IS-54 and IS-136 are second-generation (2G) mobile phone systems, known as Digital AMPS (D-AMPS), and a further development of the North American 1G mobile system Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS). It was once prevalent throughout the Americas, particularly in the United States and Canada since the first commercial network was deployed in 1993. D-AMPS is considered end-of-life, and existing networks have mostly been replaced by GSM/GPRS or CDMA2000 technologies.
This system is most often referred to as TDMA. That name is based on the abbreviation for time-division multiple access, a common multiple access technique which is used in most 2G standards, including GSM, as well as in IS-54 and IS-136. D-AMPS competed against GSM and systems based on code-division multiple access (CDMA).
D-AMPS uses existing AMPS channels and allows for smooth transition between digital and analog systems in the same area. Capacity was increased over the preceding analog design by dividing each 30 kHz channel pair into three time slots (hence time division) and digitally compressing the voice data, yielding three times the call capacity in a single cell. A digital system also made calls more secure in the beginning, as analogue scanners could not access digital signals. Calls were encrypted, using CMEA, which was later found to be weak.IS-136 added a number of features to the original IS-54 specification, including text messaging, circuit switched data (CSD), and an improved compression protocol. SMS and CSD were both available as part of the GSM protocol, and IS-136 implemented them in a nearly identical fashion.
Former large IS-136 networks, including AT&T in the United States, and Rogers Wireless in Canada, have upgraded their existing IS-136 networks to GSM/GPRS. Rogers Wireless removed all 1900 MHz IS-136 in 2003, and has done the same with its 800 MHz spectrum as the equipment failed. Rogers deactivated its IS-136 network (along with AMPS) on May 31, 2007. AT&T soon followed in February 2008, shutting down both TDMA and AMPS.
Alltel, who primarily used CDMA2000 technology but acquired a TDMA network from Western Wireless, shut down its TDMA and AMPS networks in September 2008. US Cellular, which now also primarily uses CDMA2000 technology, shut down its TDMA network in February 2009.
IS-54 is the first mobile communication system which had provision for security, and the first to employ TDMA technology.

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  1. F

    Bi amping tweeters and mids

    What are my options for running separate signals to my tweeters and mids?
  2. connerprince

    How many amps do I need?

    I just bought a brand new Toyota Corolla Cross but wanted to upgrade the cars audio system. I would max out the volume knob almost everyday leading to distorted music at high volume. I met with one car audio shop that says they're fine they just need an amp and a Hi low converter, and I want to...
  3. connerprince

    Toyota Corolla Cross Good Amps?

    I just bought a brand new Toyota Corolla Cross but wanted to upgrade the cars audio system. I would max out the volume knob almost everyday leading to distorted music at high volume. I met with one car audio shop that says they're fine they just need an amp and a Hi low converter, and I want to...
  4. T

    Indoor audio setup

    I'm building a portable speaker with car auto parts, I have a 1000w amp for the full range and a 2000w for the 4 subs. The last power supply I had for it was a 12v 40A and I blew it up because it couldn't handle it. I'm wondering what I need to get In order to power the thing.
  5. Younged777

    Need an amp

    Can anyone recommend a decent amp to be used with two 8" woofers (800 watts) and two Pyramid 3" tweeters (300 watts)?
  6. M

    Factory JBL System VS System From Previous Car

    Just got a new (used) car after having my parked car get totaled by a drunk. It’s a 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6. I’ve never had a factory amp and I’m surprised by how loud the jbl system gets even without a sub. I’m disappointed that the “8 speaker”system is actually only 6. In the coming days I...
  7. O

    Best subs for a 2011 Silverado crew cab

    I have a 2011 Silverado crew cab, I’m undecided to on what size and brand of subs that I should put on my truck. Also what 6 1/2” speakers do you recommend. I want some nice deep bass and a clean sound. Thanks for your recommendations.
  8. R

    Which amps should I get?

    So i ordered the JBL gto393 6x9 speakers which is a set of 2 speakers and I also ordered Jbl gto609c component speakers set. Also ordered the MTX terminator series subwoofers which is 1200 watts dual sub enclosure. I'm getting a 2400 watt Monoblock amp for the subs. But I don't know what amp I...
  9. ekah

    some speaker to amp questions

    i have the crescendo pwx 6.5 these are really good but i dont like that i limit them at 5600 hertz and want speakers more on the higher vocal area where theres im not sure if ill hear a big difference or not where the deaf-bounce goes...
  10. N

    Needing recommendations

    I'm getting 2 rocksford fosgate P2D2's and am looking for a somewhat budget friendly amp. My budgets around 750 for everything and would naturally stay around the low side of it but I don't want to cut down on quality by any means. I've had one set up before but didn't comprise it myself so any...
  11. Corey McMurry

    What's the best way 2 wire 2 diff amps with different subs from head unit

       ok I'm trying 2 find the best way 2 wire my 2 diferant amps and 2 different subs from my reciever       I have a Kenwood Kdc-302 which has 3 RCA outs but one is Sub then Front and Rear, I assume the Sub-Out puts out differant audio because on rear-out I can turn my gain up but when I plug it...
  12. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  13. F

    Amp to match 80rms/170max watts & power reserve

    SPEAKER: MB Quart QS216 (1-pair) AMP: ? CAPACITOR: ? Looking for amp to match MB Quart speakers rated at 80/170w. Power rating is 4 ohms. I only prefer to shop at sonicelectronix. I found a couple 2channel-ClassAB amps that have an rms ranging from 100-150w. Are there any benefits in going above...
  14. B

    Power Wire Expansion

    Background: About four or five years ago I installed a pair of American Bass XD-10s wired to two ohms, powered by a Precision Power BK 1300.1D wired up with 4G Knu Koncepts. Relatively soon after installing, my enclosure slid across my trunk and the amp was ripped off of its mounts (two broke...
  15. F

    will this work

    im getting 2 kicker comp r 12s i think there 2 ohms i have a black ice amp, if i bridge them will they work at 1 ohm?
  16. R

    Need new Subs

    I Just blew my Subs and amp. (Subs are old and going bad and caused the amp to blew) Looking to use the same sub box cause its custom fit for under my seat. Looking for a 10" sub with a mounting depth less then 4 3/8" I had 225 watts and want to louder. (300 up probably) I really like the...
  17. D

    Help? Ohms? amps, subs, Im lost, lost, Lost!!!

    ok I'm putting a system in my bus, I'm really stoked about it but I have researched this stuff so much I am lost? Somebody please tell me the best way to hook everything up? I have two JBL 6x9s that are going to be in the front of the bus, Four JBL 6 1/2" speakers that are on each side of the...
  18. Hardeeville

    Electrical Wiring Issue, Help greatly appreciated.

    Hello yall, I have a 06 Nissan Altima, I installed a new HU today (kenwood dpx702bh) and I'm all finished up. One issue maybe two.... When I start the car and my headunit is not on (because I did not hook up the ground wire yet) my amplifiers turn on just fine. But.. when I hook up my ground...
  19. B

    8gauge to 0gauge

    Iʻm running an 8 ga power wire from my battery but need 0gauge wire for the second amp i bought. If i ise a power dist block will it over heat and cause damage or should i just run 0 from my battery and figure out a new way to run the 2 amps. Thanks
  20. adulbrich

    Alex's uncles' amps

    So, two of my uncles want to buy a pair of my Soundrive subs. My uncle Matt has a 2017 Yukon XL. He said he was looking to spend around $500 on an amp. My uncle Tom has a 1971 Firebird. He wanted to buy one of my VP 7k's, and I told him I didn't really want to sell them because the price has...
  21. F

    Amp question

    I have 6.25 kicker speakers in the front and kicker 6.5 from 2006 which amp is best I was looking at Precision Power PPI ICE800.2 800W Max Black Ice Series 2-channel Amplifier
  22. Q

    New to Car Audio

    So I've never put in or picked out a car audio system, and I'm having a hard time deciphering all the brand's and types of systems there are. I wanted to know what kind of subs, amp, and wiring I could get for $500 and what would fit behind the seats of an 86 Pontiac Fiero.
  23. 9

    Sound vs. Power in sealed enclosure?

    I am currently running an old 4 channel Fosgate 500-4 for my sub. It was meant to be more of a temporary setup which I would then move the amp to run my speakers. I love the clarity of these old Fosgate amps but I don't feel as if I have enough power for my Phoenix Gold 12 RSDC sub. Its in a...
  24. bullheadaudio

    Looking for amp

    Okay looking for a powerful amp at the minimum 2000 RMS @ 2ohm amp no more than 2500. Leaning towards a more bass punch amp than sq. I had a nice amp (idk the name) that you could feel the bass in your chest. The amp I just brought seems mor like a sq one. Any help here
  25. T

    Amps Won't Work!? Thoughts?

    I have a couple of amps, a Cadence z1502, and a Clif Designs 4 way 1400w. Been using the amps for 4 and 8 years with no problems ever, until 1 month ago. Here's what has been happening: - When I began turning up the volume everything was fine, but when I turned the sub level on the deck...
  26. T

    Amps Fine, Won't turn on? Never heard of this...

    I have a couple of amps, a Cadence z1502, and a Clif Designs 4 way 1400w. Been using the amps for 4 and 8 years with no problems ever, until 1 month ago. Here's what has been happening: - When I began turning up the volume everything was fine, but when I turned the sub level on the deck...
  27. C

    Amps for sale (local Portland OR area)

    Let's try this again!! Got into a bind need to get rid of these amps I've been collecting. Going cheap!!! Local Portland,OR area sales only, just set up paypal(5/16) and can now ship:-) PG XS6600 660watt RMS 6ch $100 PG RSD 300/4 300watt RMS 4ch $50 Alpine MRV-T505 500watt RMS 2ch $SOLD...
  28. R

    New to car audio looking for help

    Hey everyone I'm getting my first truck in a few days and want to put a new audio system in it. Since its a truck I was looking at getting 2 pioneer tsswx2502 10" 1200w (300w rms) 4 ohm subs and replacing the four in door speakers with pioneer ts-f1634r 6.5" 200w (25w rms) 4 ohm speakers. My...
  29. DS18 SMART CAR


    MADE IN USA BY, TEAM DS18 for quotes inbox me
  30. R

    Ds18 pro fullrange series amps

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: DS18 IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE FULL RANGE SERIES, AVAILABLE IN 3.5K1 AND 6K1 Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
  31. D

    I have a question.

    I just got 2 jl 12w0 8s in a box and a quantum audio qca3500d amp. My friend said the amp is only 500 watts but it says 3500 at 1 ohm. Is this okay to hook up? Will it blow my subs?
  32. dlaskos

    kicker kx 350.2 need help

    Ok the issue im having is with power. This is what I have done already, checked all wiring, fuses, ground to chassis and voltage through amplifier. Problem: my amp shows it has voltage going all the way through b+ and coming out to the ground connection at the cars body. Yet the amp still wont...
  33. J

    What kind of amp to get?

    The door speakers I want are 4 ohms with 45 watt rms and 135 peak. And the sub is also 4 ohms with 250 watt rms and 1000 peak. But the rear deck is 2 ohms at 200 rms and 600 peak. What kind of amp can I get so the ohms match up? Or do I need to get 2 separate amps? Maybe a 3 channel for the...
  34. B

    HELP!! wiring noob

    I have a fully loaded dual kicker comps 12s 2 ohms Kicker DCompS12 Dual 12" SingleVoiceCoil 2Ohm Subwoofers with Enclosure 40DCWS122 - Best Buy is this how I would wire it since I have to...
  35. L

    iam not a NOOB!!! nah iam a noob.

    i have had a few systems. 77 chevy pickup. 2 knob radio, majestic eq, and two kicker stillwaters ten boxes. same truck with the tweeters, mids, passive crossovers out of kenwood 8 truck boxes tweets in the dash mids in upper door panel. pyle pounder 8s in bottom of doors which was all ran...
  36. B

    2 amps on one battery?

    I have a 2010 ford focus with a 900 watt amp punching two comp 12s and I have an extra amp that is 760 watts. Would it be safe to add the extra amp to the battery with the 900 watt amp or would I need another battery or dist block. Any help, tips, or info for the future would be greatly appreciated
  37. B

    Brand new radio, 2 amps, and still not working. Please help!

    I have my radio hooked up to a four channel amp that runs my front speakers and my sub. A few months ago the front speakers and sub starting cutting out for some reason. I've checked all the connections and the radio is practically brand new. I know it's not the speakers that's the problem...
  38. 350zkid

    Few things FS/FT

    1. Products: 1) MMATS D100 Class D Mono 2) MTX Thunder 1004 4-Channel 3) Cadence Pro 10x4 4ohm 10" Pro Mid 4) Audiopipe CRX-203 (4 total) 2-Passive Crossovers 65 JBL P1222 12" Dual 2 ohm (2 total) 2. Specs: 1)D100 700Wrms@1ohm @ 12.5V 2)MTX Car Audio - Thunder1004 Amplifier 3)PRO10X4...
  39. C2 Audio

    C2 Audio Amp Prototypes

    While at CES I met up with numerous build-house representatives to check out their prototype amps I had requested. I have a few amps showing up in the next week or so to thoroughly test before I pick what I want to go with. Here are some pictures of some of the amps coming my way. I'll keep...
  40. S

    i have a 1200 watt s channel amp and a 500 watt sub.

    is there a way to reduce the power? or will it be fine like it is? they are 12" kicker comp subwoofer and the ssl f2.1200 thanks!