1. slvx3x_

    Sound system problem

    I installed a sound system in my car (stereo, eq, amp, and speakers) but inly two speakers are playing (front left and rear right) my problem is that when i switched the rcas the problem was still there and when i put a headphone jack to rca to the amp , the speakers playing fine. Would it be a...
  2. HennyGod

    Need suggestions on entire system

    Just bought a 2004 Crv and I’ve always wanted to get into sound system been reading up but still don’t know what to get. I have about a 1000 to spend I want something to knock the wind outta me would prefer one 12 or one 10. I also need door speakers and head unit and amps for sub and door...
  3. G

    Jeep unlimited system, need input

    I just bought a jeep unlimited 4 door (2017) I have a budget of $2000 what should I put in this jeep to get some good sound quality, I have been out of car audio for about 20 a little lost whats the best box, woofers (8" or 10"), amps, head unit, and 6.5 speakers I can put in this...
  4. M

    Could anyone help me put together a decent system

    I drive a 2005 Chevy Silverado and the factory speakers are absolutely shot. If I add an ounce of bass to the sound the whole car rattles, so I need to upgrade. However, I know practically nothing about car audio components. Would anyone be willing to help me come up with a reasonable looking...
  5. 6

    1964 lincoln continental convertible modern audio installation help

    I need your advice please, I went to the audio store and got a list of stuff to install on my '64 convertible, the deadline for this car is April 24 (Armenian Genocide commemoration day) I need it done by then! I got a good deal on everything (did not buy it yet) I want to get aproval from you...
  6. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  7. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  8. Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorize Sub / Amp Enclosure

    Motorized Enclosure Automatically Opens and Closes to hide your stuff
  9. VWSundownAudio

    My first ever budget build!

    Panasonic CQ-RX100U Head Unit Sundown E-15 DVC 4-ohm Sub wired to 2-ohms R/T 300 318-15 Labyrinth Ported Enclosure Kenwood KAC-5001PS 1000W Mono D Amp KnuKonceptz 4 Gauge Wiring Kit All brand spankin' new. Total Cost: $320 Ive heard tons of other single 15's, and for the all around cost, I...
  10. G

    please help me wire this!!!

    I have a kenwood kac-9103d class d mono amp that i am wanting to hook to audiobahn aw1571t subs. i dont understand how to hook them to this particular amp
  11. stevknd2

    Real "tuning"?

    In my car right now I have two 12" MTX Terminators (from the package deal!). I love these things, and I know they are complete ****, but they were my level one and I loved them. I tried my best to "tune" them but I know for a fact I never really did it like the people on this site did. Here's...
  12. 2007 dodge ram

    2007 dodge ram

    15" directed audio subwoofers 3600watt audiobahn amp Stinger 1 farad capacitor All stinger wireing
  13. O

    NEED AN AUDIO SET-UP (Willing to pay)

    Hello, I have been trying to learn all about audio systems for the past two weeks, and I have a general idea but I am still in desperate need of help. I currently have a 2012 Honda Civic Lx, and I need an expert or experienced person who can give me an exact set up that will fit my vehicle and...
  14. J

    Do you all think my alt should be fine with this set up?

    Ok im a little woried that my alt might go out but im probably just paridoid.But i was going to have 2 12' Hifonics subs they are 800wats each and the amp is going to be a apsm 1500.and my HU is just going to be a cheaper alpine or kenwood that will be like 50w x 4.Do you all this it should be...
  15. rock2593

    what should i do next?

    I guess i can say im now addicted to upgrading my audio system...I have a 2008 Infiniti G35x sedan and just upgraded my system a few months ago and am already interested in adding more to my car. my set up now: -two JL 10W3v3's in a custom box -Arc Audio XDi 10001 amp -Front Stage: Hertz ESK...
  16. P

    Car audio cooling system

    Would anyone be willing to buy a car audio cooling system for $1,000? half-down. i'm looking to see if anyone needs one, and how many buyers i'd have. right now, it's just research.
  17. B

    need help finding a system

    I just bought a real nice 1993 cadillac sedan deville and I need to put a new system in. I have no clue what I need all I know is I want to get 3 or 4 12" subs that will bang and sound good. also I'm on a budget I really want to keep it around 800$. if you could help by just giving a list of...
  18. A

    build advice

    So I'm very new to all of this and I want your guys input! 1) So the only part of my system i actually have is a 2004 Honda accord and two 15 inch 1500rms watt subs. I'm only going to be using one of them because i have no room or reason for two. 2) I want a good sounding system that isn't...
  19. T

    car speakers help!! (installation and recommended speakers help)

    Ok I have a 97 Chevy cavalier that I just bought and the people before me had a terrible system in it and have wires all over I just want to replace the two front door speakers which are 4x6 and two 6x9 in my trunkthat are in like a built in box almost . I know NOTHING about speakers or cars...
  20. 07sciontc

    huge home system 8 12s nice n loud

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: these are great have to hear them to get the real feel 4 um there pro studio speakers 4 toweres each has 2 12s banpass box with 2 smaller speakers in them like 5s and there also 3 corner speakers there big about 10 inches tall and like 6 wide...
  21. lgnbarnard

    Subwoofer system for 2007 chevy silverado ~PLEASE HELP~

    I'm new to the whole speaker system thing and I just needed some recommendations to get the most bang for my buck. I have a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab, I was having a lot of trouble finding a box that fits in my truck and is big enough for good subs. I don't have anything other than tools...
  22. Why So Cereal?

    Need help with golf cart system!

    ok we have a 36 volt ez go golf cart. its 2 seater with the 2 seats u can put on the back. I was thinking one or 2 8" subs built under seat where batteries are then 2 6.5s up front. and 2 more 6.5s under seat as well. for this im thinking a 5 channel amp will be best. but my only issue is...
  23. J

    i need help how to disable flashing parking lights feature ?

    my car is a 1990 Honda CRX Si, and it has a Clifford Arrow II alarm system, which a shop installed back in 1999. the alarm works fine except one problem that has to do with the feature that flashes the parking lights....... sometimes after arming or disarming, the parking lights get...
  24. S

    PS3-80GIG backward compatible, 2 controllers, 11 games, ect

    Item(s) for Sale: 80 Gig PS3, 2 controllers, 11 games, Hdmi cable, controller charging cable. Game titles include-COD world at war, Medal of Honor, Madden 10, NFS Shift, Gran Turismo 5, NFS prostreet, Madden 2009, GTA liberty city stories, NCAA 09, and Final Fantasy 13 Item(s)...
  25. G

    will this new upgrade be worth it!! please help!!!

    Hello people, i want to build a new system for my car, but idk if it will be worth it. Im planning on having two Digital Designs 1512 woofers in two seperate ported Enclosures, because my trunk is too small for one huge box. For power i will have two sundown SAX 125.2 amplifiers rated for 800...
  26. R

    RF T2 or Orion H2 12.2...which ones would you prefer????

    :fro:Which subs would you prefer??? A pair of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch T2 or Orion H2 12.2???
  27. R

    RF T2 or Orion H2 12.2...which ones would you prefer????

    Which subs would you prefer??? A pair of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch T2 or Orion H2 12.2???
  28. R

    SOLD FS: Full JL System

    Item(s) for Sale: (3) 13.5 JL Audio W6v2 Custom Ported JL Box with W6 elevated. (3) JL Audio A1800 Amps Alpine D105 Flip Out w Ipod cable Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent Condition All original boxes Price: subs & box - $1000 Amps - $300 each Alpine D105 - $300 Shipping...
  29. C

    sub help!

    i got a system in my car about 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago while listening to music not even loud my sub stopped kickin i've checked all the wiring and fuses n i dont think i could have blown the speaker or amp they look fine and now n then my sub will hit just a little bit.. all help appreciated..
  30. G

    In need of other peoples thoughts

    i got 2 t215 the new 2010s and two t1500bdcp amps one to each 15. with a extra kintec audio battery the khc2400 hooked up thought id be getting alot more bass than what im getting with all im running and im runing 2 and 0 gauge all the way threw the car. ive had a million systems and i seem like...
  31. T

    What are my best options????

    Hello everyone.. I'm new to the car audio scene and am in search of advice from people with actual knowledge and firsthand experience! Heres my situation: I have 1000$ to spend on: 1 or 2 subwoofers an amplifer a wiring kit installation ( need advice on where ) a box ___________________...
  32. J

    SOLD rockford fosgate entire system

    i got an entire rockford fosgate PUNCH system... P300 rockford amp 2 10" R1 subs that match perfectly! and a half farad CAP to go with it Everything is mounted onto one convienient box... whole this prices out retail at 550 .... know im not going to get that much any decent offers will be...
  33. S

    Help me choose amp/subs/enclosure for my new system.

    Hello all, I currently have a system that I am looking to upgrade. I am only looking to upgrade my amp, subs, and enclosure. I currently have two kicker cvr 12's in an enclosure that I came with some polks that I used to have. The original kicker box I had came loose somehow and started...
  34. R

    Plans for my new system

    Ok so my birthday is coming up and i've decided to ask for an upgrade from my current system. My current system is pretty basic, just a diamond d315 2 ohm sub in a ported box(not even sure what the specs on it are lol) powered by a kenwood 8104d mono amp wired to 2 ohms. So it's pushing around...
  35. J

    I Need Help with my Car Audio System!!

    I Have a 1999 Cadillac Escalade with a Pioneer Flip out CD/DVD player, with Bose Surround Sound, Playstation as my AV input, and also 3 JL subs and 2 kicker amps in a custom fiberglass box. System is sweet, and i am having a problem with the Radio. Movies play perfectly fine, and so does the...
  36. SYSTEM


  37. big suond

    big suond

    7 days work on it ,,, hard bas and softly sound
  38. alpine 7998

    alpine 7998

  39. Optima Yellow Top

    Optima Yellow Top