1. D

    Sony XB100BT... Output Error?

    Hey all, Lately my head unit has been randomly displaying Output Error which cancels out all sound from the speakers and only plays sound out of the sub. Taking off the faceplate then pressing the reset button fixes it temporarily then it randomly happens again. I just re-wired everything...
  2. BassLord808

    Any Pioneer DEH-80PRS owners here?

    I have this head-unit on the way. I have yet to hear anything but the best about this head unit. Can't wait to install it. Does anyone here own one?
  3. G

    RCA Distortion From Head Unit

    So I have a somewhat crappy aftermarket head unit (Boss 460BRGB) so that if my car is broken into and it is stolen it wont be too bad a hit. Anyways I recently installed a Hifonics Zeus ZXX-1000.4 amp for my 4 kenwood 6x9 speakers. The two door 6x9s are rated at 115w rms at 4 ohm and the rear...
  4. dmannman

    OEM Headunit to Aux

    Warning this question will probably sound extremely dumb. So in short, if I have an OEM headunit and i use a line level converter to output to rca and then used a rca to aux 3.5mm adapter. Could I use that output for an aux input on another headunit? Thanks.
  5. M

    Headrest DVD players to head unit

    I am looking at buying a couple of rearview headrest DVD monitors for my car. Obviously these can connect to one another to play the same movie but is there a way to connect them to my head unit so I can play a movie from my head unit to the rearview monitors? I would also want to play movies...
  6. GearboyOfficial

    Bridging A Headunit with Dual Voice Coil Speakers?

    Hi I have a Kenwood Deck with a 5 channel amp. My amp is powering my door speakers and subs at 40 RMS to the door speakers. Now I know this is probably not doable because I dont have a deep enough understanding of bridging but as far as I am aware a bridgeable channel is one that can handle 1-2...
  7. H

    Electrical Wiring Issue, Help greatly appreciated.

    Hello yall, I have a 06 Nissan Altima, I installed a new HU today (kenwood dpx702bh) and I'm all finished up. One issue maybe two.... When I start the car and my headunit is not on (because I did not hook up the ground wire yet) my amplifiers turn on just fine. But.. when I hook up my ground...
  8. C

    Headunit install on a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan.

    Huzzah! I have a new car! A really fast car, with a super beefy alternator designed for installing all sorts of stuff that runs on electricity ! Bummer it ***** for sound. For those of you not in the know, the PI Sedan is a suped up Taurus, and much of the mods that can be done to it are...
  9. S

    Calling all pros - Avh-2600 sq dilemma...

    What's up everyone, first post here. I've reached a point where my system's sq just doesn't satisfy my ear, although it does for others. The headunit supposedly has a 24 bit dac, but it doesnt sound like it. It hass limited tuning capabilities (basic 7 or 8 band, basic l or r time alignment...
  10. bullheadaudio

    new head unit new wireing??

    I'm thinking of getting a double din touch screen head unit. I already have a aftermarket single din with a harness and was wondering if the double din requires a diffrent kind of harness or do I just need to plug N play it. Thanks.
  11. R

    Strange Custom Stereo Problem - No sound? 1975 Porsche

    Hey all, Brand spanking new to the forum because no one else has an answer! I have a 75 Porsche 911S which has a very simple stereo setup. Headunit - powered, switched, grounded. Turns on fine. Pioneer DC or DEH something or other. New, bluetooth, not expensive. Speakers - Shelf box setup...
  12. M

    additional speaker installation with sound processor and headunit

    i having a ford figo and i got factory headunit with facotry door speakers and rockford fosgate p1 2x12 in my trunk hooked up to sony xm gs 100. in addition i have got rockford r300-4 4 channel in spare. so i am thinking to wire those factory speakers in series to connect it with the...
  13. J

    Alpine CDA-9855 BioLite help

    Everything works but my biolite display. I know very little about the wiring, a friend with a good amt. of knowledge helped me try to reinstall in my car after being taken out for a few years. I am not sure if the biolite drivers or memory problem on the hu harddrive. Any input would be so...
  14. T

    I need help. At a dead end

    I have a 2001 Tahoe with a pioneer deh x16 radio and 2 kicker subs and a 500 watt kicker amp. Which worked great for a week. Now the radio plays only the subs (no door speakers)for about a minute and then shuts off and says amp error. It's not wired to the cars internal amp. Anyone know what the...
  15. B

    Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 + Hypertech Honda Sport tuner = High End Head Unit

    I'm looking to trade my 3sixty.2 + Hypertech Honda Sport Tuner for a high end audiophile head unit. I have other ads with more details about these tuning products, feel free to check those out for more details: 3SIXTY Digital Processors - 3SIXTY.2 - Rockford Fosgate® HYPERTECH® 62002 - Honda...
  16. Martinp

    Installed new amp, now headunit has no equalizer

    Hello! So today I finished installing my kenwood 4 channel amplifier in conjunction with my kenwood ddx419 HU. Now my front ANL fuse off the battery was blown so there is no power going to the amp as of right now, so i'm not sure if that's the problem but anyway this is what is happening, My...
  17. A

    General questions about LOC

    I am no expert in car audio, but I have had my fair share of aftermarket stereos. From a simple passive LOC/amp/sub setup to full system upgrades. My first setup was a basic passive LOC, connected to an amp and sub. I upgraded piece by piece until I had some door speakers, and then upgraded a...
  18. heimsothe

    Help, Do I Need A Line Driver???

    First, I apologize if this is the wrong section to post in! Anyways, my setup I have purchased are a Pioneer AVH-2600BT, an Alpine MRX-M110, and 2 Alpine SWS-12ds's. I am wondering if I need, or it would be highly beneficial to get a line driver for my my amp and subs? I ask this because my...
  19. lipski24.ml

    Head unit recommendations?!

    I am just helping my friend try to find a good head unit, for right around $100! I love alpine, so I told him to look at those, what about kenwood, I heard that you shouldn't go under 5500 series with kens? Not 100% on that though! Any suggestions help! Thanks!
  20. rarmstrong

    FS PIONEER DEH-X6500BT Head Unit

    Item(s) for Sale: Bran new still in orgigial packaging.. $100 plus shipping DEH-X6500BT - CD Receiver with MIXTRAX™, Bluetooth®, USB Control for iPod®/iPhone®, and Pandora® Ready | Pioneer Electronics USA Item(s) Description/Condition: brand new Price: 100 plus shipping Shipping and...
  21. lipski24.ml

    Headunit Wiring

    I am wiring in a deck for my friend. and she has the most afro engineered car ive seen... Its rediculous. Jumpers to ductape, wires hanging from the console to under the floor mats. Speaker wire all over the place. There are jumpers to more jumpers, to the original wire harness. Its a mess. But...
  22. B

    Stuck between 3 Head Units, need help deciding.

    Hey guys, just joined here and I'm looking for some advice on which head unit I should buy. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 specific models. But if you have a better recommendation then by all means let me know. My price range really was $300 or under, but I could stretch it a little bit if...
  23. L

    help me find a headunit!

    Im going to buy a new headunit for my system looking for the best out there under 150 has to have usb and aux. My setup is 4 jbl gto's 2 6 by 9's and 6 1/2's and a kenwood 9105d running 1 sundown sa15. i just want a solid headunit that will give me good speaker clarity and not skip or cutout...
  24. T

    Looking for a new head unit.

    I just purchased a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. The deck that was in it is from 2004 and I am looking for an upgrade. I have not installed my amp or sub yet, but i will be so keep that in mind. I have listed what I am looking for below. Specs: Must Have Double Din Bluetooth Ipod/Iphone...
  25. T

    Help! New Headunit needed! JVC or...?

    Hey, Had a bit of trouble trying to find a new headunit for my currently audio system car set-up. Had a lot of suggestions (some of which have been stupid) so wondering if anyone who actually knows anything is willing to offer advice? First of all my set-up is a Genisis 5 Channel Amp, I have a...
  26. basswiigee

    good head unit

    looking to buy a new headunit... budget i'd like to keep it under 200 unless brand new and a deal i can't pass up... sq ! must have... 3 sets rca's hd radio ipod / usb
  27. I

    Head unit is going bad... time for a new one, but which one?

    Alright guys so currently I have a Pioneer AVIC F900bt, and its been nothing but problems from day one and is a little outdated. The outputs are bad, the navigation is slow and troublesome, the touch screen is a pain, the AUX input doesnt work, steering wheel controls wont work, it takes 30...
  28. R

    JVC unit keeps resetting when ignition is off

    Hello, My JVC KD-R731BT keeps resetting the options I have set (colour, brightness, demo mode, ect) apart from the radio stations when I turn my ignition off. I installed the iso connecter that came with the unit to my car, as stated in the manual. It works fine apart from that. Any help is...
  29. S

    Help choosing a double din headunit for pretty cheap

    So Im looking to get a headunit for a 2003 wrx. The ones I have on the table just because they are available at my local best buy are the pioneer AVH-P1400DVD just because its on sale (normally 300 and now 200), the pioneer FH-X700BT, and the JVC KWHDR720. The jvc and the the first pioneer...
  30. cdc351jeferson

    GM onstar factory harness for after market HU

    Item(s) for Sale: os-4 pac GM factory harness to retain onstar and chimes and such that go through factory radio Item(s) Description/Condition: comes with all the harnesses and relay that was used in my 08 silverado non bose system condition is 10/10 functional and 8/10 cosmetic i guess...