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Audio System Setup

Found 8 results

  1. BassLord808

    Any Pioneer DEH-80PRS owners here?

    I have this head-unit on the way. I have yet to hear anything but the best about this head unit. Can't wait to install it. Does anyone here own one?
  2. So I have a somewhat crappy aftermarket head unit (Boss 460BRGB) so that if my car is broken into and it is stolen it wont be too bad a hit. Anyways I recently installed a Hifonics Zeus ZXX-1000.4 amp for my 4 kenwood 6x9 speakers. The two door 6x9s are rated at 115w rms at 4 ohm and the rear 6x9s are rated at 45w rms at 4 ohm. The amp is able to deliver 125w at 4 ohm x4. I have the amp set at a low voltage until I am able to correctly set it. The amp is connected to the head unit through 2 sets of rca cables. For some reason when I turn the head unit past half way the speakers start smelling and burning up. There is no possible way the amp is delivering more that 45w rms at that low a volume. Before I added the amp the head unit by its self was able to hit 115db with the same speakers. The head unit can supposedly output 18w rms x4. With the amp added the speakers start smelling at 110db. The only possible way I can figure this is if the head unit is delivering serious distortion through the rca output which is amplified by the amp and causes the speakers to rapidly heat up. This is quite annoying problem because I am now getting less out of the system with the additional amp and would prefer not to destroy my 6x9s. My question is do head units put distortion/ clipping into the rca outputs? Should I upgrade the head unit or upgrade the speakers to ones with higher rms rating?
  3. Warning this question will probably sound extremely dumb. So in short, if I have an OEM headunit and i use a line level converter to output to rca and then used a rca to aux 3.5mm adapter. Could I use that output for an aux input on another headunit? Thanks.
  4. I am looking at buying a couple of rearview headrest DVD monitors for my car. Obviously these can connect to one another to play the same movie but is there a way to connect them to my head unit so I can play a movie from my head unit to the rearview monitors? I would also want to play movies from my micro SD card and USB from my head unit to the rearview monitors. Thanks.
  5. We have launched the Universal 2DIN 173mm*97mm front size &7" screen [Physical side buttons].Android Car Navigation Stereo. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/ATOTO-Navigation-A62721P-Entertainment-Multimedia/dp/B078C7N4SJ We also added a wi-fi antenna so you can pick up stronger wi-fi signal. If your looking for a great easy to install head unit from a company that provides great support look no further than ATOTO! OBD2, back up cameras, dash cameras, and steering wheel controls ALL works flawlessly. 12% discounts code is 'ATOTOXM1'
  6. This is an early review with my first impressions of ATOTO A62721P. If your looking for a great easy to install head unit from a company that provides great support look no further than ATOTO They even offer dash kits, back up cameras, dash cameras, and steering wheel controls. I installed this on my Honda, Accord Wagon, 1995 and it looks like a factory unit. Don't need the included external mic.The screen looks great, it's very responsive, and clear, has great viewing angles, and even after sitting overnight the radio boots up in just a couple seconds, feels instant. It's running Android 6.0 which is newer than other Android radios currently out. I like the navigation bar on the bottom with the home button, back, and recents on left (driver side). Easy connected (similar to mirror link) worked the first time I tried,and allows me to view my phone on the screen and navigate it via the ATOTO touchscreen. It comes pre-installed with torque, and connects easily every time to my OBD2 bluetooth dongle. The handsfree speakerphone option works greats, the caller on the other end can actually hear and understand every word. FM/AM station detection is the most sensitive I’ve seen – ever. It picked up an incredible 25 FM stations and 27 AM stations from which I could pick my preset “Favorites”. Support from these guys is out of this world. Everytime I've emailed them, they've replied within a few hours or at the latest, in 24 hours and always been extremely helpful. Product link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075W9GMPF
  7. Hi I have a Kenwood Deck with a 5 channel amp. My amp is powering my door speakers and subs at 40 RMS to the door speakers. Now I know this is probably not doable because I dont have a deep enough understanding of bridging but as far as I am aware a bridgeable channel is one that can handle 1-2 ohm loads. The reason this is not doable with your head unit is that it cant handle 1-2 ohm loads only 4. But what If I bridged the rear and front channels with a dual voice coil speaker? This way I could keep the ohms at 4 ohms. I ask this because I would love to add 2 more speakers to my setup on my dashboard. Now of course I could just wire up my Headunit and run the normal 22 rms setup and this would be the easiest way to hook up a few speakers with the only cost being the speakers themselves. But my amp pushes my doors at 40 rms and it would be cool if I could get the extra power from the HU to match my amp settings. I dont want 4 speakers on my dash (that is a but much) so I will have my 2 rear channels just taking up space/power for no reason. Might as well use that unused power if I can right? If this doesn't work id like to know why or be directed to a place that can teach me why it wouldn't. Thank you!
  8. Hello yall, I have a 06 Nissan Altima, I installed a new HU today (kenwood dpx702bh) and I'm all finished up. One issue maybe two.... When I start the car and my headunit is not on (because I did not hook up the ground wire yet) my amplifiers turn on just fine. But.. when I hook up my ground wire behind the screw that holds the headunit in place, my headunit works just fine but my amps turn off and have no power. So if that was confusing..... Headunit on, amps go off. Headunit off(from lack of ground wire connected) amps come on as normal. Any help would be great. Thanks again