1. N

    Kenwood DNX 6960

    To people that have owned this deck, would you say that it is: 1- overall a good deck? 2- worth the (about) 800 dollars? 3- has a fast processing speed with all its functions? 4- i had a quesiton about the usb cable as well. to hook up an ipod, do you need to buy a seporate cord that i see...
  2. C

    No stereo power-only the clock illumination comes on.

    Issue: I have the factory H/U and and aftermarket H/U. The factory h/u worked last time I tried. My buddy gave me the aftermarket h/u, I've never seen it in operation. Problem is, on factory h/u, the clock will display for about 10 seconds if i press the 'recall' , 'hr' , or 'min' buttons...
  3. USAFbro

    Kenwood Usb cord?

    Hey everyone, just signed up for the forum, but anyway. I was looking at this unit - Kenwood Excelon KDC-X794 CD receiver at Crutchfield Signature - If you look at the images, then you will see that it includes a USB connector bracket, does this mean that i could just route that cord into my...
  4. R

    Kicker dpk8 with a kenwood KAC-6104d

    Hey Im new here so If I sound like I am a complete newb, please understand I dont know much about audio systems or how to use this site. I got 2 12" Kicker Comp series subwoofers around march of 2010. the amplifier they gave me was a kenwood kac-6104d 600w max with 300w rms. over time I got...
  5. R

    Kenwood Excelon 4 channel amp

    Price. $250 shipped Condition. Used for 3 months, bought new Description 100rms x4 & 4 ohms Kenwood Excelon KAC-X4R 4 channel amp. Asking $250 shipped. I paid over $450 for this amp new from FM electronics (Local audio shop), in the end of 09. 100rms x4 @ 4ohms. This is a ****** amp...
  6. W

    Radio/Antenna Problem with new deck

    I did a a couple searches but didn't find something that seemed as specific as the problem I'm having. I have a 1997 Ford Explorer and replaced the stock head unit with a Kenwood HD 545. Everything went smoothly and it will play CDs and play music from an auxilary source, but when I select HD...
  7. K

    Kenwood KDC-X494 (Excelon, or exceptional pain?)

    First off, here's the build: 2002 Honda Odyssey HU: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X494 Amp: Kenwood KAC-6404 (rms 40w x 4, 500w total Max Peak) Speakers: Kenwood KFC-X173 6 1/2" coax rounds in front doors and rear (left the stock Honda tweets on the dash) No sub Lots of Stinger Roadkill sound...
  8. adrian1185

    Rockford Fosgate Power 1500bd, Kenwood subs, blown Cerwin Vega 12, Volfenhag Cap

    Stuffs for sale. All items are OBO. Im sleepy so im keeping the words short. $175 shipped OBO - Rockford Fosgate power 1500bd amplifier. Hate to lose but O well. 1500 watts rms @ 2 ohms, 750 watts rms @ 4 ohms. 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 performance $15 each plus shipping OBO - 12" Kenwood...
  9. E

    Kenwood KAC-9104D

    For sale is a Kenwood 9104D amp. The amp is in perfect working condition and is in great cosmetic shape. Asking 150 plus shipping. The KAC-9104D Class D Mono Power amplifier cranks out mega doses of power in a much smaller chassis size (30% smaller than previous models), so it's more adaptable...
  10. shrapnel

    Looking for Speaker advice.

    OK, I'm looking to upgrade speakers, get rid of the OLD Sony Xplodes and possible factory in-door. (I have Pioneer TS-A698's just sitting in the openings of the rear deck for improvement from the Xplodes that were there.) The biggest aggravation I've had so far in my own research has been a few...
  11. I

    pls help

    hello....i have 2 12' Kenwood's (KFC Model),and a 1000 watt amp (Autotek AT1000model) i have a sony head unit and i think everything is wired right. My problem is that i think it should be ALOT!! louder then it is. I dont have the subs in an actual box they are sitting where my T-Tops should be...
  12. New deck

    New deck

    kenwood dnx6160
  13. My system

    My system

    My Box with two Kenwood 12s, and my Xplod 600watt amp,
  14. My neon light

    My neon light

    My Box with two Kenwood 12s, and my Xplod 600watt amp,
  15. My amp

    My amp

    My Box with two Kenwood 12s, and my Xplod 600watt amp,
  16. My amp

    My amp

    My Box with two Kenwood 12s, and my Xplod 600watt amp,
  17. My Kenwood Box

    My Kenwood Box

    My Box with two Kenwood 12s, and my Xplod 600watt amp,
  18. I

    Sub project: Kenwood eXcelon 12"

    Hey everyone. Haven't been here in a really long time, and hopefully I don't violate what appear to be very strict new rules of the classifieds forum. Description: I have a dead subwoofer to try and sell. If I remember correctly, when I used to come on this forum people would sell these subs...
  19. M

    F/S Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D , MTX Terminator Amp and Subs 12"

    I'm selling my Kenwood Excelon KAC-X10D amp which was used since black friday of 2008 which I do have the reciept of when this was bought. I dont see anythign wrong consmetically, but to be safe I'd say 9/10 cosmetics but definatly 10/10 mechanically. I can remove the cover I believe to show...
  20. R

    New Kenwood KFC-w3012 subs....amp advice

    I have just got 2 Kenwood KFC-w3012 subs and am not sure what type of amp to get to push both of them...I do not want to spend a fortune on an amp seeing as I still need a box for them however I do not want some crappy amp that is going to burn up within the first month...any advice will be...
  21. J

    NEED TO KNOW! Quick wiring question! Help!

    1989 honda crx connecting kenwood kdc-mp245 have to hardwire into car, no harness have the speaker and ground connections figured out. I need to know which connection goes where: connect the (Battery/YELLOW) wire and (Ignition/RED) wire INTO either the (RED/YELLOW Main stereo supply/radio...
  22. Wingsfreak9

    3 Amps for parts/repair

    I have three amps and im not really sure whats wrong with any of them but they are just sitting around collecting dust so im trying to make some money back on them. The first one is a kenwood kac-9102D and im not even sure if its broken or not but the power light doesnt turn on. Second amp is...










  28. 832u


    4 sale
  29. 832


    4 sale
  30. 86 MONTE SS

    86 MONTE SS

  31. 86 MONTE SS

    86 MONTE SS

  32. h/u


    excelon 679
  33. kenwood


  34. KAC 8401 #3

    KAC 8401 #3

  35. KAC 8401

    KAC 8401

  36. Kenwood 10s

    Kenwood 10s

  37. Kenwood


  38. kenwood