1. C

    Sub wiring via rear speakers vs RCA

    Hi Everyone, I have an active JL Audio sub (ACS112LG-TW1) wired via rear speakers in my VW Tiguan. The original head unit did not have the RCA connectors, therefore, wiring via the rear speakers was the easiest option. This setup seems to have the drawback that it often requires adjusting the...
  2. A

    WANTED Massive audio 15" dmx stage 2

    My first sub was a 15 in massive audio dmx stage 2. I am unsure what happened to it. I am wanting another 1 for my new car and cannot find 1 for sale anywhere. So if anyone knows of 1 I would love to buy it.
  3. HughBushor

    HELP My Amplifer Went into protect mode and I can no longer hear my sub

    I will be the first to admit I am not familiar with any of this but I had bought a 1200 watt 12” bundle from skar over a year ago and had the intentions of putting it in with a buddy long story short a year later I decided to get it done by a professional because we made no progress, $400 later...
  4. roskata

    Bose Gj66950

    Hello guys, recently i bought and installed a mazda 6spare tire subwoofer to my Toyota avensis t25 wagon. So I bought it very cheap around 25euro...and it works. In my opinion it works even really well. But what is the problem? My CD can volume from 0 to 63, but the bass from the back is even...
  5. A

    FOR SALE Phoenix Gold Cyclone 12 in Rotary Subwoofer *RARE* Working!

    Please note that I have this for sale for $1199 on eBay under the same user name. The reason it is listed for more there is due to their fees and so that you can see my feedback for selling since this account is new here. It doesn't matter to me if the sale is through eBay in order to help...
  6. 9

    Passender Verstärker zu Pioneer TS-A300B

    Hallo! Hat jemand eine Empfehlung welchen Verstärker ich mir für meinen Pioneer TS-A300B kaufen soll? Oder zumindest was für Specs er mindestens haben sollte. Ich kenne mich in dem Bereich nicht sehr gut aus. Vielen Dank im voraus!
  7. E

    Mg marvel r bose amp wiring help

    Hi. I will be trying to hook up an amp and subwoofer in the Mg marvel r with the Bose sound system. Does anyone happen to know which color the +- on left and right rear speaker is?
  8. D

    TRF VLSW122D2 Subwoofer

    Hello guys, I want to buy the TRF VLSW122D2 Subwoofer (12" , 250W RMS) . Is there anyone who owns this sub ? If yes could you please tell me your opinion about it ? Does it perform good? Also, i want you to send me the manual of the sub ,if you have it, cause i want to make a box and need the...
  9. M

    Should I use the double power input my amp brought?

    So first off I’m extremely new to anything in the electrical/sound world and all I’ve done is off intuition and very small amounts of verification from a friend who works with sound equipment occasionally. Now on to the main topic. I used to have a 1500W Machete amp powering a Machete M12v2D2...
  10. D

    Will the sub perform good?

    Hello guys, I want to buy a TRF M600.4AB amplifier (4 channels, 600 watt RMS max, max RMS power 4ohm 80W*4, max RMS power bridged 4ohm 300W*2) and a TRF VLSW123D2 Subwoofer (12'', 350 watt RMS, dual 2ohm voice coil) for my car. And i want to connect the "2 voice coils" of the sub in series (so...
  11. Charger1995

    Need help finishing subs install

    This is my first time wiring subs and not hooking them into the head unit directly. I powered and grounded both subs(in separate boxes) from the same source. I wired the high input positive/negative left/right together from both subs and then to each rear speaker. But only the sub on the drivers...
  12. R

    (1) Sundown ZV6 2-OHM 12" 2500W RMS - Suggestions on Automotive Electrical Help and Amplifier Recommendation Needed

    I currently own a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier that I am currently building a subwoofer install in. My complete and current installs: New Kenwood KDC-BT378U radio with built-in speaker amp, All new door and deck speakers. (COMPLETE) Big 3 Kit, Mechman 270 AMP Alternator, (1) Sundown ZV6 12" 2-OHM...
  13. T

    Should i get this amp/these subs & run 'em at 8 ohm???

    Hey all, I'm getting a 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab and I want to put a couple 12" subs under the back seats. I was thinking of running them into a monoblock doing 8ohms, for extra accuracy & detail (as opposed to 4ohm or 2ohm.) I'm not a Basshead so absurd SPL isn't what i'm looking for... I was...
  14. S

    Speakers work but no bass

    Hi, I have an F10 BMW with the HK sound system. The speakers and subwoofers have been upgraded to the bavsound ones. The bass no longer works at all. It hasn’t worked for the past month. I had one of the subs replaced and the bass still doesn’t work. Any idea on what it could be? I was thinking...
  15. D

    Help identifying what kind of amp this is.

    I know it’s a 2 channel amp but there is no brand name on it and I don’t know how many watts it is. I need to know what kind of amp I have if anyone can help.
  16. C

    2011 F250 Crew Cab

    I’m removing the factory sub and amp behind the seat of my F250 and was going to install my two 12” subs I already have from another truck but while calling around for a behind seat enclosure I’ve had several people say that I would better sound and bass for a behind the seat setup running 4 8”...
  17. C

    Amp has power but no sound

    Trying to troubleshoot an issue with my subwoofer/amp setup. I recently had to replace an old amp and bought a jbl amp that matches my subwoofer. The new amp worked fine for 2 months then sound became intermittent. I went to a shop and the tech found that my loc was no longer working, but...
  18. R

    Car Subwoofer ear pressure

    Hi everyone, A couple months ago I bought a 200W JBL BassPro Nano under seat subwoofer for my car. The sound seems good, but I think I tested the volume a bit too much in the beginning, which caused me to have to see a doctor with tinnitus-like symptoms. Now I am trying to play the subwoofer...
  19. I

    Subwoofer help (I give up)

    I hate asking for help in forums, Kuz I always feel like I'm embarrassing myself, but I'm perplexed as to why my system is sounding so bad. I installed my kicker speakers and amp with no issue, and they sound great. But after finishing the box for my kicker L7 sub and installing it I was very...
  20. G


    Hello I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado ltz crew cab, and was looking to add a subwoofer and amp or a powered sub. The problem Is I don’t know anything about matching watts or anything! I replaced the front door speakers with JL audio C1-650 2 way component speakers and put the tweeters in the dash...
  21. mrpep

    design help for 2 SKAR SDR 15"s in a ported tuned to 33hz.

    So According to Skar I need 3.75 c/ft. each sub and that's 7.5 c/ft. for both. The sub displacement is .875 each so 1.75 for both. So 9.25 c/ft. box, am I correct? I am also looking for 32 / 33hz. I have a box design of : 38w x 26d x 16h = 9.15 c/ft. Now I need a port. Can someone help me...
  22. nictowey

    Need Some Advice on my Setup

    Hi Everyone! I came here to see if anyone that's more knowledgeable than me could help with this issue. I am currently running 2 Alpine Type R's on a Polk Audio D1000.1 amp. I had this installed at a car stereo shop and had them tune the amp, however I have blown 2 sets of them already so 4...
  23. nictowey

    Need Some Advice on My Setup

    Hi Everyone! I came here to see if anyone that's more knowledgeable than me could help with this issue. I am currently running 2 Alpine Type R's on a Polk Audio D1000.1 amp. I had this installed at a car stereo shop and had them tune the amp, however I have blown 2 sets of them already so 4...
  24. R

    Upgrading Electrical For First Time?

    I just purchased a 2000 Chevrolet cavalier LS 4DR. I am going to be purchasing (2) Sundown X 12 2 ohms (1500 watts a piece) and (1) Crescendo Bass Clef 6000W Amp In the next coming weeks. I will be custom building my box. I was wondering what electrical upgrades I will need to power this system...
  25. J

    Help with simple 12V, Ground, & Remote Wire Connections

    I have no idea how I am supposed to put my wires in here (third pic) with that metal thing that seems to be in the way. Is there a certain connector or adapter I need? If so please help and tell me what I need to get? This is the only help I need. Thank you.
  26. MilitiaRobbo

    Diodes on Head Unit’s Negative?

    Hey Everyone, Robbo here, from Australia. I have been facing a hiss sound with my Nissan Patrol for months. I have taken it to multiple car audio installers and their complete failures owe me nearly $1,500AUD in labour fee’s. To test the theory of it being a faulty head-unit, I took it out of...
  27. L

    truck subwoofer build

    (New to audio stuff) Currently have: Blaupunkt 3000w mono Kicker CompC 44TCWC104 (preinstalled 10" in a 0.66cf box, ported) ~$240 all in and I can feel good bass, just wanting to go bigger My buddy has this same sub and same amp just double the size of a ported box in a SUV and his rattles hairs...
  28. Terrum

    Looking to hit hard @ ~28hz (Can I get better than a HO112-W6V3/12W6V3-D4 or 15W0V3-4?)

    Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge nor the tools to build my own box so I splashed out on the overpriced JL Audio HO112-W6V3 about 6 months ago, and it's been by far the best quality prefab subwoofer I've managed to get my car to output with its stock alternator (~90amps). Although the...
  29. F

    Im a newby and i need help please

    Hi my names Trace, this is my first post, im a novice in the car audio world, im buying 2 15 inch gravity warzone sub woofers 3500 rms 4 ohm powered by an EG1-7000D power acoustik monoblock amp, my question is, what size box? I'd like to go with something prefab as I know nothing about building...
  30. F

    Any info?

    Has anyone used the atomic subs recently? look at an ELE 15....anyone know if it could be a good daily sub? Can get one for a pretty good price but cant fine much info about them. Was also looking at the FI SSD V4.... anyone with any knowledge on these would be great....would go in the back of...
  31. H

    FOR SALE Fi Car Audio Q15 w/ Sealed Enclosure - $400

    15 inch Fi Car Audio Q15 Subwoofer in 2.6 cu ft, sealed, wooden Ground-Shaker box. Dimensions are approximately 16.5x19.5x20.5 and it weighs probably around 40 lbs total. The Fi Car Audio Q series was geared towards sound quality, and this thing put out really good volume to go with it. Served...
  32. Hardeeville

    FOR SALE 2x Sundown Audio SA - 8" v1.5 d2

    Brand New: 2x Sundown Audio SA - 8" d2 Subwoofers for sale. Never seen power as was part of a dual Amplifier and sub setup
  33. SikNinjaK

    Need help deciding on new subwoofers

    So my two kenwood 4ohm kfc-xw120 12s just gave up the ghost and I am trying to decide whether to use two KICKER - CompR 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer in my old bassworx ported box or spend a little more and get a KICKER - Solo-Baric L7S 12" 2-Ohm ported Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure. I’m...
  34. K

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on i have 2 0awg power and 2 0awg grounds plus aditional grounds connecting bed and cab of truck to frame. seems like a ground loop but i cant find it. i have a skar zvx15d.2 v.3 and a RP2000D
  35. npal_77

    Sub amp issues

    Hey everyone, So I just recently switched my sub and amp to a car I just bought. It's a 05 Acura TL, which has a stereo that's difficult to remove and retain all channels/speakers. I tapped the stock subwoofer remote wire, ran that and my power to the back, tapped the stock sub's signal and ran...
  36. V

    Help finding good sub for sq around 800 watts

    Ok I sold my old sub (skar sdr) to a guy I know, and now I have an empty 12 inch 2.00 cubic foot box and a 800 watt skar amp. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good sub for sq? I listen to hip hop, but also a lot of rock and instrumental. Money isnt really a problem as long as its under...
  37. H

    Subwoofer works, but only when headlights/dim/high beams are on

    Hi! I'm fairly new to this type of work, I'm not familiar with every term and how I should describe everything, so sorry for that beforehand. I got help from my friends installing a 400W Subwoofer in my car (1998 BWM E46 328Ci). We hooked up the sub as it was intended to, using a 1200W amp my...
  38. T

    Input sensitivity Question

    Ok so Im getting audio single to my amp from my rear speakers to a loc but Im wondering what should my input sensitivity be set at? 100mv-2 or 2-8 from what I hear you can just see what one works best when it's all set up.
  39. Cuznfkr

    Which will be more windy

    So everyone loves those stupid windy builds that take your breath away. I’m not really aiming for that , I just want it as windy as I can with my options. So I’m rebuilding my blowthru so I have pretty much unlimited room. What will be more windy , 2 Skar EVL 18s @ 1250 rms , or 4 Skar SDR 15s @...
  40. basshead03

    Choosing the correct amp for the sub

    Hey! 😁 This is my first ever project in car audio! So, first of all which one would be more rational: one big sub or two small subs? (I'm looking for a proper subwoofer experience!) Currently I'm thinking of getting one big subwoofer, at the moment I have chosen the Hertz SPL Show SS15D2. ( Link...