Looking for Custom Ported Quad 8" Sub Enclosure


CarAudio.com Newbie
Jun 29, 2020

As of now I have what most would consider a 'mom car' and along with that comes plenty of space for sub enclosures. Later this year I will be transitioning to a 2018 Ford F150 King Ranch but I don't have a sub enclosure for it. I have looked around on most of the internet and haven't found quite what I am looking for. I am looking for a PORTED sub enclosure that can fit 4 Sundown E-Series (v.6) 8" subs. I definitely want the box to be front firing and outside of that, I wouldn't be too picky. I have a buddy who has a box just like this but his is built for a GMC. (I've seen many enclosures like what I described for GMC trucks but none for F150s that are everything I'm looking for).

This Box is pretty much exactly what I am looking for:


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