Recommendations for Double Din headunit and possibly a DSP

Dominic Lam Newbie
Oct 5, 2018
Hey so I'm currently in the midst of saving up for a new car. And leaving behind the audio equipment in my old car for a new better system.

My Old system I did a bit of sound deadnening in the doors but for the new car I'm going all out and ripping out everything to sound deaden everything floor/door/firewall/trunk/roof

I have Focal Es 165 K2 as front and rears
Sub is Focal 33KX
Powered by Pioneer GM D9705

Will be most likely using the passive crossovers that came with

I'm still doing a fair bit of research but I haven't really come to any conclusions about what headunit to get

At the moment I'm looking at kenwood dmx8019s. But wondering if there are any better options.

Also would It be worth getting a DSP as I've never really tinked with this and he main thing is want is time alignment which is what the headunit has.

Any recommendations would be great thanks!

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