1. AtillaTheHung

    Is this amp to much?

    I just have to say thanks for helping a noob out on this forum. You guys are awesome and I come here for all my needs and searches. I finally bought a new amp for my subwoofer. I currently have a Cerwin-Vega V122D which is 450rms and the peak is 900. I recently purchased a Hifonics ZRX 1000.1d...
  2. R

    Help with first sound system!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my sound system in my 2012 ford focus SE hatchback. I have never installed one, nor am i to good with cars. I was looking to bring the parts to my friends shop and have them install it. My question for you guys is it these parts are a good pick for me. So...
  3. okurk5

    suggestions for new system

    i have a 2000 chevy blazer 4 door all stock electrical space doesn't matter my budget would have to be under 800. What would you guys recommend
  4. VWSundownAudio

    12" Kicker sub won't bump at all? Help!

    Alright, I have a 2006 Silverado 1500 crew cab with the Bose system in it. I replaced the stock HU with a Pioneer double din. I got a Kenwood 1000w class D mono amp and paired it with a 400W RMS Kicker CVR 12" DVC 4 ohm subwoofer. And I have a medium sized ported box. I ran all 4 gauge wire. I...
  5. venoxcide

    Help with choosing the correct amplifier for this setup

    Hello everyone, excuse me if I sound like a total noob, this is my first car audio setup. Here is what I have currently: Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-X6600BT Door Speakers: 2x JBL GX602 (60W RMS, 180W Peak) Rear Speakers: 2x Standard Mitsubishi Factory Speakers (Don't really care about these)...
  6. subwoofer


    Audiopipes 15s 2000 watts a piece
  7. P

    Subwoofer setup for $300

    I need help finding a decent amp subwoofer and box I am very new to this it will be my first setup I would like to keep it under 300 my truck is a 2000 silverado ext cab. I am open to anything thanks.
  8. Stroker


    Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 NIB
  9. Stroker


    Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 NIB
  10. Stroker


    Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 NIB
  11. Stroker


    Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 NIB
  12. Stroker


    Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 NIB
  13. rlmich

    Original Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 Brand New In Box!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: - UPDATED WITH PICTURES - Hi everyone, I am a new member and I have a special offer for you. I have what might be the very last Old School Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 that is brand new in the box. This is a Stroker 15 not the D2, D4, or DVC. This Stroker 15 made history in...
  14. S

    Amp & Sub Matching

    I've got a TS - W310D4 12 " with Dual 4 Voice Coils. I'd like to find the ideal amplifier for. I wish I had signed up here before I actually started assembling my custom sound equipment. My goal: TO have a more than decent bass, not rattling because I'd like to use the single SUB. I want to...
  15. 6

    FS audiobahn awt12 linear compression subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: audiobahn awt12 sub Item(s) Description/Condition: the sub in in great condition considering its age but this thing pounds, its just to much for me, plus the box and sub combo is too heavy for my car, the sub alone is **** near 60 pounds Price: $250 obo Shipping and...
  16. A

    Sub makes noise when car turns on

    I have had a fusion sub in my car for a while. It was initially installed using the high input converter as the stock head unit for my car did not have an RCA outlet. However I recently purchased a head unit and have connected it with RCA cables. However when I turn on the car the sub makes a...
  17. M

    Hello Subwoofer idea help budget

    Hello my name is Michael and I am rebuilding my dads box for his truck. I am also giving him my old amp mate to his amp His current setup is 2 12 crunch gpv ground pounders >boo My idea for his box is 2 10s sealed and 1 12 ported in f350 crew cab 2 2000watt crunch 1ch amps. so far power...
  18. S

    Subwoofer Stopped Working?

    The sub just stopped working randomly when I went to start my car, then the next morning I started my car and the sub worked again and I went to double test and turned my car off and turned it back on again and the sub no longer worked and hasn't worked since then. I spent hours testing...
  19. L

    Wiring monoblock amplifier to 1-ohm (2 subs)

    So this is what I've got along with approximately 15 feet of speaker wire. Amp is Hifonics Glx1400.1D, and subs are Pioneer TS-W3003D4 (Dual 4-ohm). How do I wire these to one ohm when the box has terminals? Every diagram I see has amp wired straight to subs and doesn't have terminals . Also...
  20. A

    subwoofer and mid bass speakers

    Hi, Few questions 1. Wheres the best place to have mid bass speakers? doors, boot, boot shelf? 2. Are mid bass speakers like standard coaxial speakers but they just give out great bass? 3. What's a good RMS for hard hitting bass mid bass speakers? 4. How would i achieve hard hitting...
  21. K

    New guy, minor problem.

    This is my first thread here, so hi all! over the last week i did my own sub, head unit, and amp installation (i have knowledge in the automotive field and knew what i was doing) and installed 2 12" MTX Terminator subs in a prebuilt enclosure and paired it with a boss R1100M amp and pioneer head...
  22. S

    best sub ?

    I want some ideas for a subwoofer. I own a 94 honda accord lx coupe. I am wanting a sub(or two) that will hit loud and hard but also he able to keep up with heavy metal while not making the quality too bad. And also something that would fit in the trunk. If people could possibly list some...
  23. C

    Frankensub - a cheap Edge meets a marginally less cheap GT5

    Hi I've been running a cheapo active Edge EDB12A sub for about 5 years. About 6 months ago I noticed the centre of the cone had come away and it was buzzing. Sooo, I ripped it off and used some adhesive resin to glue it back. Wasn't really thinking beyond 'fix it'. From this point onwards the...
  24. T

    Matching 2 different subs same watts/ohms

    Have any of you guys ever tried hooking up two different subwoofer brands to one amp? As long as it's the same size and rms/ohm it should work, right? What were your experiences with that...did it sound good?
  25. T

    Optimizing my home theatre with car audio? Help me...

    Experts, Can you tell me how I should go about optimizing my system. I'm using car audio equipment in a home theatre set-up. So hopefully I'm posting in the right place. My receiver is an Emerson home CD player with RCA to a kenwood kac7201 or an eclipse ea2000car amplifier. Powering the amp is...
  26. jasonbillnelson

    6 Threatcon 2 15"s in Durango

    4 videos of this monster system!
  27. C

    Subwoofer and amp upgrade!!!

    i am currently looking for a subwoofer amplifier setup for under $1,000. what is the best subwoofer(s) and amp i can buy for that price range? it will be in a 1998 Ford Exporer? or a 1985 mercury capri Hatchback..most likely the explorer though
  28. N

    Sub keeps popping in and out

    i've got two subs in he back of my truck. they have worked fine for years, but today one of them started doing something weird. it will gradually push out, then pop back in. even with volume down all the way it will keep doing this so long as the stereo is on, so i hear a thump every 10 seconds...
  29. F

    HELP! Subs crackling bad

    Hey. I've had 2 Pioneer 10s (tsw-254r) on a Pioneer GMD-9601 amp for about 2 weeks. The subs were wired to 2 ohms when I had only had 2 of them and they sounded fine. The amp is rated for 800w rms @2 ohms. ( The subs are rated for 250w rms each) and I added 2 more of the same 10s so I have 4 10s...
  30. C2 Audio

    Threatcon 4 v2

    We've revamped our Threatcon lineup of woofers and here is the new Threatcon 4 v2. I'm not finished torture testing this woofer yet so I don't have TS Parameters yet. This woofer is currently rated at 750 RMS and is being tested in a 2 cube box tuned to 35hz. As the question rolls through...