1. M

    Kenwood subs and amp smell

    Just some info, I've got a kac-9105d amp and kfc-w3013ps, moved over from my old Jeep Cherokee to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The subs are new, replacing some 12 year old 12" Kenwood subs. The Uconnect didn't have a RCA/sub channel out, so I had to buy a Line Out Converter and splice into my...
  2. Under Pressure

    Under Pressure Audio 12.2 subwoofer torture testing.

    Was working on my truck (4th order for 18 12's built by Bassheadsent) and decided to take the good break in the weather to throw some tones on the final proto. And stretch her out a bit on video. Mind you i had been playing the sub for about 2 hours while outside. Iam in the process of having...
  3. D

    Need advice on purchasing a subwoofer.

    Hello, I have been searching the forums for quite a while now and cannot seem to find anyone with a similar post to mine, so I decided to start a new thread. I am looking for a 15" subwoofer that can play down low when listening to rap, but also still sound good when listening to...
  4. S

    Need desperate help with alpine type r's!! Please read! Thx!!!

  5. J

    Will my amp power these subs?

    Hello, world. I have access to a Clarion APX4360 amp ( and I was wondering if it could power the subs I list below. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure...
  6. S

    JL Audio 10W6v2 - 10'' subwoofers for sale (chicago/suburbs)

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 used JL audio 10W6v2 10'' subwoofers w/ sealed enclosure/case/box Item(s) Description/Condition: -in excellent working condition -minor cosmetic wear/blemishes -comes in sealed enclosure/box/case with mounting brackets and screws Price: the going rate is around 400-500...
  7. C2 Audio

    C2 Audio Threatcon 4 Yard Sale $199.99

    YARD SALE! We have a few 12" Theatcon-4 12" Open Box woofers On Sale for $199 with FREE SHIPPING! Very Limited Quantities Available. These are brand new but have small finish scuffs on the basket from assembly. Get Yours Here: C2 Audio 12" Threatcon-4
  8. F

    2 sealed sub boxes with different volume

    I built a box to go under the back seat of an ext. cab f150. The box has 2 pioneer 10's in it now running on 300w rms a piece. I'm wanting to build another box for 2 more 10's that kinda looks like a center console for the middle of the rear bench seat and get another amp just like the one I...
  9. Manchesteruntd

    Enclosure Design Help

    I Am am brand new to this site, but not new to the car audio world. Recently, I have been stumped by one of my boxes and am looking to build a new one. The box is for a smart car. I built a box for a Rockford Fosgate 8inch P2D4 and is powered by a Rockford Fosgate R500XD (image attached; the...
  10. VWSundownAudio

    My first ever budget build!

    Panasonic CQ-RX100U Head Unit Sundown E-15 DVC 4-ohm Sub wired to 2-ohms R/T 300 318-15 Labyrinth Ported Enclosure Kenwood KAC-5001PS 1000W Mono D Amp KnuKonceptz 4 Gauge Wiring Kit All brand spankin' new. Total Cost: $320 Ive heard tons of other single 15's, and for the all around cost, I...
  11. B

    EQ app for subs? Subwoofer damage?

    I know this is a car auido forum but this question pertains to a recent shelf system i have purchased. I have an app on my iphone called equalizer. It allows you to boost the bass up to 14db. Right when i recieved the shelf system of course i plug everything in, set the bass boost up to 14db and...
  12. VWSundownAudio

    New Sub ?

    Well I'm still in the process of learning all this stuff and this might be a stupid question, but when you get a brand new subwoofer, how hard/easy are you suppose to bump it? Should you take it easy or act like you would if it was a year old?
  13. VWSundownAudio

    Sub/Amp Question.. *NEED QUICK HELP*

    Well, I'm new to car audio business, so I was wanting to get into it a little but I found out quickly its more complicated that I anticipated at first. Anyway, I was planning on running just one Sundown E-series 15 inch DVC 2-ohm sub (400 watts RMS) linked with a Kenwood KAC-5001PS 1000W Mono D...
  14. B

    DC Level 4 or XL?

    I need help deciding what would be best for how much power I have. I have a US Amps AX2000's. 600W X 2 @ 4Ω 1000W X 2 @ 2Ω 2000W X 1 @ 4Ω Now I am wondering if I should overpower the Level 4 or under power the XL. I have the option to get the Level 4's with XL soft parts as well. Level 4...
  15. B

    pioneer premier ts-w5000 how good are they

    I've been looking to upgrade my system and possibly get in to competition. I've recently seen pioneer premier ts-w5000 around Craigslist and i looked at pioneer premiers website they look remarkable but at 900 for one sub woofer. so my question is have any of you heard these monsters in person...
  16. B

    2 RE MT 18's & 2 AX2000 Amps

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 RE MT 18 inch subwoofers 2 US Amps AX2000 (there are 3 amps in the picture but only selling 2) Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent. Only used for about 4 months Price: $1600 OBO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will cover shipping costs. I go through...
  17. P

    Help me improve!

    Hello, this is my first post on here. Basically awhile ago I told my friend I wanted subwoofers and he ordered everything for me and I just paid him. After I got them though I started learning a lot more on my own about car audio in general. Anyways I have 2 Kenwood KFC-W3013PS and a Planet...
  18. T

    best system on 1100 rms?

    I have a rockford fosgate amp pushing 1100 watts rms at 2 ohm. Wondering what system people think I should go with. I prefer to stick with 1 12 or 2 10s or 12s. Looking for a system that's really boomy, and super loud, with good lows.
  19. J

    Entry level subwoofers

    Hi, I am new to this site. I wanted to find out what is the best bang for the buck entry level subwoofers. Looking for two 10" or two 12" subs for $250. I listen to Hip hop, EDM, and R&B. I am looking for subwoofers with the best bass for the price of $250. I have a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe...
  20. J

    custom 15

    how much would it cost for someone to make me a 15" sub that can handle 1000-1200 watts, I'm just debating on weather or not to ask someone to make me one or just buy one, i don't need a 80 lb sub lol i just want some sick bass. I'm kinda new to the whole car audio scene lol so please leave...
  21. Magnum099

    Sundown SA-12

    I am looking to get a new subwoofer for my daily driver, and I am leaning towards getting one SA-12. I have a couple of questions though, mainly for people who have experience with the Sundowns. 1) Ported or Sealed? I know ported is generally the choice for the Sundowns, but I was just curious...
  22. E

    Need help deciding on subs!

    So right now I have a 1200W Hifonics amp and a ported box for 2 12" subs. I'm trying to find some subwoofers that would work well with what I've got so far. My budget is around 120$ for both (I know it's not much, thats not what I'm asking) Here's what I'm thinking so far: Pioneer TS-W310S4...
  23. V

    best set of spl/sol 12" subs for under $600 a pair

    I've got kicker comp r 12 on a Hixon is Brutus 2007 ems mono block. I'm looking for the best sub combo to handle 2400 rms. I need box help too. I want to go ported but I need a lot of help with this and asap. Not impressed with kickers. Thank you guys for the info
  24. M

    Need ideas for a 2013 Honda Civic Coupe system

    So I got a brand new 2013 Civic a few weeks ago, all I'm looking to do is get a Sub and a Amp which is all I really need since the speakers are still new and sound good and the stereo is pretty good as far as I'm concered has bluetooth, usb, aux the works. I'm looking to get a low end system...
  25. B

    Kicker L7 distortion?!

    So I have 1994 honda civic with stock alt, stock battery, and I HAVE NOT done the big 3 upgrade. My question is, could this cause my kicker CX1200.1 amp to clip when the gain on it is only set to about 1/4? I mean it is barely pushing the 15" L7 i have, yet when i go to crank up my HU volume to...
  26. A

    [HELP] Subwoofer issues

    Hi guys, first off, if this is a the wrong sections then please could the mod's move it. Secondly, I'm amanc, im 20 and I love bass! My cousin recently gave me a subwoofer as a well done present for getting good grades, it was his old one and it's about 3-4 years old and he custom built the...
  27. P

    Dual sub box only playing one sub

    My sub box only plays one sub when I connect them both the amp will go into protect mode. I checked all the connections they were fine, and my left sub plays fine. When I connect the right one by itself, it doesn't play is it blown? Is it time for a new setup? I've had this one for about 2.5 years
  28. C2 Audio

    Threatcon 2 15" Giveaway!

    Here we go! We are giving away a Threatcon 2 15" Dual 2 ohm woofer! This is what you need to do to enter. 1. Go to the C2 Audio website and copy/paste the link of the Threatcon 2 15" web page into your comment section. 2. Then after that, Explain what you would like to do if you were...
  29. S

    Distortion Problem: Subs produce continuous sound while deck is on

    SPECS Car Details: -2003 Acura RSX Type S (w/ Bose Stereo) -Deck feeds to two amplifiers: Mono, Stereo and then to the speakers. Bass Package: -Amp: Phoenix Gold Ti -Subwoofer: 2 Phoenix Gold 12' Ti (Wired 2 ohm) -Fixed Line Converter (Wired from the stock mono amplifier) Now that you...
  30. D

    any one used sound qubed?

    if so can i hear some feed back, they have a 15 for sale only $160 rated at 600 rms and im thinking it may be too good to be true. so i want to know a little about them before i purchase
  31. T

    Go Deeper

    I have 2 10" Premier subwoofers w/ 350w RMS and i'm looking to improve the Possible solutions I have heard/thought of: Build a differently tuned box More power "Beefier" speakers (Though these are plenty powerful for my set up) So, what is/are the best solution(s)?
  32. D

    new member here that could use some help.

    so first off id like to say hi to all you audiophiles out there and i was wanting to ask some questions, i am new to the whole car audio thing. but my biggest problem is deciding on which subwoofers to buy. i want 15's i have two 12's now but they just dont hit the lows i want them to. so to...
  33. B

    Thinking inside the box

    To anyone with knowledge, be it professional or novice, but only serious answers. Just as the title implies I'm thinking inside the box. I am a huge advocate of car audio, I'm 40 years old, matured in the mid 90's. Been into car audio for a long time as a hobbyist, and for the last 3 years all...
  34. S

    2004 Avalon Subwoofer Repair

    Hello, new to this forum and car audio in general so sorry if this is in the wrong category. Need some help fixing my subwoofer. Got a used 2004 Toyota Avalon about 2 years ago and about a year later the factory 8 inch JBL 86160-AC180 subwoofer blew out. Just makes a loud, annoying rattling...
  35. E

    Looking for advice

    i'm pretty new the car audio stuff, but i have learned quite a bit from these forums. I have a 06 Nissan Altima i want to get a sub(or subs) and obviously an amp, i just don't know which ones to get. i plan on installing it myself and im looking for nice bass, not really loudness. I have a good...

    Help choosing subs!!

    I have two RE SEX12d4's. I am runnig them from at 1000watts at 1ohm. I have the option of getting a DD Audio 1510. What setup do you think would be better sounding and still loud? I would be running the DD at 1000w. I dont know what size box tuned to what for a car used daily! Any tips, links...
  37. C

    Is this the best way to wire this system?

    I have an Alpine CDE143BT head unit, a Rockford Fosgate P400-4 4 channel amp, and 2 8" JBL GTO804 (4 ohm) subs. I have a set of speakers wired to the front channels. I bridged the rear for the subs. I connect the positive and negative from the bridged ports on the amp to the positive and...
  38. C2 Audio

    Threatcon 2 12" 2nd Run Pre-sale

    C2 Audio 12" Threatcon-2 The first run of Threatcon 2 12's sold out quickly and I've had another order of them placed for a while now. Also, Retail price is increasing to $139.99 once these woofers arrive. The first 100 of these woofers will be at the popular pre-sale price of $99.99...
  39. S

    HELP!!! DD3510sc sounds like crap

    I just got a brand new dd 3510 with the supercharged option and I put it in a downfiring ported box tuned to about 33-34 hz with about 1.8 cubic feet before displacement that I built. I am powering it with an MB Quart Discus 1000.1 wired at what should be 1 ohm. I don't know if it will sound...
  40. C2 Audio

    Threatcon 4 12" Pre-sale!!

    C2 Audio 12" Threatcon-4 Here it is. Threatcon 4 Pre-sale for $199.99 Shipped!!!. Multiple requests for the Threatcon 4 12" woofer and after months of testing I've chosen to run with the 4" coil version. This run of Threatcon 4 12"s is small. I've ordered the parts for 100 woofers and once...