1. nauc

    nice build vids
  2. Deiimos

    How It's Made: DD AUDIO 9921c Subwoofer Build Process Video

    Just seen this video from DD and thought it was interesting.
  3. L

    My build so far…..what do u think

    Here is what I bought so far. 2 rs team 18s and one down4sound jp83 amp. I hand 4 sets of rs neo tweeters and 2 sets of rs 6.5 neo speakers. I have a 500 amp brand x alternator and a down4dound d4s jp40 lithium battery. Good for up to 12k watts at 14.8 watts max it says. I’m trying to get the...
  4. G

    Car Audio Custom Upgrade for Honda 2023 Accord Hybrid

    Recently purchased a 2023 Accord Hybrid Sport L. Has the 180W "8" speaker audio (its really 4 component speakers). I found the sound to be shockingly anemic. It is flat, there are parts of music I know are there that I can hear clearly on a better system that are just absent on this. The bass is...
  5. S

    Help: matching sub to my amp. Open to reboxing.

    Looking to upgrade my sub/box preferably a sealed setup. Appreciate your help! 1) Number of subs preferred: One Subwoofer preferably in a sealed box 2) Size preferred (if configuration allows): 12” 3) Budget: $5-600 4) Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): NVX NDA105 -...
  6. J

    Hardwiring an inverter into an audio system circuit?

    Whenever I can get my hands on a 2022 Subaru BRZ, I plan on installing a custom audio system before I drive it from sea to shining sea next summer (moving from New Hampshire to Arizona). I would like to hardwire an inverter inside, to have that added security and convenience for the trip (and...
  7. L

    truck subwoofer build

    (New to audio stuff) Currently have: Blaupunkt 3000w mono Kicker CompC 44TCWC104 (preinstalled 10" in a 0.66cf box, ported) ~$240 all in and I can feel good bass, just wanting to go bigger My buddy has this same sub and same amp just double the size of a ported box in a SUV and his rattles hairs...
  8. R

    New SQ setup, need help

    So I got a new car recently and most of my setup has officially started over. I did keep my amp and subs but that was it. I am coming from two Kicker CompVRs (07cvr124) and I want speakers that will hit lower and retain a much more accurate sound. I only have enough trunk space to (comfortably...
  9. T

    Comp R custom box design

    I have 2 Kicker comp Rs in separate prefab enclosure. they can't hit low and are very looking for a good box design with a big port in the middle. Ive looked around a lot online and haven't been able to find anything specific other than ...
  10. Mr.meyhem

    Seeking info on my obsidian audio 15 d2

    First off,  Thank you for looking at my post. I've had an oa 15 d2 for maybe 5 years now.  I know they are discontinued and were not mainstream when Jacob released them.   Anyways.  I am changing vehicles. Finally have the air space, trunk space,  and electrical to build a system how I would...
  11. brandonsballin

    Volume of Wall enclosure. 97 accord coupe

    I wanna know how to calculate this volume effecitently and accurately. Everything you see I’ve done myself! Everything is 2 layered 3/4 mdf so far. Back wall is also thinker than the 1 1/2. Because of 2x4 bracing. This car has every bit of 200$ in foam. Just to keep from splitting body...
  12. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  13. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  14. Eggroll

    Rear Deck Cover Up

    Never realized how much pressure the rear deck is under. I thought the trunk was sealed off, but the deadener covering the old 6x9 holes in the rear deck ripped from the pressure. Any ideas on how to cover these large holes?
  15. Eggroll

    Front Stage Thread

    Clearly the search bar isn't working so forgive me if this has been posted before. I have a 2013 Nissan Altima, and my front stage will consist of my: 1 - AVH - x4800bs (on the way) 1 - PPI 900.4 2 - VX4-ST Supertweeters. 4 ohm 300 rms 2 - PAX65 Speakers. 4 ohm 260rms So here are my...
  16. D

    2 152 orion 2ohm install ideas for 2004 chevy silverado blow through. Ohms?box type

    I have two dvc Orion 15 Subs 2 ohms. what is the best way to wire it up .5 ohms or 2 ohms looking for that deep bass and is it possible to run two speakers in the same box with 2 different amps because I have 1 Orion 2500.1 could I wire them separate at 1 ohm and connect to two amps? Also...
  17. S

    Dual 10" sub build in floor of trunk in replace of spare tire

    So im looking to rebuild the floor of my trunk and have two 10" subs, amp and capacitor installed in the floor of the trunk but I need help/ideas for how I would be able to really build it as in framing. I own a 2005 mazda 3 hatchback and im looking to hopefully have two 10" subs amp and...
  18. D

    VW Passat CC build

    Hi all. I am getting ready to start buying stuff for my new build and would welcome any comments. My goal is sound quality for acoustic, vocals, blues, and rock at moderate volume levels. Build will be 2-way components in the front and coaxials in the back, with passive crossovers. 10" sub...
  19. diaz_13

    newbie help on equipment needed for installation

    So I had posted a thread on my setup I currently have but changed. Currently own a alpine ive-w530 unit with 4 Kicker 40cs654 all the way around and one pioneer ts-w309d2 subwoofer. I need help on all equipment I need. As in wiring, rca, adapters ect. I plan on installing my self but don't know...
  20. adulbrich

    Suggestions for next build

    Disclaimer: This is a long write up. If you just want to hate or don't feel like reading, don't bother. Useful advice is appreciated. Ok, so I'm wanting to do something that I won't have to upgrade again (I know, its an addiction and nothing will ever be enough) I have about 5...
  21. C

    280zx Stereo System Build Help

    Hello all, I am new to this forum so please bear with me. My 1982 280zx is my first car and it has virtually no stereo in it so I will be pretty much working from the ground up. Blueprints for install Head Unit: ~$150 Kenwood Excelon KDC-X598 Speakers: ~$100 Polk DB691 6x9 (125w RMS...
  22. Only The Best

    Home audio BUILD!-equipment choice help!

    So I just moved into my apartment which is a 2 bed 850 ft^2. I've attached a pic. That's the space I have to use including room for 2 small towers on each side of the couch. THE PLAN: I've installed many car systems along with building them. So I was planning on building the boxes out of MDF...
  23. Y

    New to car audio, searching for opinions

    So, thanks in advance to any contributors and I look forward to picking some brains. Please excuse my ignorance on subjects to be determined! I am building a setup for my 2009 Malibu and I'm trying to find an old school JL 1000 (per my car-audio-educated homie's opinion - his system makes my...
  24. S

    System Build Help Please!

    I have an 06 2 door Cobalt and I need help with a system layout. Probably 2 12's and an amp only. I was thinking the Rockford T1500 and a loaded p3-2x12, but I heard the subs are garbage for low bass. I mainly listen to low bass like Juicy, Jeezy, TI stuff like that. Please help out I'm looking...
  25. stevknd2

    Where can I start my career in car audio?

    I have come to love my cars sound system. I am obsessed with installing speakers and tweaking amps right now...but I really have no idea what I'm doing. I am just playing it all by ear. There is a science to this art and I want to learn it. Where can I begin? I will work for free at any place...
  26. S

    2012 Porsche Panamera 4 Build

    So has anyone done a build on a newer Porsche? I am doing a build on a 2012 Porsche Panamera 4 in a couple weeks. I have done Mercedes, BMW and many other nice cars but never Porsche. Didn't know if there were any issues I should watch out for. We are keeping the stock headunit and running a JL...
  27. S

    *Anyone Build Woofer Boxes in the New Orleans Louisiana area?*

    I'm looking to get a box build. Reply with your name and number and I'll get back with you. Thanks
  28. XORstatus

    New build. :) memphis mojo 15

    This is the build I did last night, Got the peices cut at homedepto at 9:30 and completed BUILDING it at 3am. PHOTOS:
  29. A

    build advice

    So I'm very new to all of this and I want your guys input! 1) So the only part of my system i actually have is a 2004 Honda accord and two 15 inch 1500rms watt subs. I'm only going to be using one of them because i have no room or reason for two. 2) I want a good sounding system that isn't...
  30. C

    looking to build a box for 2 RE SXX 12's feedback please!

    Re audio SXx 12" 1000W rms 4 ohm dvc so i went on the website for the subs and found the box should be tuned to 33hz which i have no idea how to do (problem 1). the optimal space is 2.0 ft^3 per chamber. is that before or after displacement of the sub? (problem 2) the rough dimensions that i...
  31. M

    Trying to build enclosure for a 15" tc sounds tc-3000/axis quadcoil help!

    I am trying to make my first sub enclosure, it's for a 15" tc-3k / axis quadcoil . Just need some assistance on measurements and tuning. It's going in my 01' Acura TL's trunk.. THAnkS or just the easy way out..... if you are in los angeles area maybe you can build one for me.
  32. harshglare

    Precision Power PC3.65C

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: 6-1/2" 200W RMS PPI Power Class Series 3-way Component Car Speaker System RMS Power Range : 100 Watts Frequency response: 60-20000 Hz Diameter: 6.5 Inch Kevlar and paper mid-range cone with laminated foam backing Butyl rubber surround 3/4" Aluminum dome...
  33. C

    help with my system?

    I desperately need to upgrade my system, thinking RE audio is the way im going to go but what i dont know is how good the certain models of their subs are. currently im thinking an SXx 15" but maybe a different version would slam harder? also does anyone know for sure if i can get a 15" box in...
  34. TBH1

    F/S: TRF, Atomic, Eclipse, SoloX Motors

    Item(s) for Sale: Blacktop TRF Motor 4"VC 2-Atomic APXX 856 3"VC Eclispe 8812DVC 3"VC 2-SoloX 18" basket and motors 3.5"VC i do belive Item(s) Description/Condition: TRF- Mint condition, my buddy put the RF sticker on it. No chips or dings APXX- No chips or dings. Eclipse- No chips...
  35. N

    !!free build designs!!

    I am starting this service for car audio enthusiasts by assisting them with new ideas/designs/plans for their builds. Being new on, I am making this service free until I can gain some feedback and hopefully good credit. I am very reachable, do not hesitate to message me. IF YOU...
  36. G

    First Build

    My budget will be about 800-1000 dollars to start off my build. I'm looking at running 2 12's. I will upgrade speakers down the line, including an amp for them. That being said, this is what I'm looking at getting for my initial setup. I would run the subs parallel, and since they are dvc4 I...
  37. TeamPSI

    Radom subwoofer pics from PSI Car audio....

    Haven't been here in a bit, and figured I'd drop a few random shots of some of the latest subs we've been building/re-building here at the shop. Full pictorials with step-by-step build pics are at our forum, if you want to see them all. I'll just post finished pics in this post. Don't mean to...