUTO REPAIR CENTER 376 LANCASTER BY-PASS EAST LANCASTER SC 29720 Steve 803-320-3193 Call or Text Email is [email protected] Koss MotorSports Join us...
  24. A

    car audio amplifier Rockford Fosgate prime

    Review of Amplifier:car audio amplifer Rockford Fosgate prime Car Audio Rockford Fosgate The Best car audio for Sound Quality.Spesification:Power RockFord Fosgate R300x4 4-channel car amplifier. 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (75 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms. 150 watts RMS x 2 bridged output at 4 ohms...
  25. rada194

    Sundown audio 15s

    I have been wanting to upgrade my 2 12 inch subs to something that will make my windows flex. Without going overboard on money. I'm talking under 500$ for 2 15 inch subwoofers and either a ported or sealed box? Any ideas I have seen people say that sundown audio is very good. What else is good...
  26. S

    2 18" mmatts juggs with 2 6.6 power acoustik compasitors

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 18 mmats juggs 2 power acoustik 6.6 farad compasitors Item(s) Description/Condition: everything is brand new uses foe approx 1 and a half months the subs are spl with a custom ported sub enclouser Price: 750 I paid 1000 for the set up text or call 8432679960 for more...
  27. stevknd2

    Car subs to home audio???

    So I wanted to use my MTX subs inside for a party I'm having. I have a battery, a battery charger, the wiring kit, and the amp. I connected the battery to the charger and connected the amp to the battery (both positive and negative). However the red protection light came on...I'm not sure what...
  28. stevknd2

    Car system to home system?

    I recently upgraded my system and I was wondering if I might be able to recycle it...I have my 4 stock speakers (6x8's), my subs, and an amp. If I wanted to wire this up inside how would I do it?
  29. D

    And suddenly, the bass stops.

    Hey all, So let me go over my set up first and then I'll explain whats happening. I have a pioneer avh-p4100dvd head unit, a capacitor, 2 kicker comps (800w RMS), and a kenwood KAC_9104D amp. Had this system thumping hard in my car for about 3 years with no problems (besides the occasional fuse...
  30. P

    How much are my subs worth?

    I've got 2 pioneer ts-w3002d4 subwoofers with dual 4 ohm voice coils in a custom built vented enclosure powered by a hifonics Brutus BRZ 2400.1d and a kenwood KDC-BT652U head unit. The subs are rated for 3500 Max and 1000 rms but they've never been pushed past 23 on the deck because the door...
  31. stevknd2

    Where can I start my career in car audio?

    I have come to love my cars sound system. I am obsessed with installing speakers and tweaking amps right now...but I really have no idea what I'm doing. I am just playing it all by ear. There is a science to this art and I want to learn it. Where can I begin? I will work for free at any place...
  32. O

    Did i fry my car stereo?

    Hi everyone im new to this forum but i really need some help I recently installed an aftermarket stereo to my truck. Now i didnt have a support for it so it fit really loose. My dad decided to take the truck for a spin and i think the stereo moved way to much causing it to shut off. Now it wont...
  33. D

    Just Found This Forum

    Thanks for setting up this forum - and to all who are active in it. I have done car installs (my cars and for friends) for years and enjoy it as a hobby to go along with restoring old cars.
  34. denim

    Car Audio - Google+

    There is a Car Audio community on Google+, check it out > here .   Not to mention a Home Audio community too, check it out > here .   Thought I would post it up for those using Google+.
  35. A

    i am new here.

    i am adkins parker from macclesfield. i am big fan of car audio accessories and system. Thanks in advance.
  36. B

    Need 2 good 6x8 Speakers to keep up with my subs

    I have a 1999 Mustang GT. I'm putting 2 6x9's in the back but I can't fit them in my door panels because there's something in the way. So I'm forced to go to 6x8's. I have 2 SWR-12D4 Type-R 12" subs both rms at 1k watts but I'm going to put them at about 700-800 rms. Now I need some 6x8's to fit...
  37. G

    Help on buying and installing a car sound system jl w7 (amp, speakers, sub,head unit)

    i am new to car sound systems but i have a 2012 honda civic coupe lx and i would like to have a better sound system something with more bass i would like to buy a jl w7 12inch since i hear alot of good stuff about it but since its $589 in amazon. i would only buy one also what kind of amp would...
  38. W

    How do you connect a 7 band eq to the farenheit 8.3 touchscreen deck

    How do you connect a 7 band eq to the farenheit 8.3 touchscreen deck threw the decks already speaker pre amp speaker wire set up? Nitro/ p tek 7 band with 3 pre set to the farenheit 8.3 motorized touchscreen. Or should I forget the eq and flow threw the deck, (my amp pushes 2000 watts).
  39. Sketchup (good or bad)

    Is car audio a legit site for buy car audio? My friend was wanting to buy some stuff from there, but I have never heard of it till he found it a day ago.
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