Subwoofer / Amp Issues

blakemcdonnell Newbie
I recently recieved this sub/amp setup from my uncle for my birthday. 600W MegaVox Competition Amp and 2 x 10" Marathon subs in a Marathon competition sub box. I have a 200W power supply that I used to test them as they are 20-25 years old. When connected to the 200W (12V @ 18A) power supply the subs could play sound (used an RCA to 3.5mm adapter that came with it) but was dropping out, which I assume is to be expected considering I was running a 600W amp off a 200W power supply. After this I installed them in my mates car ( AU Falcon, his wiring was all setup as he has subs of his own) by taking the wiring from his subs and connecting it to mine. When the car was started the amp powered up, but wasn't able to get any sound either from the head unit or the 3.5mm jack adaptor. Checked the voltage running through the power input and it read 14 Volts (normal as AU Falcons charge at 14V apparently). after fiddling around trying to get it to work i took them out and hooked them up to the power supply and it was back to being choppy but could still get sound.

Any help or insight into why I can't get sound from the subs in the car but can off a 200W power supply would be greatly appreciated

Cheers, Blake

IMG_20211031_223256.jpg IMG_20211031_223336.jpg IMG_20211031_223315.jpg IMG_20211031_223357.jpg

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