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Audio System Setup

Found 12 results

  1. So i ordered the JBL gto393 6x9 speakers which is a set of 2 speakers and I also ordered Jbl gto609c component speakers set. Also ordered the MTX terminator series subwoofers which is 1200 watts dual sub enclosure. I'm getting a 2400 watt Monoblock amp for the subs. But I don't know what amp I should get for the JBL mids and highs. I do want the Max power I can get for the mids and highs though any ideas?
  2. i have the crescendo pwx 6.5 these are really good but i dont like that i limit them at 5600 hertz and want speakers more on the higher vocal area where theres https://gpcaraudio.com/deaf-bonce-apocalypse-ap-m60a-v2/ im not sure if ill hear a big difference or not where the deaf-bounce goes to 14000 hertz. would i get about the same amount of midbass or more with the deaf bouce? the pwx aint in any sort of enclosure its just in my door, someone told me it has to be properly enclosed to get any sort of real midbass but i feel my sub handles all the bass so whats the real point of midbass? might as well have my mids do some clear vocals. its being powered by a ppi900.4 at 4 ohms its suppose to be pushing 145rms. another question is if my pair of tweeters and mid speakers are running active to my amp how does my head unit know whats a mid and whats a tweeter when i do the crossover through the headunit? like if i set my crossover for my highs as low as 5600 and my midbass to 5600 to take over how does it know which speaker or channel is suppose to be at what hertz? and are bassblockers caps necessary for my tweeters?
  3. I'm getting 2 rocksford fosgate P2D2's and am looking for a somewhat budget friendly amp. My budgets around 750 for everything and would naturally stay around the low side of it but I don't want to cut down on quality by any means. I've had one set up before but didn't comprise it myself so any tips and knowledge would not but turned away, so any information about anything is welcome.
  4. Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like to stick to the stock amplifier if that is possible with the components i have brought (but only if it would work). Also how would i go about wiring up the external crossovers to the items that come stock in the car? and finally... what will i have to change / buy (besides from the mountings in the door) to make all the of this work? any help is greatly appreciated
  5. ok I'm trying 2 find the best way 2 wire my 2 diferant amps and 2 different subs from my reciever I have a Kenwood Kdc-302 which has 3 RCA outs but one is Sub then Front and Rear, I assume the Sub-Out puts out differant audio because on rear-out I can turn my gain up but when I plug it to sub-out I have 2 turn it down or it rattles. I then have a 500k capacitor to a 12" Pioneer 1000w peak power amp its bridged putting 500rms to a 1300w peak power pioneer sub I think the rms is around 350w. Then I have a 600w PowerBass Amp (I cant find the rms rating on this amp but it's a 4 omls when bridged) its run to a 12" MTX Thunder6000 550w peak 260w rms sub in a ported box. Both amps have there own power straight 2 battery (the 1000w has a capacitor on its powerwire) and both amps and the capacitor have there own ground wires and all 3 are ran 2 the same location MY QUESTION IS: What is the best way 2 wire the RCA audio from the head unit because I have 3 options that iv thought of? A) Run Sub-Out RCA 2 one amp and a RCA from Rear-Out 2 the second amp, which is how iv had it for a while but I cant controle both subs from my reciever as well or @ the same time or the LPF on rear @ all. (but it does help 2 set them differently) (this is how they have been till 2day) B) Run Sub-out 2 the 600w Powerbass which has a RCA-Out that I can run 2 the 1000w Pioneer. (will I have problems like this? it being the smaller amp 2 the larger one?) C) Run Sub-Out RCA 2 a RCA Splitter and 2 each amp... (which is how I just set them up) any other opinions or recommendations will be appreciated. Idk if the capacitor helps my system or not, the light on the amp dims still when turned up verry loud. and the pioneer seems 2 have a rattle on hard hits, idk if its cause the box isnt sealed properly or because the rms is a little higher on the amp..?
  6. SPEAKER: MB Quart QS216 (1-pair) AMP: ? CAPACITOR: ? Looking for amp to match MB Quart speakers rated at 80/170w. Power rating is 4 ohms. I only prefer to shop at sonicelectronix. I found a couple 2channel-ClassAB amps that have an rms ranging from 100-150w. Are there any benefits in going above RMS but still way below the max wattage output? I want to emphasize keeping the gain below 50% as I had a terrible experience a couple years ago and i'm back at it finally! Then, once I have my amp I want to be able to support it with a capacitor. So let's just assume my amp is 1000w should I double the farad from 1 to 2 at this point or triple it? The following are amps based on an arbitrary factor where I subtracted the max wattage and rms then side viewing it with price. I don't wanna be robbed or regretting a purchase for a higher priced one (sorted by descending order by price): Rockford Fosgate Punch P500X2 Price: $270 Watt Rms: 150w Watt Max: 500w EARTHQUAKE SOUND PH800W/2 (My initial choice, any reason not to get this?) Price: $140 Watt Rms: 125w Watt Max: 800w Soundstream ST2.1000D Price: $110 Watt Rms: 140w Watt Max: 1000w Pioneer GM-A5702 Price: $115 Watt Rms: 150w Watt Max: 1000w Precision Power PPI ICE800.2 (This looks too good to be true) Price: $80 Watt Rms: 130w Watt Max: 800w Hifonics ZXX-500.2 Price: $80 Watt Rms: 125w Watt Max: 500w Planet Audio AC600.2 (Ok,....what's the catch?) Price: $60 Watt Rms: 150w Watt Max: 600w
  7. Background: About four or five years ago I installed a pair of American Bass XD-10s wired to two ohms, powered by a Precision Power BK 1300.1D wired up with 4G Knu Koncepts. Relatively soon after installing, my enclosure slid across my trunk and the amp was ripped off of its mounts (two broke, the others were bent and about to break). Since then I left the amp propped against the enclosure, though it would still fall now and then. The stupidity of this solution finally caught up to me when the amp fell over last week and blew, filling my car with smoke. I'm currently researching replacements vs. buying a new amp, but I'm taking my time and securing the amp properly this time. My Question: I'm planning on securing the new amp to the top of my enclosure with enough slack in the cables to protect against any sliding (I chained up the box to cargo ties, but it still slides 1-3 inches now and then), but I trimmed my power wire too short in the initial install to accomplish this. Would it cause any problems to add in a second fuse at the end of the existing cable so I can add an extra foot or so to connect to the new amp and free up a little slack? tl;dr: Can I add a second fuse to my power cable to connect another foot to free up slack for my amp and install it in a different location?
  8. im getting 2 kicker comp r 12s i think there 2 ohms i have a black ice amp, if i bridge them will they work at 1 ohm?
  9. I Just blew my Subs and amp. (Subs are old and going bad and caused the amp to blew) Looking to use the same sub box cause its custom fit for under my seat. Looking for a 10" sub with a mounting depth less then 4 3/8" I had 225 watts and want to louder. (300 up probably) I really like the compRT's but i cant find an amp that can do 800watts at 2ohms would it be a probably if i used a 600 watt amps for two speakers that each are rated at 400 watts rms? Do you have any suggestes for sub amp combos? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/kicker-comprt-10-dual-voice-coil-2-ohms-subwoofer-black/5190204.p?skuId=5190204 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/kicker-cx-series-cxa6001-1200w-class-d-mono-amplifier-with-adjustable-kickeq-bass-boost-black/4781400.p?skuId=4781400
  10. ok I'm putting a system in my bus, I'm really stoked about it but I have researched this stuff so much I am lost? Somebody please tell me the best way to hook everything up? I have two JBL 6x9s that are going to be in the front of the bus, Four JBL 6 1/2" speakers that are on each side of the bus, Two JBL 12" subs that are in the back of the bus.I should mention the subs have switches on them so you can change the ohms from 4 to 2. A Pioneer radio with rca's for front, back and subs. I have Two Pioneer amps to run everything? All this ohm stuff is confusing? do I run a set of wires to each sub? Maybe 1 sub on each amp? do I run one set of wires to both subs? I know somebody just knows this stuff right?
  11. Hello yall, I have a 06 Nissan Altima, I installed a new HU today (kenwood dpx702bh) and I'm all finished up. One issue maybe two.... When I start the car and my headunit is not on (because I did not hook up the ground wire yet) my amplifiers turn on just fine. But.. when I hook up my ground wire behind the screw that holds the headunit in place, my headunit works just fine but my amps turn off and have no power. So if that was confusing..... Headunit on, amps go off. Headunit off(from lack of ground wire connected) amps come on as normal. Any help would be great. Thanks again
  12. Iʻm running an 8 ga power wire from my battery but need 0gauge wire for the second amp i bought. If i ise a power dist block will it over heat and cause damage or should i just run 0 from my battery and figure out a new way to run the 2 amps. Thanks