2 152 orion 2ohm install ideas for 2004 chevy silverado blow through. Ohms?box type


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I have two dvc Orion 15 Subs 2 ohms. what is the best way to wire it up .5 ohms or 2 ohms looking for that deep bass and is it possible to run two speakers in the same box with 2 different amps because I have 1 Orion 2500.1 could I wire them separate at 1 ohm and connect to two amps? Also looking for the best box to build and as soon as I find out how I'm wiring the sub I guess I can start looking for the best amp either bridgeable 2 ohms or another 1 ohm . I can build a box to specs and willing to spend money on a amp.I have one 152 sub blown through with a 2500.1 orion amp and it slams hard but everyone knows you want more. Thanks in advance. I will post pictures of the build if allowed . And already have upgrade with alt.,extra batt,big 3.. will add more battery if need.

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