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Hawaiiboy808 Newbie
Jul 18, 2021
I have a skar rp800.1d amp running off stock electrical at 14.24 volts dc at 40hz but without having bass boost on I’m reading pretty low in ac volts coming out of the speaker outputs. But with bass boost on and using ohms laws I’m showing around 800 watts to my sub at 1ohm. And I know bass boost is not recommended but it seems impossible to gets the correct ac volts out of my amp without bass boost. All setting on my head unit are flat. I’m completely confused.


Trigger Man!
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Aug 28, 2018
Not a fan of the rp amps. What head unit are you using? Is the subwoofer level turned all the way up on the head unit?

Hawaiiboy808 Newbie
Jul 18, 2021
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I’m running a kenwood ddx276 subwoofer setting turned on Max could it be from my set up. I recently added a second amp for mids and instead of pulling out the hu I split the rca and put full range for my filters on the hu
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