Can a song that is clipping damage my sub or amp?

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Hello i just installed my new two 15's subs. They are connected to 3000w amp.
I was looking for a good demo song, then i came across a good rebassed song that ''shakes'' my car the best out of all other tracks. The problem is that the song is clipping when i checked it on audacity. Can this clipping cause any damage to my sub or amp? The amp has a clipping indicator and it has not come on while playing the track at max volume. Should i be concerned? should i stick to tracks that dont clip at all? Its just that, tracks that has a ''good bassline'' doesnt do as well as the track that was clipping.

The track:

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cant hurt your gear if you set your amp gains right

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The problem is that the song is clipping
Sounds like it's not being played at normal speed either. If you want music to "show off" your system with don't start with some shitty youtube video.

Buy or pirate something in a high bitrate/lossless/etc. format. """Clipping""" aside, you probably didn't spend thousands of dollars (or whatever you guys use for money there) on audio equipment to listen to some poorly recorded and highly compressed music files.

That all said, your woofers can only take so much heat and they don't care so much about the shape of the waveform you play but only the average amplitude over time.... or in other words, if it sounds like something is stressing or you start smelling something burning turn it down!
Goofyah car

Goofyah car Newbie
Okay thanks! That was the answer i was looking for. Btw what is the best audio format i should export/listen to? Im trying to rebass by my own so it would be good to know.

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