1. Deepak Walia

    Kenwood KAC-X201T Blinking Blue Triangle

    First time poster here. For the past 6 years, this amp and the subwoofer were working fine until yesterday. The Kenwood KAC-X201T is now just blinking blue. Here is what I have tested so far: 1) The positive wire from the battery and ground wire measure above 14v 2) Multi-meter lead...
  2. W

    Powered sub doesn't hit as hard as the other

    Hopefully, I'm posting in the right area. I purchased 2 Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 10 Inch Powered Subwoofers. Both with 2 RCA inputs L & R . No outputs. I have 1 RCA with 2 cables labeled L & R. I have the RCA plugged in the L channel on 1 sub and the R channel on the 2nd sub. My problem...
  3. Cableman

    Kenwood ddx 1640 dab

    Hl lm try too uppdate this uit from kenwood homepage , im have downlod the files to the computer and have a usb flash unit, choise too open the download fiiles in to the flash unit ,take the flash unit in too the main unit ,open the menu fore uppdate fore the main unit , plugin the flash...
  4. Tammy Herzog

    Kenwood DMX47S AppleCar Play - Loud Text Alert

    I have the Kenwood DMX47S installed in my 2015 Highlander and am at a loss as to how to turn down the volume for the alert for a text message when I am connected to Apple Car play. I have tried turning down the volume on the phone prior to plugging it in as well as adjusting it while it is...
  5. Major Hassles

    Thoughts on these Kenwwod speakers

    Relatively new to this. Looking to swap over old stock car door speakers. 6.5" 16.5cm/17cm ish. I have been looking at these Kenwoods on amazon ; . Currently there is a speaker and and a seperate tweeter. My plan was to leave the tweeter thats there and replace the midbase with a 2 ways...
  6. 4

    WANTED Kenwood KRC shaft mount from late 80's

    The models with squared off buttons and blue lights, open to various models.
  7. BrackishWarden

    Ongoing Car Audio Issues, is it the Head Unit?

    My car is a Subaru Forester 2006. Very long story, last June my front left car speaker was starting to make crackling noises, and after about a week it just shut off entirely. These were speakers I had installed back in mid/late 2019. I don't remember the make/model of them, they were around...
  8. P0PC47

    Kenwood KMM-BT732HD default volume setting too loud and defaults to STANDBY mode

    Hi all, I have some issues with a recent purchase of mine. I own a 99 Honda Accord and recently replaced the OEM radio with an Amazon tablet doing the navigation and a single DIN Kenwood radio. Everything is great, however there are a few annoyances I have with this radio. First, the radio...
  9. T

    Newbie Radio and Subwoofer install

    Hi, guys! Hope everyone’s well. I’ve recently brought a caddy (2007) (just for a work van). Radio needs abit of an update. Therefore I’ve decided to upgrade and add a potential subwoofer. Now I’m very green at all this and was looking for some pointers so that I don’t destroy anything! Radio...
  10. finnmorgan

    amplifier issues

    I have bought a car with a very professionally installed Kenwood system from the early 2000s I assume. The issue i'm facing is in the Kenwood KAC-8404 Amplifier. For some reason the A-channel only output on the right speaker. The mono switch forces audio to the left channel and so there is no...
  11. U

    Questions about setup compatibility and tuning

    Just a heads up, I’m still pretty new to car audio but I’m finding that I really enjoy it and it’s become somewhat of a therapeutic hobby for me, though I’m only working with entry level components right now. Please bear with me. I put a Kenwood KAC 6202 Amp (RMS Power Output: 60 Watts x 2...
  12. R

    Looking for advice between Pioneer PRS D800 and Kenwood KAC M1814 for new install

    Hi all, first post here :) I have a pair of JBL stage 2 604C 6.5" component speakers (4ohm) with external crossovers to install in my saab front doors. Currently the system is just the stock HU, stock rear door speakers and some alpine 3.5s in the dash. Anyone have any experience with the...
  13. K

    Volume Sensitivity

    I have a kenwood excelon touch screen similar to the ddx6906s but i think it’s a bit older, for some reason when it gets to higher volumes the volts from the amp (measured w multimeter) will jump by 4-6 volts per volume level and wherever i set my gain it only plays within even 6 volts of max at...
  14. R

    Kenwood excelsior KDC-X704 wiring issues

    I decided to wire my old kenwood into an older suburban, after having a few hiccups, I finally get the radio on, but the only thing it does is say “miswiring, check wiring, then power on” could it say that because I didn’t plug in the antenna cable? Or did I mess something up? Tomorrow I’m gonna...
  15. SikNinjaK

    Need help deciding on new subwoofers

    So my two kenwood 4ohm kfc-xw120 12s just gave up the ghost and I am trying to decide whether to use two KICKER - CompR 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 2-Ohm Subwoofer in my old bassworx ported box or spend a little more and get a KICKER - Solo-Baric L7S 12" 2-Ohm ported Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure. I’m...
  16. Peppo31

    Amp Troubleshooting Advice

    Hello, I have a Kenwood Excelon XR-5S 5ch amp runnning in a 2005 F150 with 4 aftermarket component speakers and 2 small 8" subs running off the sub channel. I installed it recently and it was working fine for a couple of months until out of the blue yesterday all the speaker channels stopped...
  17. P

    USB Audio?

    TLDR: My LG V20 and my KDC-BT368u refuse to communicate over USB. I'm the "proud" owner of a KENWOOD KDC-BT368u. This unit supports Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm audio inputs. I've been using bluetooth for the past year, and its served me well. However, recently my phone has started not behaving...
  18. Jason Blaydes

    Kenwood eXcelon DNX693S w/ iDatalink Maestro RR

    View Listing Kenwood eXcelon DNX693S w/ iDatalink Maestro RR I have a ton of positive feedback selling big ticket items on multiple forums and I've been an eBay and Paypal member for 15+ years.  eBay username is razorblaydesjr Payment through paypal gift if out of town. ...
  19. Alex Jarrell

    Advice for a car audio newcomer. Is this the best option for me?

    I recently inherited a 2013 Kia Rio and am looking to improve it's sound system.  I don't really know anything about car audio, so I've done a very small amount of calling around and after spending about 45 minutes on the phone with one shop I've got a couple of options that I'd like advice on...
  20. B

    2002 Pontiac Grand Prix with Bose Sound System

    I recently installed a 12" subwoofer and amp. The problem I was told, is that my factory amp isn't allowing my subwoofer and amp to turn on. I was told that I need an adapter to shut off the factory amp and use my amp and sub instead. Can someone link me the adapter or tell me where I can get...
  21. BigSachsy1

    Wondering how to get deeper bass in my 01 suburban

        Whats good Car Audio community?   First off, I want to thank all of you people out there dedicated enough to help noobs like me, even if its just replying to a random thread on the internet. I haven't been on here in years but I remember when I had questions a decade ago, you guys were...
  22. J

    Remote controls for my Kenwood

    Hi  I have a LDV van that I have just installed a Kenwood DAB radio into I want to be able to control the radio from the steering wheel if possible or some rocker switches on the dash. The steering wheel does not have any audio control buttons on it. So am I led to believe that these steering...
  23. C

    Pioneer FH-S705B ($198) V Kenwood DPX-5100BT ($228)..... (AUD)

    TLDR: Which of these units would u suggest? Went to JB-Hifi looking to buy a single DIN headunit (replacing my Pioneer mp3 cd deck that ive had for about 12-14 years because the CD drive no longer works and it contains no AUX output) but came across these, they offered me the Pioneer one for...
  24. L

    Radio Doesn't Recognize Tweeter

    I recently bought a Kenwood DDX374BT and new door speakers which are a two way Kicker 6x9. When messing with the equalizer and speakers on the radio, it only recognizes it as a woofer, not a two way. Is there a way to fix it? I'd like my sound stage to be more surround sound rather than in...
  25. R

    Kenwood excelon DNX893s bluetooth limitations

    So I have the DNX893s and I LOVE IT, except.... This unit allows for simultaneous connection as 2 phones for calls and one of the 2 for media. It makes sense until here, it's very useful on long trips. The problems: - When setting up a new device, the system will ask if you wish to connect...
  26. C

    Android Auto on Kenwood - Anyone Using?

    I have a Kenwood DDX9903S and I'm unable to get Android Auto to work. I keep getting the message "Unsupported Device". I verified the head unit has the most recent firmware. I also have the newest Android OS version on the Google Pixel, with the Android Auto app installed and running (auto...
  27. N

    Kenwood DPX502BT Double Din not working!

    I just bought myself a new head unit for my car. I bought the Kenwood DPX502BT. I also bought myself a harness and a dash kit to make everything easy.... not exactly. First I had a problem with the harness not being pegged correctly then the dash kit was to small. So after I fix all that I...
  28. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  29. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  30. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  31. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  32. M

    Kenwood and Sony amps for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Sony XM-2100G amps. 100 watts x 2, or approx. 360x1 when bridged. both have covers, but one had to be glued and is missing a small piece. 1 Kenwood KAC-PSX300T amp 1 Kenwood KAC-PSX400M amp These are the upgraded "X" series Excelon amps. the 300 is 75x2 or 300x1. the...
  33. M

    Seeking the impossible!!!! WTB a Kenwood Excelon KDC-x717, x817, or x917!!!

    I know its a long shot.....But I've gotta try!! I am looking for a Kenwood Excelon KDC-x717 Head unit, from around 2001 or so. Owned one then, and have not found a head unit I like more since. It has been a struggle just to find the model number, only to learn that there are NONE on e-bay or...
  34. I

    What amp should I use for my current system - details in post

    Hope this is the right section. I am currently running four Alpine Type R speakers and two 12 inch Infinity subs with a Kenwood Excelon Deck. I had a 5 channel Craig Powerplay 500W amplifier running, but recently the remote wire terminal on the amp stopped working. I did some troubleshooting...
  35. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School Kenwood 6 way Active Crossover

    Item(s) for Sale: Kenwood KEC-301 Item(s) Description/Condition: Very rare Kenwood electronic crossover ...This can be configured to run a 3 way stage ...with low freq and band pass plus high pass features...This is a very unique crossover in all its capabilities...These don't come along...
  36. A

    Kenwood HU in protect mode

    Alright, so after installing my subs and amp, i was jamming out to music with my friend for about and hour, when all of a sudden all the speakers turned off besides the sub. I restarted my car and the HU went into protect mode, i also disconnected the battery and plugged it back in to reset the...
  37. diaz_13

    need help on choosing a amp for my xtype setup

    Okay to start off I own an 03 jaguar xtype. My question is about which amp to buy with my setup I plan on installing. Currently own a Kenwood DDX371 head unit with 4 Kicker 40cs654 all the way around and 2 pioneer ts-w309d2 subwoofers. I am stuck on what amplifier I should bring along with me to...
  38. okurk5

    kenwood excelon

    bought a new deck, I got the brand new 2015 kenwood excelon kdc for 159.99 yesterday with a 1 year warranty from a local car audio shop. did I get a good deal what all does this deck have to offer??
  39. Hybrid Audio Fiat

    Hybrid Audio Fiat

    Hybrid Audio L3v2 (Full range) 250hz-18.5k Clarus C5 Midbass Kenwood Nav
  40. J

    Kenwood cmos 320 for sale

    Up for sale is my back up camera it has 4 different viewing angles , straight back , wide angle, side to side , and straight down, if your interested let me know .. willing to ship