1. D

    Best amp for 4 alpine for r’s 6x8 speakers

      whats the best amp I could use for 4 alpine 6x8 speaker rated at 100 watts rms each and 300 Watts max at 4 ohms I was thinking the jbl GTR-104 4 channel amp for a budget but if I was going to spend more I thought a alpine X-A70F 4 channel or what do u think would be the best to power them?
  2. Ethan Carlson

    DS18? Newbie alert

    Hey Audiophiles!! I'm looking to buy a fresh pair of subs and amp for my new car and came across these DS18, 2 12's with a built in amp, I'm on a bit of a budget but want to know what is right to look for! I figured this is the right place to come for help! ...
  3. R

    Amp has power but no output

    Okay so here's the deal, a couple months ago my sub stopped working but my amp was turning on just fine. I just got around to fixing it. I replaced the RCAs, remote wire, speaker wire, and regrounded it and it worked perfectly, then the next day it went out again so I regrounded once more with...
  4. F

    Batcap for a 4-Channel Amp?

    Hi. I have an XStatic Model 400 Batcap that I use for my sub woofer amp. I'm about to get a higher power 4-channel speaker amp (150W per channel x 4). Would this amp now need to run through a cap?
  5. A

    How many RCA's will I need?

    My list of gear as follows 1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)             -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12" 1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)              - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component              - 2x pioneer 260w 6"...
  6. N

    4-Channel Amp Wired to 1 Sub Continually Overheats

    Hello friends. My amp and sub setup in my trunk works well except that the amp overheats regularly. It's a 4-channel amp, so I have two options for wiring the sub: bridged and unbridged. When it's unbridged, it's weak but it doesn't overheat as much. When it's bridged it sounds awesome but...
  7. J

    Amp Turns on and Off

    Ok, so to start off I am new to the forum and I really hope you guys will be able to help me on this one.  My current setup is 2 kicker s12d solo barics (old school) and a memphis pr2.100 amp. The amp was an upgrade from my old MTX Thunder 325.  Ever since i swapped amps I had a minor issue...
  8. R

    Xtant amps, Never used, 2200i, 4180C, 2140C

    Item(s) for Sale: Xtant 2200I 2x100 @ 4 Ohms Xtant 4180C 4x45 @ 4 Ohms Xtant 2140C 2x70 @ 4 Ohms Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought these from a dealer in I believe 1998 and then between school and medical issues the install was never finished and these have been living in closets...
  9. T

    Problems with my sub and amp

    Alright so I have 2 12 inch kicker comp vr subs and a jbl gtr 1001 amp, the 2 subs combined should put out 800 Watts rms, and my amp is supposed to be 1000 Watts rms. But I was having an issue where my subs were cutting out a lot at pretty low volumes and I’m trying to figure out what the...
  10. nyoc

    DC Audio 1.2K Brand New 1,200 Watts

    Item(s) for Sale: DC Audio 1.2K amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new, only been out of the box for pictures. 1,200 watts RMS @ 1 OHM. Price: $300 plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipping will be exact cost with $50 insurance. Extra insurance will...
  11. D

    [Help] Amp(s) have no output after so many seconds?

    Greetings, I drive a 99' Ford Escort. I like to have a good punch to my music, but not too much. So I usually go with budget friendly options for hardware. My current internal audio setup is a small 4-channel Clarion amp (XC1410), front components, tweeters, and 6x9s in the rear. All that works...
  12. AtillaTheHung

    CT Sounds T-1000.1 good for a friend or?

    I've seen some dyno runs of some of their amps. Not too shabby, but I was wanting to hear some input from the forums. We've got all the electrical to back it up, and the innards look great. This is the newer version that doesn't have the vibration problems. Also, does the bass knob with this...
  13. concept 1200d + 4 channel

    concept 1200d + 4 channel

    amps 17 yrs ago powering memphis speakers and 2 12's
  14. H

    Im new, question about sub and amp compatibility

    Hello guys,I'm sorry to ask such a simple question but I'm hoping someone can help So pretty much i have two kicker 10" 10cvr104 subs. 4 ohm dvc, 800watt max power, and 400rms. And for an amp, i have a Kenwood monoblock class D KAC-9106D. Max power 2000 watt peak, 1000 watt rms at 2 ohms, and...
  15. K

    What amp should I get?

    I've been looking for a new amp ever since my old Kenwood blew I've got two Pioneer TS-W250R 10" They are SVC 4-ohm each, and I wanted to wire them as a 2-ohm load, and I've been looking at a few different amps. I don't have a lot of money, but I can go up to about $150. I've been looking...
  16. H

    amp turn on wire

    Hey there, I'm installing an aftermarket head unit, Panasonic 2007, into my 2002 Toyota Echo. The head unit's wire harness has an AMP TURN_ON (12V+) wire (blue/white) but the wire harness that mates with the car does not. What should I do/what will happen if I just insulate the tip of the wire...
  17. C

    Trying to determine proper fuse size

    I recently got my vehicle back from my mechanic and realized he took the fuse that is connected close to the battery out and forgot to give it back. I have no idea what size it was or what size I'm supposed to use to replace it. I am running just a small 200 watt Memphis SRX1.250 system. I know...
  18. W

    How to install a 4 channel amp with stock stereo

    Hello, I have a 2012 ml350. I want to install a 4 channel amp to my car because I want more sound. I do know that mercades already have amplifiers in them but I want more. I don't know if many of you know what a chuchero is(they consist of two speakers can be any size. They also can have ***...
  19. S

    Amp upgrade help needed

    Ok it's in an 02 ram 1500 with HO alternator (240a), 1/0 wiring, Big 3 done. Need help choosing an amp to power hdc315 in 5cube ported box. Wanting to put around 1800 watt CLEAN rms to it. Any suggestions
  20. Q

    500-600w rms @ 2 ohm amp suggestions

    I recently built a box for 2 12" subs and i plan to get the new bio 2.0 ct sounds subs that are rated at 250 rms, so i need a super budget amp that can push 500-600 watts rms at 2 ohms... any suggestions would help and my price range is 120 max but id really apreciate less.
  21. R

    Amp Recommendation

    Hey all! Looking for a new amp to replace my precision power monoblock. Looking for 1000 watt RMS class D monoblock under 150$ with an fuse rating of 60A total. Currently pulling 140A when my alternator can only supply 120A. Getting some headlight dim and hoping this will resolve the problem...
  22. T

    Did I get my internal amp?

    Hey, guys.. so, I'm fairly certain I f'ed up my internal amp. I have a dual alb10 (I know, crap anyways) that I think I fried. I had originally had a short wire running from the positive terminal to the remote terminal for testing, as well as having my ground connected. Well, when I went to...
  23. C

    Front right speaker had static on startup this morning for about a minute.

    I just had my new vibe slick 4 800 watt 4ch amp installed about 4 or 5 days ago with two new feont soeakers from vibe ans also a 1w inch sub from them. My installer is a professional been doing this for years I trust his install but he isn't give g me much info on the problem. First thing is...
  24. U

    Help with Pre amp outputs. What are they?

    First time posting on here but I couldn't get a straight answer from google so I figured id give this a shot, and I apologize if there is a thread for this already I looked but didn't see anything I was looking for. My current car doesn't have an after market receiver/stereo in it and I'm...
  25. D

    Subwoofer and Amp pairing

    Hello,I am completly new to setting up my own system and could use a little bit of help. I currently have a set of Alpine E type 10 inch subwoofers and I am a little unsure of what am to use with them. I have a polk audio pa880 and a pa660 which amp would be better to use for them? The pa880 is...
  26. B

    1600 watt amp

    I have a 1600 wat amp from audio solutions. I have it wired to my two 12"s and the guy never told me how much it can handle or the ohm load or anything. And i canʻt find specs anywhere. My amp is running hot off the two subs so i unhooked one and now itʻs running at 5ohms. But still hot. I have...
  27. H

    Help please Front and back speakers wired to 2 channel amp

    Hello im new to forums first time reaching out for help but im wanted to wire my front door and rear speakers to a 2 channle amp ive read a threar where it explaind it but im not understanding if you have to run wores from amp to headunit after conneccting the wires from door speakers to amp...
  28. T

    Low watt amp sounds louder than higher watt amp

    I have 4 gauge wiring going to a rockford fosgate 500 watt mono amp. I recently bought a JL audio jx1000 watt mono amp. I'm powering a rockford fosgate p3 4 ohm wired to 2 ohms. With the same exact connections, the 500 watt amp sounds about the same as the jl audio if not louder. Checked and...
  29. V

    Amp noise

    I have a static/white noise coming from my 4 channel. I was trouble shooting a radio problem but when the rcas were disconnected from my amp, i still had the static. I have the same noise with multiple grounds. What causes the noise on the amp with power, ground, remote and speaker wire connected?
  30. Amp Rack

    Amp Rack

    2 t1500s and a t600.4
  31. J

    HELP! Subs Barely Moving

    Running a Rockville RXD-M4 6000watt peak(3000rms) Mono block am to two 12" Power Acoustik Mofos(2500watt peak, 1300rms). Just put the Rockville in today. Now I know the subs aren't the problem as I had my old amp running with them. The issue I am having is that this 6,000w Amp is making the...
  32. Ike_Turner

    Trying to choose an amp

    Anybody every used the Kicker KX2400.1 amp.. if yeah, how would you say they perform?
  33. G

    Amp Power Problem, Heellppp!!

    I have an older Memphis 16-st1000D amp pushing my 2 12" Type R's in a ported memphis box. System has run good for over a year now with no problems, the only major one being nice and loud . Recently I have been having trouble with my amp staying powered. My 12v+to ground test produces the...
  34. 350zkid

    5 channel amp

    Looking for a nice 5 channel amp, preferably class D before I buy from a store... preferably something like 75x4 [email protected] rms or more. I also have these JBL Synchros E40BT (blue) headphones that have MAYBE 2 hours of play on them, I no longer need/use and could be thrown in, if wanted. I'd like...
  35. WashYourWinky

    WTT: Memphis PR1X1000

    Memphis PR1X1000 320w @ 4 ohm 580w @ 2 ohm 1000w @ 1 ohm 3 40 amp fuses 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical Looking to trade for at least 500w - 600w @ 4 ohm, doesn't matter if its 1,2, or 4 channel. Will ship either USPS or UPS.
  36. K

    Subwoofer Help

    So i have two 12" Kicker Comp VX's & i got them off of a friend , i tried looking up the wattage of them, but i can't find anything. how much power in an amp should i have? i have a kenwood lax 922, can somebody tell me if that's enough power to use these subs? i've been having trouble with...
  37. D

    Point me to the right amp

    hey guys, I have a 12" dual 4ohm sub with 360w rms. I'm having some trouble on what type of amp i should get. i want wire it in parallel to the amp like this. Should i look for the amp that say ***watts rms x [email protected], or ***watts rms x [email protected] I just need someone to point me in the right...


    us acoustic 600f
  39. M

    Amp not working?

    So first off I just wanna say this is the first time I've ever put a system in a car, so take it easy on me. So this afternoon I was working on getting my alpine mrv f450 amp and a jl sub I found(I know for a fact it works) in my 03 corolla, last week I put in my pioneer fh-x721-bt or 720 and it...
  40. M

    Amp not working?

    So first off I just wanna say this is the first time I've ever put a system in a car, so take it easy on me. So this afternoon I was working on getting my alpine mrv f450 amp and a jl sub I found(I know for a fact it works) in my 03 corolla, last week I put in my pioneer fh-x721-bt or 720 and it...