Looking for Custom Ported Quad 8" Sub Enclosure


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Jun 29, 2020

As of now I have what most would consider a 'mom car' and along with that comes plenty of space for sub enclosures. Later this year I will be transitioning to a 2018 Ford F150 King Ranch but I don't have a sub enclosure for it. I have looked around on most of the internet and haven't found quite what I am looking for. I am looking for a PORTED sub enclosure that can fit 4 Sundown E-Series (v.6) 8" subs. I definitely want the box to be front firing and outside of that, I wouldn't be too picky. I have a buddy who has a box just like this but his is built for a GMC. (I've seen many enclosures like what I described for GMC trucks but none for F150s that are everything I'm looking for).

This Box is pretty much exactly what I am looking for:



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Aug 30, 2013
inland empire, Ca
Sub thump makes what youre lookin for its ported front firing has .60 cbf feet per sub but with that truck and what you want you need a seat lift kit bmi makes one that lifts the seat 2.5 inches


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Jan 22, 2010
Subthump is sealed.

Going to have to go custom for 4 8s ported.
F150 box.jpg
F150 box2.jpg

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