car audio

  1. Mr FaceCaser

    Any ideas?

    Are ds18 head units any good?
  2. T

    building a system for my c5 corvette.. some help would be awesome

    Hello everyone.. I'll try to not be long winded but i do have a lot of questions 😇 I'm an older guy who still likes to jam tunes loud and feel my eyeballs rattle with some good bass lol. I have always been into systems and i have quite a lot of stuff laying around (pics below) first question...
  3. A

    Thoughts on this for quote for my 22’ lexus rx

    Looking for some guidence on this. I havent had a system since I was a teenager and I have no idea of cost nor the products used now. Any recommendations are valued. Thanks Can’t figure out how to just post the pic. But the link should take you there...
  4. D

    Why not component in the rear?

    The Focal RSE-165 are on sale and I really like how they sound for the price point. Unfortunately there isn't a matching coax for them. I've read the arguement about ditching the rears or not important. However, it's important for me that the rear passengers get equally good sound. All of my...
  5. Mike Hunt

    2003 Monte Carlo factory stereo wiring harnass has been cut from the dash

    I need to figure out the factory stereo harnass wire colors and what each one goes to cause when I bought the car the wiring. Harnass has been cut out so i guess i have to hard wire my stereo can anyone help
  6. wynnent

    FOR SALE New Opportunity Available- Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas

    I have a beautiful custom built shop located in North Raleigh / Wake Forest area and we are looking for some talented and motivated individuals to help build our car audio and accessories business. I apologize if this isn't in the right place, I couldn't find anywhere better to post it. We are...
  7. Diesel_67

    Kenwood (DDX5707S) Stereo Upgrade.

    I have a 2015 F-350 Dually … Just bought a new Kenwood stereo.. Had to buy the steering wheel control wiring harness with a box, and a main wiring harness to hook up the stereo. Both of the wiring harnesses have A Lot of wires that I can‘t even figure it out with instructions that I scanned the...
  8. JoeMama541

    Best "budget" front stage SQ drivers.

    Hi all, I eventually plan to go all out on the goody good stuff when I can spend the big bucks on it but as of now it looks like I'll be piecing together a system as I can afford to do so. I would LIKE to just start with a 3 way setup but depending on how much I'll be able to do myself on labor...
  9. Somchine13

    Looking for a new SQL driver

    Currently owned Stereo Integrity SQL, Adire Brahma, and RF power T1. I’m looking for another good sound quality subwoofer to play with and came across ID Max, are the ID Max similar to the the SI SQL? I’m also looking at the W7 but not sure if the price tag is worth it. Any other brand...
  10. S

    Opinions; Hertz or Morel

    I'm considering these 2 sets to use in an '06 Explorer front doors. Hertz DSK 170.3 or Morel Maximo Ultra 602 MKII If Anyone used or heard these could give me some input on them. Thanks Steve
  11. Edgars Skujins

    Kenwood 8019 dabs ribbon cable

    Please help me searc 20861 105C 60V VW-1 specific cable (70pin) from display to motherboard.I m searching in google not have. (Kenwood 8019 dabs)
  12. Nsb127916

    Subwoofer settings

    Hello. I own an 08 Camry, unfortunately. Yet it’s the only place I can hear my music. LOUD! It I’m still never satisfied. My main problem is probably my sub itself. It’s a single 12” pioneer in a box with a factory eq inset. But it should still sound kinda good, right?! I listen to rock. So I’m...
  13. BJ1k

    1966 Corvette Custom Autosound Radio Won't Preset

    I bought this Custom Autosound Concours Series USA-230 radio a couple years ago ,installed it in my Corvette but never played with it to set things in . When I try to find local stations and nudge the station button to manually find a station so I can preset it the radio just starts seeking and...
  14. T

    2021 honda civic components

    I dont think what i posted makes any sense and i dont see a delete button
  15. A

    New build remorse!

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum but hopefully this is the right place for good advice. I just built a system in a 2022 Super Duty and after months of planning a “budget” system I have some regrets of my DSP choice. I went with the Alpine DSP PXE 60. It only has 6 output channels and now I...
  16. DaniRob

    FOR SALE Alpine F#1 Status, a complete, brand new set!

    Hello everyone! I have to part with my Alpine F#1 Status kit from my personal collection. The kit is brand new and has never been installed anywhere. The whole set is factory-made. The boxes have lost their new look a bit, due to time. I would never sell it, but the necessities of life force me...
  17. L

    Head unit floating radio info

    I have a 06 grand Marquis. Looking at either Kenwood or Sony Apple play. Is it worth have a floating monitor? Pros and cons?
  18. S

    Amp sub connection

    Hi. I just bought a Rockville RockGhost V2 powered 11" sub for my car. I have a 2015 Ford Focus ST (version with bigger display). Is there a good video on youtube (or somewhere else) of how to dismantle the front radio to connect the sub? All the videos i saw just somehow "skip" the step bi...
  19. spokey9

    FOR SALE For sale RF power t400-4

    Had tested last week at the shop since it's been sitting in the closet for a few months. Works and sounds great. $225 shipped
  20. Elkins45

    Used car, factory plug clipped, how screwed am I?

    I bought a 2009 Scion xB this week. It has a P.L.Z MP-901 touchscreen media player and backup camera installed. Unfortunately I hate it because: 1. The steering wheel controls don't work. 2. The AM radio doesn't work at all. 3. The Bluetooth randomly mutes itself. It stays connected and the...
  21. Jim Trucks

    Current Punch 60IX

    What is current draw for Punch 60IX with trigger on and no signal input?...Thanks, Jim
  22. E

    RCAs picking up alternator and signal noise

    Hey, I recently swapped my Pio MVH-S520BT (non mechanical) to an 80PRS. Because of its longer body the RCAs are real close to some signal processors inside my dash and I keep getting little popping sounds while braking (when it sends the signal to the brakelights I guess) and also alternator...
  23. Madeline FitzRoy

    2019 Land Cruiser 200 Sahara, help please

    I have just purchased a 2019 Land Cruiser 200 Sahara, it has the Toyota amp, 3way component splits in the front, I assume 2ways in the back doors and no sub that I can find. I previously had an MR Mitsubishi Triton that I fitted and Alpine 5 channel amp too, as well as Rockford Fosgate speakers...
  24. A

    Wirring LOC and Amp

    I am starting an upgrade to my 2023 F250 SD . I have purchased a LC5i Pro and a XDM 700/5 . I know the LOC needs direct power but could I not take it off the direct power of the AMP ? The LOC recomends a 1amp fuse in line . Well if the LOC only pulls 1 amp or less could I not take it from my 4ga...
  25. AnthonyO

    All Alpine speakers

    Well I decided to go all Alpine speakers. 2 - S2W10D4 subs Running off Stinger MT1000.1 2 - Sets of S2-S65C components Running off Audio Control ACM4.300
  26. W

    Intermittent Sub Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Ok...Im sure this question has been asked a million times.... Im installing a JBL BassPro in my 2021 Travers because my wife seems to think she needs it. So the adventure starts. Side thing I found weird was that when checking voltage signal on speaker wires I was showing voltage...
  27. N

    2015 Nissan Altima speakers

    Hi, I'm looking to replace all the speakers in my car for better quality ones. I'm trying to come up with a parts list of things to order so I can take it to a shop and they can install it for me. I just want to make sure I have all the things I need. I came across this website...
  28. SquishPud

    Looking for options for a "simple" Headunit

    My double-DIN Pioneer has bit the dust and it's time for something new but as I was reviewing my needs, I'm struggling to find something that ticks all the boxes, so I'm wondering if anyone can make a recommendation that I've overlooked. I use my Android phone exclusively; for maps, calls &...
  29. nealuss

    2 Alpine R-SB10V on S-A60M?

    Hello all, first time poster here. Title pretty much sums it up. Basically I currently have one Alpine R-SB10V (Halo series linkable prefab) on a S-A60M. The amp is rated for 600w @2ohm but the dyno sheet states it tested at 850w rms. I just bought a second R-SB10V I will be getting an R2-A150M...
  30. Afan64

    Any Android app to do this?

    Is there a app that simulates Bluetooth audio, so you can put any name/words in it, and it will show up on the Car Radio? e.g. When you connect your phone to your car and play music, it shows the file name, song name, song artist and album cover. If you find a .mp3 without the info, just the...
  31. L

    4 12s in camper shell

    Im fixing to go pick up 4 12s in a ported box to put in my truck bed. I know I’m gonna have to get an accordion boot to seal the back window and the campershell. Wanting to do sound deadening and carpet. What sound deadening would be the best? And would I need a stripper pole brace for the...
  32. A

    2023 F250 Crew Cab Upgrade

    Newby to the boards here . I recently purchased a 2023 F250 . Needless to say the stereo is lacking . As the head unit is more than just a stereo I will not be replacing it . So a line converter will be needed .I have installed my fair share of head units, amps and speakers over the years but...
  33. R

    Corona California audio shops?

    Hello all. Need advice on Audio Shops in the Corona California (or close by) area for JL Audio install. Preferably a shop that is trained in "JL Max" for a tune. New to the area, and any advice on what shop to goto. Looking to Sound Deaden whole vehicle also. Thank you
  34. T

    Need help with 11 Ram 1500 & Pioneer

    I have a 11 Ram 1500 and a Pioneer DMH1500NEX that has an illumination wire of head unit need to know where I wire that to off the factory harness that doesn’t have one. To the power wire?
  35. L

    One amp or two amps?

    I have 4 pair of resilient sound Neo tweeters(30wattrms)4 pair of resilient sound 6.5 neo(300rms). All are 4ohm. Do I need an amp for my 6.5 and another amp for tweeters? I’m looking to get an amp from down4sound.
  36. M

    Help with intro level car audio components

    I have a 2008 Chevy Colorado crew cab that I'm going to give to my son for graduation, and I want to replace the stereo system before that. I used to be a car audio big system fanatic 35 years ago, but this is just entry level stuff for this pickup. I just want to run these components by...
  37. Water Bear

    Best lithium for 14.6-15.3V charging

    Question as per the title. Thinking the answer is LTO, even though my charging voltage can only get them to between 40-75% SoC. Can't go 5s as that charges at 14, but 6s charges at like 16.8 which is way above where I'm at. What do you guys do? The voltage range is what I observe under max load...
  38. AnthonyO

    Battery, DOWN4SOUND | JP-2HC - Hybrid Capacitor, or NVX XCAP10H True 10 Farad Stiffening Hybrid Capacitor

    I am only going to be running either my Stinger MT1000.1 or switch to a Stinger MT1500.1. I will also have my AudioControl ACM4.300. Would you go with Extra Battery (Large and bulky) $200-$300 Down4Sound JP-2HC (Very small) $299 or NVX XCAP10H (Will mount on my amp rack) $195 with my discount
  39. G

    Two Parallel DSPs?

    Hello, Currently putting together a system consisting of three way components in front, coaxials in rear doors and two subs. HU is a Kenwood DNR1008RVS with time alignment, DSP, drive EQ, etc. built in. I’d planned to run an Alpine 6 channel DSP for the front three ways, band pass and turn the...
  40. C

    Lc7i rca outputs measuring mV w dmm

    I am trying to set gains on my lc7i but all i am getting is mV readings with 2 dmm...tried auto mode and selecting modes, what am i doing wrong?