1. D

    Pioneer - GM 3000

    Hello guys, recently I bought an amplifier over ebay. The model is: Pioneer - GM 3000 the version with 8DIN connectors at the back, however seller didn't mention that. So I spoke to an electrical mechanic who added chinches to this connectors and tried the amplifer locally at the workplace and...
  2. E

    Which amp is best

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help in the form of picking the right amplifier for my sub. It's pioneer TS-A300B with around 500WRMS @ 2 ohms, I'm looking to run it at about 300-350wrms, I'm thinking a monoblock amp because it's less stuffing around, I need an amp wthat has a LP Filter however ...
  3. L

    pioneer 4400nex sound cuts while driving, head unit on

    Hey all, I recently had a very well respected car audio place in town here install the Pioneer 4400nex in my 2003 trailblazer ltz with the bose sound system.  Now, they say they're going to take care of fixing it, but I would like to try and figure out what's going on incase they try to sell me...
  4. Angel Ricardo Cerda

    looking for advice to choose mirrorlink car radio

    hi guys and gals im looking advice to choose car radio 2 DIN, preferable PIONEER, so the idea is connect my android smartphone to it. not need to be the last models. If is capable mirror the screen i will very happy TIA
  5. BassLord808

    Any Pioneer DEH-80PRS owners here?

    I have this head-unit on the way. I have yet to hear anything but the best about this head unit. Can't wait to install it. Does anyone here own one?
  6. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  7. S

    Amp and cd player. how to tune

    when u get your sound system all hooked up what is the first to last step on tuning your system? i found some people tune the amp then the cd player is that right?
  8. M

    Which Amplifier to use for these two subwoofers?

    Hi, this is my first post! Any help would be much appreciated. Now I am looking at getting 2 subwoofers and these are Pioneer TS-W311D4 (12" Champion Series DVC 4 ohm). These subs perform at 800 watt rms combined (400 watt rms each) and I'm going to wire the DVC in parallel and in parallel with...
  9. A

    How many RCA's will I need?

    My list of gear as follows 1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)             -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12" 1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)              - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component              - 2x pioneer 260w 6"...
  10. A

    Pioneer SPH-Da120 in Toyota Prado 150

    Good evening, I'd like to upgrade my stereo in a 2011 Toyota Land cruiser Prado 150. I have a factory audio system with the amplifier under the passenger seat. The only requirements are 2xUSB, Apple carplay and the ability to connect a reversing camera. The Pioneer SPH-Da120 looks as though...
  11. K

    Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Android Auto and other issue

    Hello, I recently bought a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX from BestBuy and using it from a month in my 2014 Ford Mustang. The radio was decent, but I am having problems with: 1. Android Auto - When I connected by phone (BB Keyone), I always get a message: "To use Android Auto please stop the car and...
  12. S

    Did I purchase the best amplifier for my goals?

    So I recently purchased 4 Polk Audio DB652's for my 2012 Subaru Impreza (with a stock in-dash stereo). I like them but I wanted more out of them so I purchased a Pioneer D9605 5 channel amp. I chose this amp because I wanted to see more output from my current 4 door speakers and a sub woofer...
  13. C

    Pioneer FH-S705B ($198) V Kenwood DPX-5100BT ($228)..... (AUD)

    TLDR: Which of these units would u suggest? Went to JB-Hifi looking to buy a single DIN headunit (replacing my Pioneer mp3 cd deck that ive had for about 12-14 years because the CD drive no longer works and it contains no AUX output) but came across these, they offered me the Pioneer one for...
  14. D

    2007 Toyota Avalon, replaced OEM radio and lost data screen

    I had a tech replace my OEM radio with a Pioneer AVH-200 ex double din unit with touch screen. The problem is that the screen above where the old radio’s knobs were, which has a blue background and white letters and numbers telling me how much gas I have, the range I can expect to travel, the...
  15. J

    Pioneer x2800BS bluetooth help

    About a month and a half ago I had a pioneer avh x2800BS installed in my 06 eclipse. Recently I've had a problem when playing audio from my phone using bluetooth. The audio will start cracking popping and buzzing making it impossible to listen to. It is not a faint noise by any means and it...
  16. B

    I need tuning help!

    So I'm going to probably give a lot of unnecessary information but it's because I don't have model numbers at the moment. If they are absolutely needed I can get them. Back story*** I have a system with a kenwood basic head unit, and 2 pioneer 350w subs, and an autotek 1000w amp. The head unit...
  17. K

    Best double din in 2017

    What is the best double din to buy at 2017? I know the most popular two brands are Pioneer and Kenwood. I am willing to buy Pioneer AVHX5800BHS. Any idea about this model?
  18. C

    Help with Ported Subwoofer box!!

    Hi Car Audio fans I currently have a systen in my car. I have a Pioneer MVH-X508DAB, 4 pioneer 5.25 inch speaker, 1 Kenwood KAC-6406 driving them. I am happy with the loudness and quality overall but I still need a subwoofer to complete it all. I have bee thinking a lot about it and decided...
  19. G

    Russian Pioneer

    Hi, I have a Pioneer MVH-X360BT which has switched itself to Russian display. For instance it says 'ГРОМКОСТЬ' instead of 'VOLUME'. I can't find anything about language in the PDF file of the user manual. How do I switch it back to English?
  20. I

    Clipping(?) with two 12" Pioneer subs

    Let me first point out that I'm not entirely sure if this is even clipping, I sent in a support ticket to Pioneer and that's what they said it was. So I got two new 12" Pioneer Champion Pro (TSW3003D4) (that are rated at 600w RMS, 2000w Peak) hooked up to an RE Audio DTS1000.1 with 2 gauge...
  21. R

    Pioneer sub started smoking but still works

    I've had a Pioneer Ts-3002D2 subwoofer running on about 800 watts from a RE dts1000.1 with 6g which didn't allow enough power for a few months now and everything was fine. I recently purchased a new car and the sub and box sat in the garage for two months. Yesterday I ran 2g welding wire and...
  22. P

    Needing help on a universal wire harness

    So I got universal wire harness for my 2006 Pontiac grand prix. I'm tryig to wire head unit witch is a pioneer stereo. What I have done so far is connect all the wires to the right place and nothing won't turn on or nothing. So when I took a closer look I can get it on by connecting the yellow...
  23. A

    Need Help Pioneer Amp With (1) 12 inch Pioneer Subwoofer

    Hey guys, I really need help with finding out the settings for these two Pioneer GM-A5602 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier with 900 Watts Max Power and Bass Boost Control - Pioneer TS-W304R 12" Subwoofer - everything is hooked up right its working fine i just want to...
  24. M

    Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto EQ questions

    I just installed a Pioneer 4100NEX in my 2014 Jeep Patriot. I'm trying to do an Auto EQ using the CD-MC20 microphone. Following the directions in my HU manual, I turned on the ignition to ACC, switched the AV source to OFF, and then got into the Audio settings. The instructions say to touch...
  25. S

    100 watts RMS over the rated RMS of the subwoofer safe?

    Okay, first of all, I am hoping I am posting this in the right section. Secondly, since I have recently passed my driving test and am really into car audio (had a sony head unit as a alpine amp running off of car batteries a while ago in my room), and am soon to get a car, I have started...
  26. V

    Pioneer DEH-1100 Super tuner 3, No sound all if the sudden still turns on .need help

    Hey everyone I joined this forum simply for this issue. I have a 1988 mustang GT with an a pioneer DEH 1100 in it. It worked fine up until about 8 months ago. I was driving one night going to friends house , the radio worked fine. I was there for about 2 hours come back turn the car on and start...
  27. S

    Pioneer DEH-800prs radio has sound, but no sound with other inputs

    Hi, I am new to the forum and looking for a bit of help. All of a sudden my Pioneer DEH-800 PRS went from working perfectly, to intermittently. The radio channel works fine, but bluetooth, iPod and Sirius are mostly showing up only on the display and with no sound at all. I say...
  28. Chevy Blazin'

    WTB a pioneer deh-p960mp

    Just as the title states. I can be reached at 910-585-1130
  29. F

    Car stereo balance shifting problem

    Hello all. This is my first post and new to the forum. I have this stereo problem where occasionally maybe twice a day on my hourly commute to work the audio shifts to the front left speaker. There's still audio coming from the other speakers, but they are quiet. The audio from the front left...
  30. M

    Opinions on new setup.

    I cam currently upgrading my sound system with pioneer DEH8700DX head unit, pioneer GMA6604 760 watt amp and pioneer TSA1685R 6.5" 4 way speakers. I'm just looking for any opinions on this combination, how it will preform, and how I could improve it. They will be in my 2001 Corolla, I know it's...
  31. S

    Pioneer TS-D1602R/JBL P963 vs Pioneer TS-A1685R/TS-A6995R

    This is for a Pioneer AVH-X1600DVD Head Unit in a 2002 Honda Accord 2-Dr. The setup will not initially have an amp and subwoofer but it planned to at some point. Which pairing above would be the best choice or would a different pairing (e.g., TS-D1602R/TS-A6995R) be the best choice considering...
  32. D

    Double Din Head Unit Still Require

    Hi, so I'm going to purchase the head unit below for my 2000 Infiniti G20. Now it should take up the entire space of my stock head unit. But I don't know if I still need something along with it to make...
  33. diaz_13

    need help on choosing a amp for my xtype setup

    Okay to start off I own an 03 jaguar xtype. My question is about which amp to buy with my setup I plan on installing. Currently own a Kenwood DDX371 head unit with 4 Kicker 40cs654 all the way around and 2 pioneer ts-w309d2 subwoofers. I am stuck on what amplifier I should bring along with me to...
  34. AtillaTheHung

    First build ever; looking for better amp

    I'll probably be hated on for this post because Reddit already lost their ******* about my setup, but hopefully you guys will hate a little less. This is my first build ever, and I was pretty low on cash when I bought my first vehicle. I'll give a little run up on my setup: Sub: Cerwin-Vega...
  35. N

    Pioneer DEH-X8500DAB Stereo

    I have a Pioneer DEH-X8500DAB stereo from my previous car which my brother wrote off. I don't have the cables that came with it and I need to know what cables I would need to buy for my car which is a Suzuki Swift 61 Plate Mk4. I have a steering Wheel control for radio but not phone. Thanks Nathan
  36. MrAcd

    What will sound best with this equipment.....Skar/NVX/Pioneer/JBl?

    Okay, so this is my first forum post and im fairly new into car audio also. I will start off with the equipment that i have bought already, this includes a custom pre fab box that specifically fits under Dodge ram seats, if i had a different car i would of built it. The box is for 2 10inch subs...
  37. C

    **Issues** Installing a pioneer stereo in my 98 Tercel

    Hi, I had some issues trying to connect a pioneer deck into my 98 Tercel. I haven't bought a harness but I made one Here is the link to some photos. The stereo, dome light and clock are working just fine My problem now is that my dash light aren't connected, I can't put my car to drive, I...
  38. X

    12'' Pioneer Championship 1200W + JBL GT Series 300w Amp + 1.0f Cap

    Item(s) for Sale: 12" Pioneer Championship Series TS-W307D4 1200W Subwoofer in its proper box ~ 1.75 Cubic Feet -with cables for AMP=>SUB JBL GT Series A3001 300w Mono Car Amp 1.0 Frat Capacitor - with Monster cables for AMP=>CAP Item(s) Description/Condition: Used; but in good...
  39. X

    12" Pioneer Champion 1500W + JBL GT Series 300w Amp + 1.0f Cap

    Item(s) for Sale: 12" Pioneer Championship Series TS-W307D4 1200W Subwoofer in its proper box ~ 1.75 Cubic Feet -with cables for AMP=>SUB JBL GT Series A3001 300w Mono Car Amp 1.0 Frat Capacitor - with Monster cables for AMP=>CAP Item(s) Description/Condition: Used; but in good...
  40. T

    Wiring a Pioneer FH-X700BT with GMOS-01 for 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

    I have done this multiple times in the past, and I have never had so much issue with a wiring harness. This GMOS-01 harness is just a mess of wires, and the manual for the stereo is very non-specific for what colors on their harness are. First question. The 16 pin harness on the GMOS-01 has...