Real "tuning"?


May 24, 2013
In my car right now I have two 12" MTX Terminators (from the package deal!). I love these things, and I know they are complete ****, but they were my level one and I loved them. I tried my best to "tune" them but I know for a fact I never really did it like the people on this site did. Here's what I did do:

On my Kenwood 352U:

Turned loudness/bass boost OFF

Turned "Bass" setting down to -8

*I frequently change the "Sub" setting to match certain songs

On the MTX TD500.1D:

Selected "LPF"

Turned LPF down all the way

Turned subsonic filter about 3/4 the way up (to what I imagined was 40hz)

This sounds really nice with my current setup! It knocked pretty loud without any distortion and it managed to hit lows (around 30hz) decently. So first off, how could I have done better with this? Are there better settings? Now the point of all this is I am upgrading to my level two soon! I'm ditching the two 12's and I'm getting two 15" Obdsidians. So now I really want to get the max out of my system and I want it to be the best possible. I will be putting them in a slotted box I bought. Here are the specs:

5 cu ft net (after port displacement/before woofer displacement)

5.39 cu ft gross

31hz tuning

Double baffled front/ .75” MDF/ Rear fire Dual 15”

Now I am not sure what a box has to do with tuning, but apparently it's important. Anyways I will be hooking the subs up to a PPI BK1300.1D amp. This amp has a lot more controls then my last two did. I have no idea where to begin! And to top it off I decided to get Hertz ESK130's to keep up with the bass. I'm only putting them in the front (I bought some cheap Pioneers for the back and I'm going to fade to the front a bit, they are filler) and I will be running them off a Pioneer GM3500T and I've never once touched a regular speaker amp. I went in a little over my head but I am determined to figure this out, and to learn more about it while I do so I can actually help other people on this site...



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Jan 4, 2011
Set your lpf around 60-80 and subsonic around 25


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Jan 24, 2011
New box seems pretty small for 15s. Typically 15s need 3.5-4.5 cubes a piece net.



May 24, 2013
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...The MTX amp is going out soon so that is not really important, I was just curious. recently I was told I could tune the amp "perfectly" with a DMM...could someone explain how to do this? And what about the five other knobs on this BK1300.1D amp? I've only ever encountered: LPF, HPF, and Gain. And what about the Pioneer amp? I want this new system to sound perfect. Oh and the box is as big as it could be considering my trunk space.


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