1. Zackster

    This amp good enough?

    I'm getting an American Bass TNT1544. It has an rms rating of 800 watts Is this amp good enough to make this sub flex? AudioPipe APCL15001D
  2. Zackster

    Best Bass for $300?

    So I've got 300 bucks to spend... What's the best I can do as far as adding some bass to my vehicle?
  3. I

    Will a BOSS audio R2000M 2000W amp work with 2 Rockford Fosgate R2D2 10's?

    I have a BOSS audio R2000M and two Rockford Fosgate R2D2 10 R2 DVC 2-Ohm 250 Watt RMS 500 watt peak. I'm setting up my first sound system in a 2011 Tahoe and I think i may have fucked up when i ordered the AMP... Will i be able to safely use the amp with said subs without breaking them?
  4. X

    Cannot get sub to work with new amp after trying/ testing everything.

    I'm going to try to give as much detail as possible so you can help me figure this out. I was given a Kenwood 350 watt max, 2 channel amp from a coworker. I have an upgraded factory sound system in my car that includes a 6 channel amplifier and a 10" Pioneer sub. I also have an aftermarket...
  5. P

    Best amp for my subs?

    I have ASC Package Triple 12" Kicker Sub Box Sealed Rearfire Subwoofer Enclosure C12 Comp 900 Watts Peak and I would like to know what amp would make these sound the best. I'm thinking like in the 2000watt range. Maybe about...
  6. 8

    Amp Help

    Hi i am looking into getting two EarthQuake Sound DBXI 15D's. i already have a box so im just getting the two 15' speakers. The problem is that i cant find a suitable amp as im somewhat new to pairing subwoofers and amps since my previous setups came as a bundle. Some people have said the...
  7. E

    Alpine SWR-1522D

    Hello, I am pretty new on car audio hobby but I am willing to learn. To start off I am really thinking of buying Alpine SWR-1522D after reading tons and tons of positive reviews about this piece of art. (I will post url for you guys to see the price and sub) Alpine SWR 1522D 2000W Max 15 inch...
  8. S

    Amp problem

    Why does my amp play randomly and when i tap on it or when i hit a bump my amp makes my sub thump what can it be?
  9. bullheadaudio

    under hood fuse box fried.

    Okay so I had a small 50 RMS-250peak amp and when I was coming to a stop light the car cut out. But stayed running but died when giving gas. I've had two "non-car audio" guys say it was most likely my amp. I say it was because of the battery holder. Because it was touching the pos post of the...
  10. A

    Is my amp too weak?

    I resentlt just got a custom ported dual 8" subwoofer box and was expecting my bass in my car to be very good. After installing them and turing on they were very very quiet like i could barly tell they were on. After adjusting setting and such i got them up a little bit to were i can hear them...
  11. S

    Amp For Mystery Sub?

    Hello, I know nothing about subwoofers, but I bought this box at a flea market for $5 because it looked cool. I'd like to find an amp for it, but I have no documentation. I honestly can't find much info about it. I measured the subs to be 8" and found this sole post via Google...
  12. E

    Capacitor Question

    Hey guys, I have a 1500w amp that will be going to a JL Audio stealth box in my 350z, it'll be at 2 ohms so it'll push 1125 out of the amp, my question is am I going to have to use a capacitor? I really don't want to but don't want my volts and stuff to drop in the car.
  13. T

    Fosgate Amp Fully Exteding Sub and Holding it There...No Sound

    I have a Rockford Fosgate 301S that I have had for many years. It has been in several vehicles and gone through even more subs. I took it out of my SUV when I sold it about 2 years ago and has been sitting in the trunk of my car disconnected since. I recently decided to set it up, ran all the...
  14. rlmich

    **Arc Audio 6 channel Amp**

    Item(s) for Sale: I have an Arc Audio KS 900.6 for sale for a lucky buyer!!!! Item(s) Description/Condition: You really need to look at an online manual to see all of the possible configurations and power ratings but essentially you can run a 3 way active system with great SQ with over 500w...
  15. Arc Audio

    Arc Audio

  16. Arc Audio

    Arc Audio

  17. Arc Audio

    Arc Audio

  18. Arc Audio

    Arc Audio

  19. Arc Audio

    Arc Audio

  20. Neotek

    Need a Sub & Amp. Not sure what types or wattage/ohms.

    I am new to car audio and I need some help setting up my new system. I chose a more ameture all Pioneer system due to budget. I have installed the Pioneer AVH-X5800bhs head unit (RMS; 22 watts per channel), Pioneer TS-A1685R 4 way speakers (RMS; 60 watts ), and TS-T110 tweeters (RMS; 40 watts)...
  21. J

    having amp issues

    i have two twelves rigged up to my home theater system, using a 875 watt peak power amp, hooked up to the positive and negative connections on a xbox 360 power supply. the positive and the remote are bridged, and i know i have everything wired right, as iv been using this setup for quite a...
  22. G

    Is my Amp/Subwoofer Setup viable?

    Hello All! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I have purchased a subwoofer ( and as well have purchased an Amplifier ( Are the power/impedance levels going to be okay on these...
  23. R

    Under powered Amp

    My amp (900w RMS) is being powered by a 750w computer power supply. When I turn it up, it acts just like I have it hooked up to a battery. Nothing shuts off, it doesn't sound quite, and there isn't any distortion. Is it bad on the amp to turn it up to the correct voltage (square root of...
  24. Kenyanbasshead

    amp choice for 2xAA mayhem

    Hey guys, so now i have bought 2xAA Mayhems 18s and am a little torn inbetween a few amps to choose from. Im in the Netherlands at the moment and have a few choices regarding amps. 1. 1xHifonics brx12000d (1x6000rms at 1ohm) 2. 1xGround zero gzpa1.6khcx (1x6000rms at 1ohm) 3. 2xMassive d8000...
  25. A

    Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 Ohm Subs

    Hi I'm new to the forum, I have 2 Alpine MRD-M300 amps and would like to use each amp to power its own SWR-1223D Type R sub (dual 2 ohm). Does it matter if the subs are Dual 2 Ohm or Dual 4 ohm? The reason I ask is because I found this answer that says I need the dual 4 ohm version...
  26. ekah

    what are some decent budget speakers?

    running Skar Audio RP-75.4AB Multichannel Amplifier also running need a set of speakers that can handle more volume...
  27. Dunsmoor

    Is my amplifier busted?

    Installed a sub in my silverado single cab behind the seat. Boss amp purchased brand new off amazon. The sub is a kenwood brand new off amazon too. For 3 months it worked perfect but then things went down hill. First, the sub would sound distorted like it was blown but then a short while later...
  28. C

    Looking to buy 1500-2000 watt amp

    does anyone have a 1500-2000 watt true power amp for sale have cash in hand located in north myrtle beach
  29. C

    Looking for amp

    Does anyone have a 1500-2000 watt amp that is true power I have cash in hand I'm located in north myrtle beach
  30. L

    Finding wattage and Finding an Amp

    I have been searching for an amp for my 2 pairs of speakers and my 2 subwoofers. Here are my plans so far: 2 Kicker Coaxial Speakers 4-Ohm 6.5 inch @ 100wat RMS each = 200watRMS @ ????wat Peak 2 Kicker Speakers 4-Ohm 5.25 inch @ 75wat RMS each = 150watRMS @ 225wat Peak 2 Kicker Subwoofers...
  31. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  32. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  33. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  34. J

    Gain tuning my amp w/ sub?

    New to a sub/amp combo. My amp is putting out 200w rms in bridged mode. My sub is rated at 250w rms. (single 10" alpine type e) Since the amp doesn't put out the full potential wattage the sub is capable of, do i crank up the gain to max? Thanks
  35. Q

    Power for my Orion HCCA?

    I just ordered an Orion HCCA 12" and I've been digging all over for an amp that will put out some sorta decent wattage at 2 ohms. So far, all I have found for a decent price is the Hifonics MT Olympus Colossus Pro 5K, which puts out 2500 watts at 2 ohms for $450. My budget is up to $600. Thanks...
  36. F

    Amp power question.

    Ok so I have a JL 1000/1 amp. Everything is hooked up correctly, double and triple checked it. Ok so here's the question. Should of any voltage be read at the +/- speaker terminals with the amp/ car shut off? Right now I'm reading .038v at the speaker terminals with the amp off (power light is...
  37. L

    Lost power in amplifier after having geek squad install front and rear door speakers

    Hi, I had recently installed myself 2 10 inch Rockford fosgate subwoofers in one enclosed box with a 600 peak RMS Watts and a volfenhag amp with 800W peak. I used 8 gauge kicker wiring for the installation. Everything worked perfectly for 2 weeks and I decided to get new 6 1/2 inch 300W speakers...
  38. F

    Major amp confusion

    Hey all, I have installed a 1500 mono amp with 2 12" Jbl 100ow subs, I have them running very minimal, Once all the wires and such were in I powered it up and it all sounded great, as I was cleaning up it suddenly stopped playing and there is no indication of power. I checked all my wires and...
  39. V

    McIntosh MCC406M 6-Channel Car Amp - Value?

    I have a McIntosh MCC406M 6-Channel Car Amp that i am trying to sell. What do you think is a fair asking price? I have it listed on eBay at $1750. Please provide feedback. My stereo guy said it is worth $1900 since it is no longer in production and it is in perfect condition.
  40. A

    JL Sub + Kicker amp.. Good?

    Hey all, new to the form, and somewhat new too car audio. I'm looking to put in a sub in my car, I was looking around and I found a JL Sub/Enclosure combo, And I also found a Amp. Links are below. Would this be a good combo? AMP: Right here Subwoofer: RIGHT HERE I already have a wiring kit...