1. mrpep

    Please help with w7 10” box design

    I just bought a used w7 in a ported box that actually sounds pretty good. Thing is it’s a bit punchy for my taste. The box is 14x15x17 and the port is maybe 2”. I usually like 2 c/ft for a 12 at about 32 to 34 hz so I’m thinking that either a longer box like 28” with a larger port maybe 3” might...
  2. S

    Did I purchase the best amplifier for my goals?

    So I recently purchased 4 Polk Audio DB652's for my 2012 Subaru Impreza (with a stock in-dash stereo). I like them but I wanted more out of them so I purchased a Pioneer D9605 5 channel amp. I chose this amp because I wanted to see more output from my current 4 door speakers and a sub woofer...
  3. R

    Need subwoofer/amplifier/enclosure selection help!

    Hello folks! I'm currently putting together a modest SQ build and have run into a bit of a snag with subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier selection and would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter. The snag is my lack of familiarity with the current "good brands" and the strange lack of...
  4. C

    Hideaway/Underseat woofer recommendation

    Hi,  Please recommend me the best sounding subwoofer options available for under the seat subwoofers for Honda CRV 2018. Appreciate your help!  BUDGET: $300 Number of subs preferred: 1  Size preferred (if configuration allows): hideaway/ underseat Power to be used (which amp(s)...
  5. E

    Kicker Hideaway, barely any sound coming out

    I have a Kicker Hideaway sub and I’m hooking it up to an aftermarket JVC headunit. The hideaway sub is powered and I had in in a previous vehicle. I wired everything up and am receiving almost no sound from it. When gain and boost are turned up all the way I can hear it somewhat with my ear up...
  6. The Silverman

    Fi BL 12" D1 old version

    Old 1000 watt Fi BL for sale. It's a D1.  I got a new car, so I'm getting rid of all my stuff.   Price 240 shipped
  7. ekah

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    im curious on whats the best sub bang for the buck but at 6" or even as 8" i know going 8" prob are better subs but the smaller the better  i just want 1 or 2 small subs just to build a good enclosure to show my friends that smaller subs can bang. whats best bang or whats the best one that...
  8. B

    Help with understanding subwoofer specs

    What subwoofer specs should I look for? Meaning should I only pay attention to SPL, FS, MMX ..ETC
  9. O

    Need advice with dimming issue

    I have 2 fosgate p2 12s(400w rms each) running @1ohm on a pioneer amp that is 1600w peak and 800w rms @1ohm. not a huge sound system, but my lights dim. it's in a 2013 vw Passat s(no special electronics, no powered seats, no nav) which still has the stock battery with the alternator at 140amps...
  10. J

    Adire Brahma MK2 15"

    Item(s) for Sale: 15" mk2 Adire Brahma. 8/10 for a 10 year old classic sub. 1.9 ohm on each coil. 300+shipping Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you...
  11. B

    Subwoofer Hits way harder when idiling

    Hello Everybody! I am having problems with my Subwoofer not hitting real hard when my car is moving. The subwoofer hits, however, it is really light. Without adjusting the volume, I can come to a complete stop at a stoplight, and the subwoofer starts hitting super hard, shaking the entire...
  12. Louisiana_CRX

    Subs like this ....

    I’m gonna have to build a new box ..but I’m thinking very hard about doing this in my Dart
  13. F

    Subwoofer Gets Louder and Quieter

    Hi. The problem I am experiencing is that after 5-7 minutes of my music playing my subwoofer by itself decreases in volume as well as overall intensity. This problem pretty much only occurs when the car is at idle. This hardly happens while I'm driving around. This problem also happens after...
  14. F

    Subwoofer Gets Louder and Quieter on its Own

    Hi. I am running a brand new Alpine R-W10D4 subwoofer with an Alpine MRV-500 amp. The amp is at 2 ohms giving the sub a little over 500 Watts (according to the manual this is within the correct RMS range). I have 4 gauge cable running to a XStatic Model 400 batcap and 4 gauge wire running from...
  15. Z

    Amp goes into protect mode with heavy bass at medium to high volume

    I recently bought a sub and amp. The sub is a 4 ohm kicker 10c, but a multimeter reads it at around 2 ohms. When bass plays, the volume of the speakers drops significantly and the amp goes into protect mode. I have searched the web extensively in an attempt to fix it, but I haven't figured...
  16. S

    New TO Forum, Having No Sound From Subwoofer, Amp Turns On.

    Just picked up a new jeep a couple weeks ago trying to wire my subs in, got my amp on but no sound from my subwoofer. this jeep has a factory amp that i cant seem to bypass or just remove without losing speakers and I dont have the time or money to mess with it at the moment, i just need a...
  17. S

    Memphis Mojo 12 setup help

    Hi, I was given a blown Memphis Moho 15-CM12D2 and a large ported box. I bought a rebuild kit and I'm currently reconing the sub. I was wondering if someone could help me pick out a subwoofer amp, wiring, insulation, power cell, possibly a new alternator, and whatever else is needed. My budget...
  18. P

    4 12' Sundown Audio SA Series or 2 15' Sundown Audio X v.2 Series?

    Trying to decide my next setup, which would pound harder? the 15s take more power but the 4 12s would have more air displacement. I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct thread, this is my first post on this site.
  19. K

    Sony X-plod XM-SD22X 1200 watt amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Sony X-plod XM-SD22X 1200 watt amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Great Subwoofer amp! Manual link: Tested and works. Price: $40 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: No shipping. Local...
  20. A

    Subwoofer RMS question

    Hi! I recently removed my subs in my ford escape because I wanted to get my cargo room back and am forced to use a shallow 8" subwoofer for the factory enclosure. So I bought the MB Quart DS1-204. It's a 200w rms and 400w max sub. Anyway! The sub channel on the amp I have in the car says...
  21. Z

    Test Run Subwoofer EDGE EDP122SPL-E6

  22. CpsChase

    Square vs Round Subwoofers

    Square Subwoofers vs. Round Subwoofers The shape of a subwoofer on the surface might appear to just be based on pure looks, but different shapes add unique beauty to audio sounds including hexagons, oval, and square. There is a ton more than just the look on the outside of the subwoofer than...
  23. M

    I am seeking car audio !!!!!!!

    Willing to trade my 22" ROSSO aluminum wheels and tires(90% tread) bolt pattern is 5x114.3 I am seeking subs and amp(s) and head unit if possible...... I'm located in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area. Text 513-413-9756 thanks God Bless...
  24. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  25. Woofer install!

    Woofer install!

    2 Fosgate T213 woofers. Box is 8.43CF after bracing and displacement, tuned at 35hz. 148.6 DB trunk build
  26. Aygodriver1212

    Best sub for Audison LRX 1.1k?

    Hey guys, I'm back again hunting for a new subwoofer. Got an Audison LRX 1.1k on my hands for just €50, unused, such a bargain. Now I need a subwoofer that can handle it's power. First of all, I listen to hiphop, lots of low bass tones (madeintyo, Future etc.). Previously had a Sundown EV2...
  27. F

    Help Please

    I have a Precision Power PPI BA5000.1D amplifier. A stock electrical system. And a custom box for a 10' subwoofer tuned to 32hz. I had an Orion HCCA 10.2 but I think that I wasn't giving it the power it deserved. What do you think would be the best SPL sub or subs I could get? I was looking at...
  28. B

    Annoying noise from roof

    So I go a new single cab truck this summer and decided to swap my 2 JL w0v3's from a sealed into a ported enclosure. The new enclosure aims the subs forwards and is ported out towards the right and left side towards the side wall. Since then many bass notes cause a very obnoxious vibration of...
  29. 1

    Second battery

    All, I am new to this forum and wanted some advice on how to hook up a second battery as I have been told I have a lack of power. My system is a Orion hcca 12.4 powered by Orion D5000 amp, Focal and Hifonics doors speakers powered by Pioneer GM-D8604 amp, LC2i for bass roll of as it's a stock...
  30. M

    Do you know the name of this 10" Subwoofer?

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I got them from my brother as a hand-me-down, I had them hooked up to a hifonics 1000watt amp which made them quake but after all this time I'm trying to figure out what brand it is because I'm tired of saying I don't know. If you know please...
  31. C

    Do I Need a Subwoofer, or/and an amplifier, and what kind???

    I drive a 2004 Buick Century. I recently put in 2 5.25" kicker DSC50 in the front (door panels), and 2 kicker dsc6903 in the back (rear deck). I am going to install bass blockers on the fronts becasue I listen to a lot of rap and the fronts are just being punished by trying to put out so much...
  32. 9

    Sound vs. Power in sealed enclosure?

    I am currently running an old 4 channel Fosgate 500-4 for my sub. It was meant to be more of a temporary setup which I would then move the amp to run my speakers. I love the clarity of these old Fosgate amps but I don't feel as if I have enough power for my Phoenix Gold 12 RSDC sub. Its in a...
  33. R

    Where to put powered subwoofer in Altima car

    I got a 1999 Nissan Altima and a NVX QBUS8 80 watt RMS Powered Subwoofer and want to know where I should mount it. The seats are too low to put it under the seats so I was thinking ether on the center of the back seat or on the center of the rear deck under the back window but I'm worried that...
  34. Z

    Best set up for under $300? Newbie

    I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, all stock even the stereo. What's the optimum setup for Thank you!
  35. E

    Alpine SWR-1522D

    Hello, I am pretty new on car audio hobby but I am willing to learn. To start off I am really thinking of buying Alpine SWR-1522D after reading tons and tons of positive reviews about this piece of art. (I will post url for you guys to see the price and sub) Alpine SWR 1522D 2000W Max 15 inch...
  36. T

    Element designs subwoofer?

    Anyone know much about this woofer? Looks like an old hx2 power series. Pretty beefy!
  37. C

    Home Audio (sorry)

    Just a quick question, If I were to set up 2 subs in my home in 1 box and wanted to put 1k watts into each, then I should get a 2k watt amp right? But then how the hell do I connect the amp to the receiver im using??
  38. D

    Subwoofer installation

    Hello there, I recently bought a new Toyota Highlander LE Plus. The InTune audio system it has is simply great but it lacks the bass effect that I'm wanting for - simply because it doesn't contain a sub woofer. My questions: 1. I want a bass effect that is smooth yet has a punch in it...
  39. V

    Having issues with my brand new deck

    Pioneer AVH-4600BT deck that I just installed subwoofer and amp is working but the speakers aren't. Triple checked the wiring to see that it is setup correctly and all connections are tight. Checked all audio settings and can't figure out why this isn't working. I had a previous single din...
  40. C

    Sub is making sound when it's set in enclosure

    Recently purchased a CS210 JL Wxv2 Basswedge. After the first one was doing some funny stuff the retailer I purchased it from gave me the entirely new setup. I broke the subs in for a few days and when I turned them up I was getting a rattling noise. I was advised in another thread to remove the...