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  1. Gift Ideas for the Procrastinators Avenue Sound last Holiday sale

    Gift Ideas for the Procrastinators Avenue Sound last Holiday sale

    Don't Miss Avenue Sound last Holiday sale!
  2. N

    New to car audio need to know if these items work well together

    Ok so I own a 2011 dodge ram 1500. It came with a factory head unit and factory alpine speaker system. I'm keeping the whole system and just adding these items to get it thumping. But I'm not sure what to get. So I did some research and this is what I came up with.... One 2600 soundstream...
  3. Dr. Slam

    T3 audio t.1000 subs?

    I've been googling my *** off trying to find good reviews / good price range for these subs. Are two 15 inch versions worth paying $375 for new? Don't just answer, explain plz
  4. B

    Does anyone know of any Car Audio shows in Michigan ?

    I'm new to the forum and this was the only forum subject that I could relate this to " miscellaneous " was wondering if anyone knew of any car audio shows coming to Michigan this year ?
  5. R

    St. Louis Bassheads - ROLL CALL!

    We need some bass shows or just demo meets or something that's both Car Audio + Social around here. If there's interest maybe we can set up a meet & greet somewhere public, but away from stuff at the same time so the cops wont run us out in 10 min. About myself: I'm a car audio addict, but...
  6. "that boy asad"

    Alpine CDA-7894 MP3/CD Player Headunit

    Price $185 Shipped in the US - FIRM!!! Contact information call/text @ 281.235.8554 Is the item new or used Used ----------------------------------------------------- Product description This is a Mint Condition Alpine CDA-7894 SQ (Sound Quality) Head Unit... Comes with harness, cage...
  7. bassboys1993

    Installers in Wisconsin looking for help

    hey i know this is a little off topic in this section, but i was wondering if anybody on here knew of any audio shops that are hiring and need help, or just want extra help around. I would prefer to be paid but I'll just help and learn from experienced installers if i can. I know of raxx loud...
  8. C

    Columbus Car Audio and Accessories

    I am happy with the installation of my new sun roof by the team at Columbus Car Audio & Accessories; Morse Road store. Despite a few challenges the work was outstanding. I was very apprehensive to have a whole cut in the roof of my new car, but Columbus Car Audio put my fears to rest. WOW! I...
  9. resko1

    Bnib aq4x90

    Item(s) for Sale: BN AQ4x90 amp. Item(s) Description/Condition: Few months old. Has been sitting collecting a little dust. Was gonna use it with my 3500.1d but traded the sub amp so i dont have a use for this. 10/10 mech, 10/10 cosmetic. not a single scratch or mark. Price: 200 shipped to...
  10. Z

    Putting a marine amp in a car

    I am looking at getting a 4-channel amp and the MB Quart NAU 460 in my car. This product is listed as a marine amp and I'm wondering if it will work properly in a car. I would just get the MB Quart ONX4.60 but it sells for $20 more. Thank for your help.
  11. R

    RF T2 or Orion H2 12.2...which ones would you prefer????

    :fro:Which subs would you prefer??? A pair of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch T2 or Orion H2 12.2???
  12. R

    RF T2 or Orion H2 12.2...which ones would you prefer????

    Which subs would you prefer??? A pair of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch T2 or Orion H2 12.2???
  13. R

    40 Farad Mobile Specs Capacitor FS($150) or Trade for Battery (Kinetik or Deka)

    I need of another battery! I have a 40 farad capacitor that will stop the dimming of your lights period. This thing is a beast! I want another battery as my cells have died in my old battery.
  14. R

    Is the Big 3 upgrade good enough???

    I have 2 Orion H2 12.2 subs that will be powered by an Orion 2500D amp at 1 Ohm (I think). I've been searching high and low for all my options. I am going to do the Big3 upgrade for sure but i was thinking about getting a Kinetik HC1800 battery for a secondary battery in the back and I still...
  15. K

    Help with creating the right system

    Thank you in advance to all those who will give me advice. I'm trying to build a system for my 99 Camaro. I found the custom stealth boxes and amp rack so my t top storage isn't disturbed and i'm ready to build my first system. Money or budget isn't a issue and i know what i want, i just do not...
  16. J

    New guy greeting

    Hi, dear my friends, Nice to know you all, I am a new guy from China. My name is Jessica. Very nice to discuss car audio with you guys. Thanks. Regards,
  17. Vossy

    help on choosing battery

    Get a Deka from Dbeez 100+ shipping sexy
  18. M

    Central Jersey Installer

    I just recently started a business an im looking for few customers to help promote the business, we are MECP certified. we will be doing sponsorships for summer of 2011 we do everything from alarm/remote starts to radio's navagations, all the way to custom fab & boxes. If you have any...
  19. D

    Need advice.

    I would like to go into car audio as a profession. What would be the best way of doing that? I have thought about schools and getting a job at a car audio store. Which is better/smarter?
  20. tech114

    For sale 2 DB Drive PD2000.1 amplifier BINB

    1 x 500W @ 4 ohms (14.4V) 1 x 1000W @ 2 ohms (14.4V) 1 x 2000W @ 1 ohm (14.4V) Multi-Link capability on class D models (no linking module required) Ok, I have for sale 2 DB Drive PD2000's. Works from 12-18 Volts. 2 Brand new in box asking $450 each plus shipping. I will shipp free to the...
  21. H

    CJ Sounds Car Stereo

    CJ Sounds at 1085 Gessner Dr. Houston, TX 77055 does the best work! The owner Kevin has been in the car stereo business for 10 + years. We bought this location recently. The originally CJ passed away and his sons opened a crappy one in Katy. The one on Gessner is amazing service I guarantee you...
  22. U

    New Audio Setup

    Hi, Im thinking about buying 2 of LANZAR OPTI1224D 12" 1800W Competition Subwoofer with AudioPipe APF1801, is it a good combination?, i think that Lanzar have overrated these subs on RMS but i have heard a lot of good things about Audiopipe amplifiers, I need some advise from you guys, before i...
  23. R

    hey everyone. need help with my system

    im just going to list what i have, and you guys can leave any comments, suggestions, tips etc u want. i have a 04 dodge ram 1500, now for audio stuff....i have all new speakers n tweeters, a kenwood KDC-MP342U headunit, Kenwood KAC-8105D 1000w amp, 1 alpine type r 10", and a ported box...
  24. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  25. Amp rack

    Amp rack

    Amp rack under the rear seats.
  26. My box build

    My box build

  27. 2 15" Kicker CVR's

    2 15" Kicker CVR's

    My box
  28. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  29. car audio

    car audio

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