Kenwood DNX 6960


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Oct 26, 2009
Los Angeles
To people that have owned this deck, would you say that it is:

1- overall a good deck?

2- worth the (about) 800 dollars?

3- has a fast processing speed with all its functions?

4- i had a quesiton about the usb cable as well. to hook up an ipod, do you need to buy a seporate cord that i see kenwood sells?

thanks for the feedback



Jan 19, 2011
Look on youtube it show alot more about it. and got better reviews on amazon. I like it so far. I have one of the Kenwood DNX 6960. if you got the money I go for the new ones like the 9960 heard it more faster and it updated better than the deck I have. But I am just getting ready to fire it up with a kenwood XR-5S amp with four sub JL 6w3v3 in all 4 doors with 3/4" mdf baffle brackets and some dynamat deadin in my doors with that sub and going to place two JL 8w3v3 sup in q-logic box in my toyota tundra 2000 truck. But I don't have a Ipod though or a Iphone they say used it with a version 3 set connectors for the hook up for the Iphone or Ipod with the deck more faster for the Ipod or Iphone you can read about it on amazon. I haven't hook up an hard drive to the USB yet but I do have a male to female USB wire and it hanging out of the glovebox of the dash and it hook up to the back of the USB on the deck so I can update my GPS and hope someday hook up a hard drive for it so I can watch video or play some music. Would be nice if they have a firmware update for the deck.But you can't hide any functions on it though.and also if you havea jail break Iphone it awful. you don't want to do that it will lagg or have some slow downs on the deck. you can change the lighting any color you want. but at the moment I am having a hard times with some tweeters installation idea. Thought about going to wire them to the deck or the amp I really don't know what I sould do with the tweeters atm. And yes you do need a separate cord for the Ipod or Iphone for the deck and you have to buy the uint for HD radio and Sat Radio too. all there unit have a external plug in for each set of unit that you want to hook up to the deck.I wish people take pictures of the back of the deck so people could get a clear understanding of what idea of you can see what goes on the unit even each uint that you plug up into.


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